Olympic Runner Justin Gatlin Deserves A Medal For Being A Sexist Jerk

sexism olympic runner justin gatlin

Olympic runner Justin Gatlin spouted a whole lot of sexism. Here’s hoping his sheets are as empty as this track. | Source: Shutterstock

We love that U.S. Olympic athletes kick so much butt, but there’s one in particular who should kiss our butts. Olympic runner Justin Gatlin deserves a gold medal in the competitive sport of being a sexist pig.

When runners Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh finished in a dead heat to tie for the third and final place on the women’s 100-meter team, rules for a tiebreaker had to be specially made since none were in place already. The USA Track and Field officials are working with Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh to determine whether a run-off or a coin flip will determine who gets the coveted Olympic runner spot. They’re expected to decide on a method later this week.

But Justin Gatlin had a different idea for how to solve the Olympic runner dilemma. A really stupid, sexist idea.

“I’m voting for Jell-O wrestling match,” fellow Olympic runner Gatlin told press. “Red Jell-O. That’s my favorite.”

Oh. My. God.

Justin Gatlin would do himself a service by stuffing his face with so much red Jell-O that it prevents him from speaking and spouting any more sexist crap. It wasn’t just one comment that made Justin Gatlin look like a sexist jackass, though. He drove the point home later on during an episode of Sports Center, where he changed his mind–and said that Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh should mud wrestle for the Olympic runner spot instead.

Instead of commending Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix on being good sports and amazing athletes, Justin Gatlin would rather invalidate everything they’ve worked for and accomplished in order to titillate and entertain his own sexist, idiotic fantasy.

Justin Gatlin couldn’t have picked a worse time to air out his sexist solutions. The same day he made his dumbass remarks, Saudi Arabia announced that women from their country were allowed to compete in the games for the first time–that’s huge news.

Three steps forward, two steps (or 100 meters) back. We know it’s only a fantasy since there’s a men’s team and a women’s team–but we kind of wish the U.S. would kick Justin out of the Olympics for being such a jerk, and open up another spot so both women could go!

Justin Gatlin sexist jerk

Wipe that stupid grin off your face, Justin. You’re an idiot. |

An idea to quell, or at least quiet, sexist dopes like Justin Gatlin: Don’t have sex with them. In fact, prove how athletic you are, whether or not you’re an Olympic runner. If Justin Gatlin or someone of equal or lesser intelligence approaches you after spouting sexism, sprint as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

How do you think Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix should resolve the tie? Do you think sexism is still apparent in sports? Do you think Olympic runner Justin Gatlin was being stupid or was he actively promoting sexism? How do you think sexism can be remedied in sports? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kara

    I really hope you’re joking

  • CloverTea123

    it wasn’t really sexist crap….
    just horny guy crap…
    who wrote this article anyway?
    you got issues dude

  • Artemis95

    I really don’t think what he said was sexist, and it certainly doesn’t undo all the hard work the girls put in. So he finds the girls sexually attractive. What’s the problem? It doesn’t negate their accomplishments. For all we know, maybe the fact that these girls are athletes is one of the things that turns him on. Furthermore, if the roles were reversed, and a women said something like this about a man, nobody would have any problem with that. There are actually plenty of articles on this sight that say some pretty similar things (I recall one article saying that Tim Tebow’s choice to save himself might be a “total waste” to women). I have a lot of male friends, and trust me, this is not the worst thing I’ve heard, and I give as good as I get. In the end though, it’s a joke. Not every little thing a guy says or does is sexist. Searching for chauvinism in everything men say is ridiculous. I like this site for a lot of reasons, but I really hate it when I see senseless rants that shove a serious overreaction down people’s throats.

  • Baby

    Take a joke bruh…

  • ashley

    I used to love gurl.com, but now most of your articles are overreacting and forcing your opinion down peoples throats…

  • ANNA

    How come you dog this man, saying that he should be barred from the Olympics, when you say that what he suggested would totally erase these women’s hard work and effort.You fail to see that banning this man from the Olympics erases his own hard work and effort. He made a JOKE – obviously that was not to be taken seriously. I am 100% sure he has great respect for the women since one of them will be racing on the US Olympic team. This post also pokes at a double-standard —> you get angry over a comment depicting women as sex symbols, however, do you condemn women for lusting over men in the movie magic mike? Or wishing that that sexy wall street broker would strip for them?! NO- You do not. This post was blatantly ignorant. I love Gurl because of its women-kind views, but what about us women that aren’t as radically ignorant: the ones that don’t pick apart a silly comment? Which, in reality, (and shown by the comments) is most of us.

  • Anna

    I actually thought his comment was sort of funny..

  • Nano

    Take a chill pill gurl…
    And I’m saying this as a feminist 🙂

  • Steve

    To be so endangered of not being able to stand up to a small joke is to fear ones own security.

    • Artemis95

      Very true, and very eloquent.

  • telepopluv99

    usually i luv the gurl website, but this is overreacting….he was obviously kidding! lol smh!

  • alanajade

    I’m a feminist and I thought it was funny. I was expecting a comment on how women shouldn’t be allowed to compete or something. It’s a man’s joke, not super funny to us but not intentionally malicious.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that his comment was sexist, but it seems fairly low-brow. I’m a little confused why it’s so “funny.”

  • Sammi

    Someone’s overreacting. It wasn’t sexist. It was funny. Not everything that spews from a guy’s mouth is sexist. Calling what he said sexist is like saying that when a guy holds a door open for you or pulls your chair out for you is sexist. It’d be like when we have guy’s lift heavy things for us or kill spiders is sexist of us. Just chill.

  • Jen

    I think yall are over reacting a bit. I found it kinda funny. Taking it as far as saying he should be kicked out of the games. I think yall need to chill out majorly. It’s really not that serious. And its probably just a joke anyways!

    • Saniya

      I thought it was funny too : )

    • Louise

      I completely agree with you, he was probably just kidding and didnt mean to offend anyone.

    • Rose

      Yeah, and just because he makes what I call a SEMI-sexist remark doesn’t make him a supporter of sexism! I’ve said plenty of things about guys that is basically VERY sexist….well to you it would be….ike I make fun of boys who lift the same weights as me because they’r boys and should lift more. Am I sexist?

      Just o you know this is why people don’t like feminism….a lot of feminists just look for sexism and ruin fun for others. HE’S A BOY! HE HAS FANTASIES OF GIRLS WRESTLING! BIG DEAL!

      Sexist would have been: They should have a cook off and make me a sammich whoever’s is better wins

  • Jessica

    Sucks that women are still viewed as physical objects instead of their achievements. (Interesting how this post has the opposite sentiment as the recent Scarlet Johansson one.)

    Although I’ve probably said some sexist things about some male athletes, too.