Empowering Or Objectifying? 20 Strange Boob Accessories

Remember the infamous “Boob Scarf“? Ever since we discovered that gem we’ve been on the hunt for some other boobalicious accessories for you girls. Which brings us back to the question, are these empowering or just plain weird? I mean, boobs are great. They’re probably one of the few body parts that are universally loved. Boobs give every single one of us life and nutrition as infants–we’re all connected to them.

Though these certainly aren’t meant to be pornographic, we still wonder what they mean. We think a lot of these are cool because they were created to spread breast cancer awareness. However, we do find it a little strange they’re all kind of a dismembered body part. It’s an objectification in the most literal sense. Women are more than just boobs, even if boobs are awesome. We’re still not sure, but definitely intrigued.

Maybe they’re just meant for those few brave girls, who are so empowered they can wear their boobs on their sleeves–yes, there are boob cuff links too. Here are 20 things with boobs from Etsy.

Boob Keychain

Boob Pillows

Boob Mug

Boob Tote

Boob Satin Pillow

Boob Graphic Necklace

Boob Ear Muffs

Boob Soap

Boob Tube Scarf

Boob Pendant

Boob Earrings

Boob Pinata

Boob Slippers

Boob Beanie

Boob Knit Cupcakes

Boob Cuff Links

Harry Potter Glasses For Boobs

Boob Jars

Boob Soap

Boob Button

What do you think of boob accessories? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Alana

    Cassie, there are PLENTY of penis accessories. Just ask google. I’m pretty sure they’ll give you pictures AND websites. Chillax, peoples and don’t get your panties in a bunch. The title even says that it’s for laughs. Different people show support diffrent ways, so find a way to deal, Chica! 😀

  • luvmartie

    i think that the cupcakes and the jars werent meant to be boobs

  • BananaSprinkles

    I LOOOOOOVE the boob glasses haha

  • Cheezecakecat

    Why do you even need boob accessories even though you already have boobs? Hopefully its for breast cancer research…

  • kellye

    k the mug is pretty odd!

    • Ashley

      I know! creepy

  • Melissa

    some of em would make pretty good hen night probs. Like the glasses & the pinata. And oddly, I like the pendant & earrings, but that might just be because I’m a jewelery maker myself…
    I can understand the soap aswell, boob shaped soap for your boobs,

    but the rest is just bloody wierd!

  • Crystal

    im pretty sure some werent meant to be boobies….

  • cassie mcneal

    harry styles would love this

  • Candy

    Not cool at all. Women aren’t just boobs, we’re human. Even if it’s for breast cancer couldn’t they just do something for the pink ribbon that represents it? A lot of people, mainly men, will probably see these as pornographic. These are degrading.

    • Jon

      Shut up.
      Don’t be so damn sensitive, they’re just playful little trinkets.

      Now take off your top!

    • Cassie

      i completely agree with you. you dont see penis accessories so why make boob ones? there are plenty of other ways to raise money for breast cancer research.

      • IKR

        I soooo agree with you Cassie, like seriously they’re making boob designs to be pornographic and then they say “oh its for breast cancer ” like why couldn’t they do a hand design for Non-melanoma (skin) or a liver design for liver cancer? But nooooooo it just had to be boobs. WTF!

  • FamilyForce5Fan

    *stutters blankly* ….why?????

  • LilBD

    Some of these I don’t think were meant to be taken as a boob xD

    • Rose

      Yeah…..especially the Jars O.o

      Also I highly doubt these are all for Breast Cancer….. I think most of them are dirty minded people takig a picture of stuff and just boobs….

  • Shanna