Reader Hookup Confession: I Had To Apologize To My Neighbor For Having Sex

Embarrassing Moments

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If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

One night, my boyfriend and I went out on a date. When we came back to my house, we thought it was empty, so I asked him to come up to my room. We had a long chat, and it ended with him telling me he was a virgin and I was the one he wanted to lose it to. I thought it was cute, so I offered to be his first.

He had condoms and everything, so we started hooking up. We were being pretty loud (because we thought no one was home), when my mom walked in the room – with my two little brothers and their friends! I was so embarrassed, and that’s not even the worst part.

The next day my mom had a chat with me and told me that she was angry and disappointed in me. She also said that my little brothers’ friends told his mom that they had watched my boyfriend and I wrestle naked! What made it even worse was that my mom made me go over and explain to my neighbor that we were having sex. We had to apologize for anything else her sons had seen. It was so cringe worthy.

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  1. avatar Rinnie says:

    That’s horrible.
    I agree with loveover, you should’a done a house check.

  2. avatar Jakiee says:

    If I was in that situation, my mom would make me do that for sure. I’ve been there too lol I feel you

  3. avatar Leah Michener says:

    I had the same type of story I was having sex for the second time and my neighbor walked in to get my USB that we share from that day on we go to the sex paridise private rooms and we enjoy ourselves there

  4. avatar alie says:

    Thats rediculous! i wouldnt have apologized! sex is natural…stupid parents.

  5. avatar Jillian says:

    Oh my God…I would seriously DIE!

  6. avatar jbarker609 says:

    “hey momo you home” that is all it took sista. and you should go in the woods and do it

  7. avatar MusicIsLif3 says:

    Ohhhh. I feel for you…”gurl”.

  8. avatar ElizabethIrene says:

    Whomp Whomp!


  9. avatar Bridget1240 says:

    uhhhh. that can not have been fun.

  10. avatar loveover says:

    you poor girl! definitely for next time, remember to do a quick walk around your house to check! i feel for you :(

  11. avatar basschick says:

    that suuuuckkssss! it is not like you did it on purpose! haha lesson to be learned (possibly): next time, plan. :)

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