I Can’t Believe He Said That

Sometimes I really don’t get guys. I mean, sometimes they seem simple enough, and then they go and do something totally weird that I will probably never understand. Take this story, for example.

Recently, I went to the beach with my boyfriend and all of his friends. We were sitting around talking and laughing, when suddenly, one of his best friends actually pulled down his pants and took out his thing! I immediately averted my eyes and tried to pretend I hadn’t seen it (I totally had). I thought everyone else would yell some typically manly thing, like, “Put that away, dude!” But to my surprise, no one did. In fact, they all just laughed and acted like nothing weird was happening!

Later that night, I admitted to my boyfriend that I had seen his friend’s penis, blushing even as I said it. He laughed, shrugged, and said, totally nonchalantly, “So what? Everyone has seen his penis.”

Um, what?! Apparently, my BF and his friends have all flashed each other their junk at least once – and when I did a little more investigating with other dude friends, I found out that they weren’t alone. Not to be stereotypical, but I had no idea that guys were so easygoing about being naked in front of each other. Did you?!

What’s the weirdest or funniest thing a guy has ever said to you? Do your guy friends do stuff like this? Tell us in the comments!


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  • saffron

    my friend Cole did that when I was seven in physical education also known as pe at the back of the hall tots gros

  • GothicEmoChick

    That would freak me out – most of my friends are boys if they were like that it would so creep me out!

  • Denise

    That’s normal for anonye, that means he is excellent guy but you probably jumped in relationship small to early cause part of you weren’t ready to date yetAnd yes I did feel a weird about that at first but I am pleased I was able to go on and meet other guys until I am ready to have relationship with a nice guy.

  • Tan

    I had a similar experience at college. All the guys get naked just walk around casually… once we were having a lecture outside in a field and one guy got his “thing” out and starting waving it around! THEN he started chasing me and my friend around the field saying “i want me in you now!” seriously weird?! The other guys hardly even noticed and just laughed wth?!

  • Aaron

    Lol I’m a guy and I didn’t realize that me and my friends did this. We just do it for some reason I guess

  • A Dude

    So? We do this all the time. Im surprised that you girls are so surprised!
    Don’t girls do this too?

    • Artemis95

      No, actually most girls don’t do this. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Grechen

      No, girls do not do that.

  • Taylor

    Ummm…. guys do that?? That is honestly a bit weird, I really hope my guy friends don’t do that. But sadly, I think some of them do, my one guy friend said he was with friends playing pingpong, and one of the guys stole the ball and “put it beside two others.” Yuck.

  • Jahnell_Beauty

    Hahaha, funny story, pretty wierd how they do it for fun for no reason, but I’m not surprised by the fact that guys have seen bro’s naked before, but only if they’re caught in the act, or being pranked though.

  • michelle

    THAT IS SO GROSS!!!!! i hope my guy friends dont do that, but knowing them…. X( ughhhhhhh thats so weird

  • Amberspej

    Honestly I find that a bit weird, but you know… it’s not my place to say what guys can an can’t do. Oh well!

  • vanillacyanide

    I’m friends with a group of four guys…I’ve seen three of the guys’..”brain”. Yeah, they’re weird like that — I see it as their period talk. ^.^

  • alanajade

    I can understand acting like that around guy friends but you’d think they’d have the common sense to act a little more respectful around a guy’s girlfriend, or any girl for that matter.

  • Angie

    You didn’t know they were easygoing about being naked?! I guess cause I’m a semi-tomboy I know a lot about what guys do in private guy time but I mean I didn’t think others girls didn’t know… Me and like maybe three of my close girl friends are always around the boys and they’re comfortable to say and do whatever they please around us. And idk why but dudes are most comfortable with me and will say and do shit that they wont do around they gf’s cause I’m silly and crazy like a guy… Idk maybe I’m just weird but I like being one of the guys SOMETIMES. You get to know everything! Which can be work to your advantage at times. 😉