Things We Love: Dinosaurs + Robots = DINOBOTS!


Dinosaurs + Robots = All sorts of awesome. | Source: kelvin255 via Flickr

Okay, can we talk about how stoked we are for the new Transformers video game? Not just because we heart video games (and boy, do we heart video games!). We’re super excited for this Transformers installment because it’s gonna have Dinobots!

Some quick background: In the Transformers universe, Dinobots are Autobots in, well, dinosaur form. Grimlock, the leader and T-Rex Dinobot, is pretty rad–he’s a good guy in the Transformers universe, but he doesn’t always agree with Optimus Prime. The new Dinobots are going to look a bit different from the originals that debuted back in the 1980s, but they’re still dinosaurs. And robots. At the same time. And in the case of Grimlock, he’ll even have the same voice!

In honor of the much-anticipated return of Dinobots to Transformers, here are a few our favorite other hybrids. We think they’re all a lot cooler than Shia LeBeouf.

More Dinobots

Grimlock’s their leader, but he doesn’t work alone. Slag, Sludge, Swoop, and Snarl all helped him kick butt, and they’re all coming back.

The Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s ice cream. And a sandwich. And delicious.

Multi-Use Makeup

Lip and cheek stains take up half the room in your purse, but do double the work at making you look all rosy and cute. Love!


Half chihuahua. Half pug. All cute. We are shaking and crying.

Ice Cream Cake

It’s ice cream that looks like cake. If it weren’t so sweet and wonderful, we’d call it the Decepticon of desserts.


Cuter than skates, faster than most sneakers. GENIUS COMBO! Just don’t wear ’em in the mall–and make sure you know how to brake!

Bee Dogs

They’re dogs that are dressed like bees. Amazing.

Are you a Transformers fan? What’s your favorite 2-in-1 Transformer type thing? Who here wants a real life Dinobot? Who would win in a fight: Dinosaurs or robots? Tell us in the comments!

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