I Peed On Someone . . . By Accident

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I was never the kind of kid to get embarrassed. I was shameless and fearless–I just wanted to be goofy. I was a high energy, running around, shouting out my opinions, rolling on the floor kind of kid in elementary school. If something I did made my classmates laugh, good. If it didn’t, well, it made chocolate milk come out of my nose. My ego was pretty much made of steel until 4th grade.

One day at school I really had to go to the bathroom. No like, I REALLY did. I ran out of the girl’s line in the hallway and into the bathroom like Speedy Gonzales.

As I ran, I undid my belt buckle, I unbuttoned my shorts, I unzipped my pants–I was about to BLOW.

I burst into the first bathroom stall, pulled my shorts down, and sat on the toilet seat. I thought, this seat feels soft and warm. I turned my head around and–AH! There was a person there. I was sitting on some poor girl’s lap. Yeah, I may have peed a little.

I recollected myself, got up at lightening speed, and went into an empty stall. Until this day I can vividly recall the stunned eyes of my victim, gazing up at me in awe, probably thinking something like, “What kind of freak would do this sort of thing?

And that, my friends, is how you realize you’re not invincible.

What was your most embarrassing moment in school? Don’t be shy! (We won’t tell.) Let us know in the comments!

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  • Alexandra

    Lol you arnt the only one. In 6th grade I really had to go to the bathroom at recess and the teachers wouldn’t let me and ever since I was alittle I had a small bladder then one of my friends picked me up and put me on there shoulder and I was yelling at them to let me down until someone ran into us and we fell and I peed on her back. And she knew what happened to. Only alittle tho :/ it’s soooo embarrassing…

  • fruitypebbles

    so sorry for you gurl hope it gets better for you

  • fruitypebbles

    i feel so bad for you if i were you i would of never went back to school. but that soooooooooo shatters my belief that I’M invincible. πŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    HAHAHAHA OMG THAT’S SO EMBARRASSING!!! (probably spelled that wrong, but hey, who cares…?)
    One time, this year actually, I walked into the boys bathroom on accident (idk why, but I look at my feet when I walk) and I saw my best friend using the urinal and I DIED. He didn’t say anything about it though, and he acts like it never happened so…
    oh well.

  • Mouse

    Haha when i was in grade six i was on a field trip and went to the washroom there was two washrooms but one was being used. So i went in the other one, the hottest guy in grade seven was using the washroom and i didnt wanna feel awkward cuz i walked out so i just sort of stood there scared but then of course he saw me then went out and told alll of his cute friends i walked in on him :O. And too this day i never go in a bathroom without knocking just in case.

  • basschick

    oh my! that is sooooo bad. haha way to ruin a 4th graders self esteem (not her, but YOU!) i really hope you gained atleast some of it back… and that one of you moved!haha

    but question: why the hell was her stall unlocked??? she was just asking for trouble. -__-

  • breezybree07

    one time i was with my friend and we were at her aunts house . .my friend said she had to go #2 and she goes r u gonna be ok sitting here with my aunt for a little and i got yeh I’m fine well she goes to the bath room and her aunt says she’s goin down the street to get her blender back from the neighbor so i say ok ill be here .. my friend sarah calls me and then screams my name ! hurry come quick hurry run ! and idk what she’s talking about or what to expect so i run and the toilet is over flowing with a big pile of sh** ! i was laughing so hard but gagging bc it smelled so bad . it was close to flowing out the toilet !! i didn’t know what to do ..she goes go get a bag ..know this is my first time being in her aunts house so i have no clue where anything is at ..i run to the kitchen looking for one of thos bags that carry all the shopping bags you get from the grocery store but couldn’t find any ..i looked in the cabinet opening almost every single one looking for something , then i open one and all this dog food falls out of the cabinet bc the bag was open and looked like it was just thrown in there ..after i tried to push it all to the side so i can sweep it up found a really old hamper looking basket but it was small it almost looked my a easter basket i grab that and start running back to the bathroom..i gave her it and she noticed there wasn’t any tee pee left i know just our luck! this would happen .. so she just grabbed it and thew it in the bucket her aunt came back home and saw that there was dog food all over and her toilet was broken let alone the bucket that i grabbed was her great grand moms and was passed down from generations and it now had a pile of Sh** in it lmao it was horrible she was so mad . still to this day its awkward going over her house .

    • Taylor

      That is soooooo funny lol I feel so bad that must of been so hilarious but embarrasing at the same time hahaha lmao I can’t stop laughing that made my day πŸ™‚

    • Koalaz

      Dang hahha lol did u ever get invited bak

  • RileyPaigeBK

    When I was in 7th grade I had just gotten my second period ever and didn’t use tampons yet. I wasn’t sure how often I was supposed to change my pad and didn’t think I had to very often so when I got up in class and realized my pants were soaked I was mortified! I had to tie my jacket around my waist and beg my teacher to go to the nurse even though she didn’t want me to, she wasn’t one of my favorite teachers. Then some boys asked my friends what was the red stuff on the seat and they lied and said it was ink. To this day I’m still embarrassed and much more cautious!

    • basschick

      awww that is so sad! πŸ™ especially as a 7th grader, how horrible!

  • Alex

    When i was in 1st grade, I had to pee sooo badly that I begged to go. My teacher told me to just go by myself since the bathroom was by the classroom. Well me being in a rush went in the boys bathroom after the 5th graders went to lunch and saw a bunch of 11 year old boys staring at me like a freak. To this day I double check the bathroom signs xD

    • Musiqnote

      I always walk into the wrong bathroom.

  • sarah

    omg when i was in kindergarten i had this best friend we did everything together, well this one day we both really had to pee so we decided that we would just share the toilet well i completely peed on her and the floor it was embarrassing. we never did that again after! but still to this day were friends and can laugh about it!

  • TrendyNerdLuvMB


  • Kaitlin

    Oh my God, I would’ve died! That’s…pretty bad. When I was in Kindergarden, I asked to go to the bathroom, so my teacher took me and some other girls to the bathroom. On our way down the hall, I got rebellious (At the time, I was young and stupid) and decided “Hey, I’m going to run away from school!” So I took off running down the hall, out the front doors and was down the street when I realized the principal was running after me. He caught me before I ran into someone’s yard, and brought me back. I went home that day, and after that, my teacher hated me. But the principal told me I was the most unique kid in school, and definitely his favorite πŸ™‚

  • sarah

    when i was at my first school i was pretty popular in elementary, but then i moved to this new school! IT WAS HUGE! it was my first day there for 2nd grade, and we had p.e. (physical Ed) i had know idea where the bathroom was in the gym! and i asked the coach if if she could show me where it was. she just pointed toward the back wall, which had like 5 doors on it! so i opened every one but i couldn’t find the stupid bathroom! i ran back to the coach, stood there and started to cry, i looked down and saw a puddle of pee around my feet!!!! all my classmates where laughing at me, and called me sarah pee feet! for the rest of the weekk!!! IT SUCKED!!!!!!

  • LittleLilly.

    OMG! Hahaha! That’s awesome and horrible. πŸ˜›

  • Jenn

    In 3rd grade I thought the bathroom stall was locked, but it wasn’t. One of the most gossip-spreading girls in school walked in on me peeing!

    • Gisele

      Jenn, I know your feelings πŸ™ Once I – was in grade 6, in RELATIONSHIP with a guy and try to build my image so well – used the wc and producing that “top secret and sensitive dirty waste :|” you know what, the toilet flush is so freaking broke that day, and I couldn’t even “delete” that stuff away. Everyone was waiting for me to finish outside, and I tried so hard to make my brain moved. And then I’ve got a brainchild but it’s disgusting that …… used my hand + toilet paper to pick those kinda stuffs up and throw it in the trashcan. I almost vomit cause it’s so stink. When I walked outside everyone was shocked cause my hand is wet :< My friend told the guy I like, he didn't show up his feelings like "u gross" or what but I'm pretty sure what he's thinking. Ugh I hated my school's toilet and my friend either =='

  • Aiman96

    hahahaha OMG this is so embarrassing πŸ˜€

  • ipek

    o my god! This is hilarious!

  • sarah