10 Lessons I Learned From Degrassi


You’ll always be Wheelchair Jimmy to me. | Credit: Will Alexander/WENN.com

Degrassi: The Next Generation is on on it’s 11th season and I’ve seen every single freaking episode. I’ve been watching Degrassi: TNG since middle school and it never fails to keep my attention with its weird story lines, crazy drama, and ever changing cast.

Degrassi is full of some pretty ridiculous moments, but instead of saying, “WTF?” I say, “Hmm, how can I learn from this?” I wish Drake would have learned as much from being on Degrassi as I did from watching it. Maybe if he watched the episode where his character Jimmy gets shot and paralyzed for life in a school shooting he’d know violence was not the answer. I’m sure Chris Brown would be just a smidgen grateful considering recent events.

So much happens in just a few episodes. It’s a good thing I’ve watched all 277 episodes so you don’t have to. Here are 10 lessons I learned from Degrass: TNG!

Boobs = Success!

Flashing your boobs on cam in high school to some boy you just met at a party–yeah, you’re going to be famous alright.

Look Both Ways Before You Cross

If you try to get your Ex back and he doesn’t want you–you might DIE.

Wear Two Pairs Of Swimming Trunks

If your girlfriend sees your penis before you go all the way . . . you may not ever go all the way.

Drake Doesn’t Like Girls Who Do Drugs, YOLO

Making out with your BF’s frenemy after you took ecstasy is a big no no. Especially if your BF happens to be Drake.

Don’t Date Two Girls Who Go To The Same School

Cheating on your GF and getting the “other woman” pregnant will not go as planned. When they find out you’ve been playing them both, a “double dump” is in your future, bro.

Map Out Your Family Tree

The cute new guy you’ve been seeing . . . he might be your new step-brother.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

When your mom has cancer and a really hot doctor is treating her, it’s totally OK to lie about your age. If he doesn’t know then it’s not illegal, right?

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Announcing you’re 16 and pregnant on national television to get sympathy votes in a music competition is a great way to tell your baby daddy’s mother she’s going to be a grandma!

Launching Your Hip-Hop Career From A Teen Show, NBD

Degrassi is an excellent place to launch your eventually highly successful rap career.

Yelling Gets The Job Done

Having a public break down to get your Ex’s attention always works.

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  • carmen2013

    I love drake!!!

  • Carol

    The old ones were the best. Like back when they were in middle school 😛 But they were reall wonderful, I coul really get into them. Like when JT got stabbed it was soo sad. But now the drama is a little less good.

  • Magenta2011

    I like the old ones wayyyy better. The ones with Liberty, Sean, Emma, JT, the whole shebang. The one know just does not interest me.

    • Carol

      I agree, I could really get into the old ones but the new ones are a little ridiculous sometimes. . .

      • GG143

        Yea, the old ones were the best.. the new ones just seem like they’re trying too hard and it’s pretty lame at times.

  • Tammy

    Degrassi is my all time favorite tv show! I have been watching it since early on! 🙂 Avid ECLARE fan!

  • angelicious26


  • Meggiepie

    AHHHHHHHH. I love Degrasssi<3 ECLAREEE<3