Sniff Your Way To Love With Pheromones!

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Even if he doesn’t smell bad, if his pheromones aren’t a good match, you may not love him! | Source: Shutterstock

Usually if you want to find love, you put yourself out there by introducing yourself to cute new guys and going out to meet new people and crushes. But there’s a new way to find a boyfriend or girlfriend that has little to do with charm and everything to do with the way you smell. Girls, let’s talk about Pheromones.

Now, pheromones, the natural chemicals your body emits, have been around as long as human beings have been on this planet–but this method to use them to find love is pretty unique and novel. You know how when you wear your boyfriend or girlfriend’s hoodie, you love how it smells? Finding love through pheromones works pretty similarly.

Pheromone parties are becoming more popular, and it’s a lot different from a mixer or speed dating party–because at a pheromone party, you’re not filling out surveys or eyeing cuties to find love. Instead, you’re sniffing worn T-shirts. Say what?!

It works like this: Before the party, guys and girls looking for love will wear a T-shirt to sleep three nights in a row. This will get their pheromones–part of their natural scent–on the shirt. Then they toss it in the freezer in a plastic bag and bring it to the party, where it’s labeled with a numbered index card. At the party, people go around sniffing the shirts to detect pheromones they’re attracted to. Sounds weird, right? But it’s actually a scientifically-based way for people to find love–or at least a hot hookup.

Research shows that in similar experiments, someone whose smell a person prefers is actually determined by a set of genes that influence our immune response. It’s supposed to be nature’s way of preventing inbreeding and keeping the gene pool strong, in that we’re almost always attracted to those with genetic makeups different from ours. So while you love your family, you probably won’t be attracted to, say, your brother or cousin’s pheromones. Thank goodness, right? Yecch!

That said, don’t necessarily hit up a party to inhale pheromones expecting to meet your forever love. You know how animals mate and move it along? The same primal urges are at play with pheromones–they have no prediction whatsoever on if you’ll actually get along with the other person or like their character. They just let you know that you’ll probably make good looking babies together, and that’s not love! Still, it’s a pretty cool way to get a conversation started–and may explain why you’re not necessarily attracted to an otherwise cool guy you have a lot in common with.

Would you ever go to a pheromone party? Can you blame pheromones for being attracted to jerky guys in the past? Do you think pheromones should be an important factor in finding love, or that compatibility trumps all? Tell us in the comments!

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  • QuitaChic

    this sounds pretty awesome!

  • RavenBelle

    Pheromones were mentioned in the Princess Diaries ( the books, not the movies). I guess that explains why my crush smells so good :L

    • Katherine

      that’s exactly what i was thinking!

  • MissMeg

    This sounds so fun! It’s interesting but flirty at the same time!

  • jane meka

    I would definitely go to one of these parties. Usually the more I like a guy the more I like how he smells or the more I like a guys smell the more I like him. Odd but now I’m kind of happy to know I’m not the only who thinks like that.

  • GirlonFireKE95

    I would totally go to a pheromone party. Just one question…do you wear the shirt to the party or do you wear another shirt?

    • Lala

      You wear another shirt. The shirt you wear for three days you put into a ziplock bag.