Could This Vaccination Make You Crazy For Sex?!

crazy for sex

Will this needle make her crazy for sex? NO! | Source: Shutterstock

Vaccinations have come under a lot of fire in the past few years for falsehoods (especially about autism), and now there’s more ire against them: Some lawmakers think the HPV vaccine will make girls crazy for sex.

Uh, WTF?

In South Carolina, a bill was proposed to grant information and brochures to parents of sixth graders about the HPV vaccine, which helps to not only stop the spread of HPV, a creepy STD that even condoms can’t prevent, but also the prevalence of cervical cancer that often results from having HPV in the first place. Free vaccines were going to be offered–not mandated–to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. Sounds like a pretty awesome win for women’s health (and sexual health overall) right?


The female governor, Nikki Haley, vetoed the bill, because apparently even providing information about a voluntary vaccine to protect people from illness will make girls go crazy for sex. Guys can get the vaccine, too, which comes in handy for them since HPV is also responsible for about half of tongue and tonsil cancers, but now they’re out of luck, too. Because getting a shot to keep yourself safe clearly makes you crazy for sex.

Keep in mind that the bill doesn’t tell parents that their kid has to have this vaccine–it just tells them that doctors recommend it and gives info on where and how to get it if they so choose. It’s also worthwhile to note that South Carolina ranks ninth in cervical cancer deaths. The death and infection rate is even higher in lower income areas, where education and access to information may not come as easily or readily as it can for higher-earning regions. This vaccine could be saving lives.

Governor Haley initially supported the bill, but now she’s super against it, in part because she says she has a 14-year-old daughter and it’s “become personal.” Wow, really? Because she doesn’t want her own daughter to get a vaccine–she may not trust her for whatever reason, and that’s their own bizarre issue–no one else is even granted free information about it? Good thinking, Governor Haley. Because guess what? Even if the vaccine makes kids crazy for sex (which it doesn’t, obviously), it also makes that sex safer for everyone involved.

crazy for sex

Preventing this disease won’t make anyone crazy for sex. | Source: Shutterstock

It seems like Governor Haley isn’t thinking too far ahead in the future: If the guys and girls who get the vaccine and become “crazy for sex” enough to maybe have sex with her daughter someday, it means that access to and information about that vaccine will, even if indirectly, keep her daughter safe. Education about sexual health doesn’t make anyone crazy for sex. But blocking that information may make Governor Haley just plain crazy.

Do you agree with South Carolina’s decision? Do you think getting providing info about the HPV vaccine to parents will make teens more likely to have sex? Do you think the HPV vaccine will make girls and guys crazy for sex? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Bridgit

    I got this shot. Did I get sex crazed? I suppose I got a little more interested in it but I’m a teenager, that’s normal! And if wanting sex as a teenager is irregular, then I don’t think any real teenager can honestly say they’re normal.

  • Mido

    6) The CDC stopped ainpetccg actual numbers of verified cases back in July, and is now going off of estimates.(I’ve got a link to a CBS investigation on this on my site somewhere if you want more info. Yes, even CBS is getting on this story….)

  • Haili

    I have had this vaccine and so have some of my friends and we arn’t crazy for sex.

  • bored xoxo

    i had the jab too and it was fine and does not make anyone crazy for sex

  • Charlotte

    I’ve had the jab and I had no idea about any of this stuff? How can a HPV jab make u crazy for sex? I’m completley the same!

  • misslmh11

    I live in Sc and I do not agree with decision. But since SC is such a southern state, I am not surprised. This idea is just like parents not wanting to give their daughters birth control in fear that they’ll be indirectly giving their daughters the OK to have sex.
    If you don’t want your daughter to get the vaccine, that’s your prerogative. But all parents should have a choice.
    Note: Doctors here are seemingly uneducated about the vaccine, in my experience. I started to get them when I was 16, but stopped because the nurses couldn’t remember how many months I have to wait between injections -___-

  • AlliKratt

    To all those confused or to be confused….it’s the same bull as people being against free condoms in sex ed class. They think if you have easy to get means of safe sex, you’ll want to do it constantly.

  • Siany

    Im confused, how will this make people crazy for sex? While vaccines can be quite dodgy…this is a bit random.

    • Artemis95

      They don’t think it is anything IN the vaccine that will make someone sex crazed, but rather that it might be a psychological effect. They think that people will, due to the lessened (but still there) risk, go and have as much sex as possible because they believe it is less likely to cause harm.

  • Jocelyn

    I feel ashamed to have even lived in that state…thank god I don’t now.

  • Equestrian

    I had this vaccine and I’m not crazy for sex.

    • hannah

      i completly agree, i have had it and i am not sex crazed, why would i be??