What Does Love Mean To You?

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vanillacyanide said:

What does love mean to you?

I’ve always been curious what love was like for other people, whether or not it’s a pretty uniform feeling or if we all have different ways of feeling it. I’m guessing that it manifests itself in different ways for different people.


What about you? Have you been in love? If so, what was it like for you? Did you act differently? Did your perspective change? Was it shared or one-sided? If it was one-sided, how did you deal with it? How did the person in question make you feel? If you’ve never been, what do you think it’d be like?

Got something to add to this convo? Then go for it, girl. Tell us what you think in the boards: What does love mean to you?


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  • LOVE?

    To me, Love means the persons I love. Like my class in school, my other friends, a boy… But it can also mean things I love to do… LOVE is a big word. Being IN LOVE.. I have been in love.. a lot! But to be honest, Love is when you find that one person who understands, who protects you, who makes you laugh everyday, Who loves you. That’s LOVE to me.. I have not yet found that, I hope I will.

  • Jahnell_Beauty

    I haven’t been in “LOVE” before, but I know Love has nothing to do with being in a intimate relationship that involes kissing, it has to do with the relationship you have with others you know very well, and both trust and care for deeply. Whether that’s your friends, family and boyfriend. Anyway that’s what love means to me.

  • AlliKratt

    You know, I would LOVE to say I’ve been in love. But, to be honest, I’ve only really been infatuated! And it’s often one-sided, a crush that I never really do anything about…my advice is…don’t obsess! Realize that love goes both ways and all you can do is talk to them. You can’t make someone love you, and forcing love is psychotic. Oh, and PLEASE don’t whine about men on social media sites when you’re the one treating them like a separate species. Men…aren’t really all that different. They’re humans first, ladies!

  • vanillacyanide

    See, I have been in love once. For me, it was a surprise. I was not aware that that was where I was headed with him. Granted we were dating, but I never really thought about it until one day we were getting off the phone and I just…I didn’t want to stop hear his voice, I didn’t want him to stop telling me all the stories and talking about all the things on our minds and I had to go…the words dropped from my mouth, and I realized how deeply true they were.

    Since then, I’ve always wondered if things were the same for others as they were for me. The accidental beauty of realizing that you have fallen in this love, much like falling into a dew-kissed spider web — comfy and cool and captivating, without even thinking about it, without even trying — and in my case, without really knowing how.

    My song to describe it would be “I Miss You” by Blink-182, and poem “when faces called flowers float out of the ground” by e e cummings


    I’m very pleased with the responses — I’d love more! 😀

  • Laura

    The first time I was actually in love with someone, it took me a year to get over him.
    It was one of those situations where he’s totally wrong for you but you’re so blinded by love that you don’t care and no matter how many times he breaks you, you still can’t get over him.
    I dated other guys but for all the wrong reasons, mostly to make him jealous and because I thought I would get over him quicker that way.
    I don’t really know how it happened but somehow I saw the light. I found out we were better as friends, so that’s what we are today.
    I don’t regret anything, I learned a lot in that year. I especially learned that having a new boyfriend every 2/3 months makes you look desperate and posting about it on Facebook makes it worse. Sooo happy it’s over. 😉

  • Eurydice

    Love is something that is very tricky, and when I see people saying that they aren’t sure whether or not they’re in love, I always respond with the same answer: they aren’t. You are sure that you’ve fallen in it when you have. I’ve only been in it once, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. To me, it’s about a passion and ambition to be with this person, whoever they may be.

    And, call me a romantic, but when in doubt… classic music had it figured out.

    “L is for the way you look at me… O is for the only one I see… V is very very extraordinary… E is even more than anyone that you adore!”