Flashback: 15 Old-School Girl Singers We Miss

We’ve already re-introduced you guys to old-school music featuring boy bands and baby rappers, and now we’re moving on to maybe the best genre of them all: girl singers! With awesome bands like the Spice Girls, music from the ’90s and early 2000’s seemed to be all about girl power – not to mention really crazy outfits and crimped hair.

Since we know you already remember old-school Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and (obviously) the Spice Girls, we’re spotlighting some of those girl bands and singers who had only a few hit songs. We’re not sure where they’ve been since then, but all we know is that we miss them. And even if you’ve totally forgotten about these songs, we have a feeling that as soon as you take a listen, you’re going to remember them immediately.

B*Witched – “C’est La Vie”

Maybe one of the happiest songs of the late ’90s, B*Witched made my friends and I all want to be Irish – seriously, how cute were their accents?! This was one of those perfect songs that defined everything about late ’90s girly pop music: ridiculous lyrics, totally catchy beat and blonde girls with half-cornrows.


No Secrets – “Kids In America”

This video cracks me up. Not only are the girls super young (13-years-old?!), but the dance moves are so 2000… which exactly is when this was recorded. Fun fact: it was also the theme song of the movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. I’m not exactly sure where the connection comes in, but this was totally every kid’s anthem back then.


Play – “Us Against The World”

I love how, in this music video, the girls of Play are fighting off a ninja crisis. They were so bad-ass with their catchy tunes and blonde ponytails! You probably know this song from Holiday In The Sun, which was only one of the best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies ever and also starred a much-younger Megan Fox. So much nostalgia!


Hoku – “Another Dumb Blonde”

This song has to be one of my favorites on this list. No joke, I jammed out to the Hoku CD every day when it came out, and I know I wasn’t alone. Even cooler? This song was the theme song for the movie Snow Day – I mean, how great was that movie, guys? And you should definitely recognize Hoku’s other hit, “Perfect Day”, which was the theme song to the amazing Legally Blonde. Plus, Hoku was from Hawaii – it doesn’t get much cooler than that.


Willa Ford – “I Wanna Be Bad”

Looking back on this song, Willa Ford was totally before her time. Back when “I Wanna Be Bad” came out, everyone freaked out because of the sexual things she was saying and her super revealing outfits, but now, she would be right at home with Rihanna and Ke$ha. Willa was totally the bad girl of the early 2000’s.


Vitamin C – “Graduation Song (Friends Forever)”

It doesn’t matter if you graduated this year, if you graduated 10 years ago, or if you have a few years before the ceremony – this song will make you cry. Seriously. I remember when this came out in 1999, everyone would play it at every single graduation party and tear up. Actually, I still hear it played at graduation parties. Basically, this is just an epic graduation song.


Blaque – “Bring It All To Me”

Here’s a little fact you might not have known: even though they were popular around the same time, the group 3LW said that they were inspired by Blaque. Also, the original version of this song featured JC Chasez (from *NSYNC, obvs!), and even though they didn’t include him in the music video, it was still ’90s gold.


M2M – “Don’t Say You Love Me”

Random fact: this song was featured on the soundtrack for Pokemon: The First Movie. Listening to the lyrics, I really couldn’t tell you why, but all I know is that this song is ridiculously catchy. Side-note: why were these weird baggy pants such a trend for female pop stars?


Nobody’s Angel – “If You Wanna Dance”

There are so many amazing late ’90s trends in this music video – colored pleather pants, tiny pigtails, pieces of crimped hair, over-the-top makeup and some seriously sweet dance moves. Sigh. They just don’t make music videos like this anymore.


Sisters With Voices – “Weak”

Sisters With Voices is actually better known as SWV, and this is getting seriously old-school, guys. “Weak” was released back in 1992, but based on the YouTube views, people are still seriously into it today. And bonus fact, they were originally formed as a gospel group.


All Saints – “Never Ever”

You know this is one of those sad songs that you listened to on repeat when you were a kid and you were miserable about something that now seems ridiculous. I’m not sure what happened to All Saints, but I would definitely love to listen to them today, not going to lie.


t.A.T.u – “All The Things She Said”

Um, where to start with t.A.T.u.? Why is their name spelled that way? Why is this video so weird and oddly creepy? When this song first came out in America, it was totally controversial because it featured two girls making out in the rain (all the guys thought it was hot). Then we all thought they were lesbians, but they turned out to be fake lesbians? I don’t know, but all I know is that this might be the best song of 2002.


Mandy Moore – “Candy”

Okay, okay, I know that Mandy Moore is still around – except now she’s more of a sophisticated actress than a tween girl standing the shadows of Britney and Christina. Remember when she was just another blonde pop star?! Can we all just take a second to check out old-school Mandy? I mean, the hair, the clothes, the music – I’ve got to admit, I’d take this Mandy over new Mandy any day. I mean, “Candy”? It’s practically a classic!


3LW – “N0 More (Baby I’ma Do It Right)”

How cool were these girls with their faded jeans and bad girl attitudes? This was another one of those girl anthems about loser dudes who screwed them over – and it was great. PS: the rap in the middle? Priceless.


Dream – “He Loves U Not”

I had completely forgotten about this song until I just listened to it – and then I was like, “OMG, how could I ever forget this?!” Just look at those shiny pink outfits – remember when pop stars wore things like that? I’d pay to see the female pop stars of today wearing those.


Which girl singer or band was your favorite? What did we miss? Which song was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


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  • desiree

    Looking for a girl group from the late 90s that a song Burgundy. Apparently they were discovered by Mariah Carey

  • regina

    Im looking for a girl group that sang spanish american songs… from late 90s early 00s…it was pop and they sang some songs in spanish some in english.. they were really good… help

  • Sokontwe prince

    Xscape,spice,destinys child and toni braxtoni

  • franz chong

    Not on here and it came out in Australia Just after Mandy Moore’s Candy was the Real Blondes I won’t let go.Sadly though they went into oblivion after a year.

  • Victoria

    I have a very bad memory so this will be asking someone to go out on a limb. I will give as much from my memory as possible. I cannot remember any of her songs but this was in the 90s or early 2000! She must not have been very popular or known because she is not on any list of bands/singers from the 90s. I do know on the cover her eye was covered and I remember it looked like a tarantula, it may or may not have been. It may have just been two stars overlaying each other in a weird way. The cover was pink, I thought. She was blonde if I remember. There may have been a star on the cover somewhere as well or maybe star was in her name. I remember she may have had a song about her father on the album. She was “alternative”, I think that’s how I discovered her but she is probably more pop alternative or something along those lines.

    Does anyone know of a list of all alternative female led bands and or singers from the 90s or early 2000s? Or pop singers? As I don’t know what she’d be listed as! I know I loved a few of her songs and would love to re-listen to them.

  • Lito

    Uhm i was looking for this girl band
    Who do the remake of 10cc song
    Im not in love..i forgot the name of the
    Band and i couldnt find em anywhere in

  • Jeff

    M2M !!!!! I love this group ….

  • Shay

    OMG! I forgot about most of these! Thanks fopr the flashback; I still love these songs!

  • sylvia

    dude i love these songs i miss those days lol

  • g6qwerty

    Oh man they all suck, only 2 where ok. how come thier arn’t any like this http://youtu.be/Tb0lRR8Zf-Y

  • Brenna

    Hahaha, totally remember “Kids in America”, I love that song.
    But where is Britney and Christina? “Genie in a Bottle” and “Baby, One more Time” were songs I knew (and still know) by heart!

  • (L)iveyourLife.

    lol never hear of any of these.

  • Sienna

    The hardest thing about watching to Graduation song is that I graduated from Primary (Elementary) school last year, and I’m still really close with the boys in my year, but the girls that I had been BFFs with for 10 years are not my friends anymore. I watched the video of our Grad video yesterday, and it made me so sad to see all the good times I had with these people, and realise that those moments may never happen again with them. 🙁

  • DarcieDML

    Ok, so I had no idea that 2 of the Cheetah Girls were in a different group! I was shocked. Also I had been looking for that Blaque song foreverrr but couldnt remember anything except for hearing it when I was younger and I had no clue that they were in Bring It On! I learned so much! 😀

  • Emily


  • Mikala

    ummm… no TLC or Xscape?

  • LilBD

    I Think We’re Alone Now~ Tiffany is a favorite song of mine.