What You’re Really Thinking At That Sleep Over

Sleep overs are one of the great things about being a girl. Do boys even have them? Whatever, who cares. From your first overnight party when you were seven to bunking at a Friday night sleep over with your BFF now, some things have changed…but not the fibs you tell!







What You Tell Your Parents


She said: We’ll probably just rent a movie and paint our nails or something…













She meant: Carrie got a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. We’re going to drink all her dad’s Schnapps and end up French kissing the pillows.











What to Pack


She said: Um, I don’t think I need a sleeping bag, Dad. We’re not camping, you know. And Carrie has a guest room!











She meant: Not like we’re going to sleep anyway!  Besides, I wouldn’t sleep on that spider-infested old thing if a bed of nails was my only other option.














She said: Let’s be super healthy tonight and try this new vegan muffin recipe I found!












She meant: Oh did someone say Cheetos? And is that Ben & Jerry’s? And doesn’t she live right by In n’ Out??











Finding Your Friend’s Bra


She said: OMG Jen, this is like something they wear on Mad Men! My head could fit in one of these cups!











She meant: I’m so effing jealous I can’t even see straight.











Seeing Your BFF Change


She said: Dude. Natasha. Do you seriously not wear thongs?? Haha you’re like Bridget Jones!











She meant: So this is why you always look so lumpy in the back! Victoria’s secret is that granny pants leave panty lines, DUH!











Defending Your Stuffed Animal


She said: Oh my mom must have thrown that in there. AS IF I still sleep with a sock monkey, pfff!











She meant: Don’t you listen to them, Honey Monk. They’ll never tear us apart!













What You Tell Your Crush the Next Morning


She said: We totally had a super sexy pillow fight in our undies. It was everything you’re picturing…











She meant: We rented The Muppets Movie and painted our nails. :/










When’s the last sleep over you went to? Do you have any special sleep over rituals? What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you at a sleep over? Tell us everything in the comments!

Never Ever Tell Your Dad Any Of These Things!!

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  • icantloveu

    lol wow

  • Yvetta


    oh my gosh…that is soooo embarrassing. I’d never recover from something like that.

  • sarah

    lol when i was 13 years old i was at my bff’s sleep over….and we dared her to makeout with her old plastic baby doll………….so she did, then she really started getting into it. that’s when her over protective mom walked into the room with a tray of carrots! she was grounded for having sleep overs for a year!!!! and her mom threw away all her dolls!!

    • Emily

      Oh geez…that’s gotta be the most embarrassing sleepover story ever xD I feel bad for your friend but she had to expect SOMETHING would happen 😛