Peeing Emergency! What Is A UTI (Besides Sucky)?

what is a uti

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Oh no, girl. Don’t tell me you’ve got a UTI right now! Ugh–they’re the worst! But what is a UTI anyway, besides a giant pain in your lady bits?!

UTI stands for “urinary tract infection,” which means it’s a bacterial infection of your urinary tract (the part that you pee out of). In our book, though, it may as well stand for “ugh, torture, impossible” because of just how awful a UTI can make you feel.

But what can you do to fix a UTI . . . or better yet, how can you just not get one in the first place? We’ve got you covered with all the facts about UTIs:

* Most UTIs are caused by E.Coli, a bacteria that’s usually found in your gastrointestinal tract (i.e. your rear), getting all up in your urinary tract.

* Having sex can bring on a UTI, but so can holding your pee for too long. So if you need to go, GO!

* Girls are way more likely to get UTIs than guys, because the places where we poo and pee are way closer together than on dudes.

* You’ll know you’ve got a UTI if it feels like you have to pee all the time, but then not very much comes out–and it burns when you pee.

* Sometimes when you have a UTI, blood can show up in your urine.

* Cranberry juice is one of the most commonly used remedies for a UTI, and although it’s not scientifically proven to cure these infections, studies show that drinking it does help.

* Your best bet, if you’ve got a UTI, is to call your doctor right away. She may have you come in to see her, or she may just prescribe antibiotics over the phone. Most UTIs can be cleared up in a day or two with antibiotics.

* When you’ve got a UTI, avoid coffee, tea, or soda with caffeine. Those will only make your symptoms worse. Ouch!

* To avoid getting a UTI in the first place, do not wait to go to the bathroom when you need to go, always pee right after having sex, wipe from front to back when you go to the bathroom, never douche, and drink plenty of water to help your body keep flushing any dangerous bacteria from your system.

For even more on UTIs, click here.

Have you ever had a UTI? Do you have any tips for dealing with one? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Tay

    What kind of doctor would prescribe you antibiotics over the phone? Some STDs share the same symptoms as a UTI so the only way to know for sure is to go to a doctor.

  • Esha

    I Had A UTI Not Too Long Ago It Sucked , Hurted Really Bad When I Peed , And Gave Me These REALLY Bad Pains . But i Got Better And Im Feeling sooooo Much Better

  • Jana

    I had an UTI at the beginning of the summer… and IT WAS AWFUL. but my mom told me to take a vingear bath (this helps for yeast infections too)… and it cleared it right up after a week or so…

  • Bridgit

    I got UTIs all the time as a child. Especially in the fourth grade. And every once in a while, I still suffer from the symptoms for about a day. I hate them.

    Due to practically living off it as it as a child, I hate cranberry juice, too.


  • maceyredman

    The over the counter medication called AZO helps with symptoms also, holding a wet washcloth or sitting in a bathtub filled with cool water relieve the burning too. I have to live with a constant burning, so I’ve kind of learned what to do.

  • Sam

    Its a tool used to clean out your Vagina.(:

  • faye

    Sorry for being a loser but… what is a douche? In french it means shower but, what the hell do I know? ;p