Shhh, Don’t Tell: I’m A Secret Blonde

Natural Hair Color

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Okay, confession time: I am a natural blonde. I know, I know… shocking, right? Probably not so much if you don’t know me, but for most of the people in my life, picturing me with blonde hair is extremely difficult. This is probably because I started dying my hair dark brown when I was in high school – and once I started, I never went back to my natural color.

When I made the switch to being a brunette, I really didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal. I figured most people probably wouldn’t even notice – but man, was I wrong. The day after the big change, everyone I had ever known bombarded me with questions and comments: “OMG, did you dye your hair?” “Why would you get rid of your blonde hair?! It was so beautiful!

To this day, I still get similar questions when people find out about my real hair color. Everyone wants to know why a natural blonde would go darker. I still have no idea why anyone is so fascinated with this. What’s the big freakin’ deal about blonde hair? And why is it so weird to everyone around me that I decided to go brunette? Here’s my story about why I changed my hair color:

Me as a blonde with my brother, before my hair grew longer.

As a baby, I had perfect hair – at least, in my opinion. It was light blonde, long and curled in exactly the right places. When I look back at pictures of my childhood, I get super jealous of my younger self. And if my hair had stayed exactly that way, I probably would have never touched it. But it didn’t.

I really used to be extremely proud of my blonde strands. All of my dark-haired cousins would brush it and gush about how lucky I was. But slowly, my hair started to change. As I got older, it got darker… and by eighth grade, I was officially a “dark blonde.” I mourned the loss of my lighter hair (I know, it’s ridiculous). My mother wouldn’t let me dye it, so I spent all of my summer days laying on the beach, fanning my hair out around my head so that it would get maximum sun exposure. I squeezed lemons into my hair, I tried bottles of spray that promised blonde highlights… basically anything I thought would be a natural way of lightening up my head.

After a few years of this, plus a ton of straightner and blow-drier use, my hair was destroyed. It was fried, dry and full of split ends. Plus, all of those lightening techniques had only given me these weird dark roots that made me look like I had a bad dye job.

Adriana Lima

Who cares about her bod?! I wanted her hair!! | Source:

Around that same time, I started dating a guy who loved brunettes and I started to get major hair envy. I noticed that my entire Italian family had dark strands and dark eyes. Why was I the only one with blonde hair and blue eyes? I wanted to look like the Italian I was! I would check out pictures of celebrities like Adriana Lima and stare longingly at her long dark tresses. I wanted that!

Finally, finally, my mom caved in and agreed to let me dye my hair. The day of my appointment, I skipped into the salon, nervous but excited. I told my hairdresser I wanted to go dark, like really dark. She said, “Wow. I usually only get girls coming in here to go lighter. But okay.”

The second I saw my new brunette head, I knew I was never going to go back to blonde. I love how being a brunette looks on me – it sets off my blue eyes and makes my hair look a thousand times healthier and shinier. Every time I go in to get my color touched up, I leave feeling more confident. I know you’re supposed to learn to feel comfortable with what you were born with; but for me, being a brunette has made me feel more like myself then being blonde ever did.

Do you dye your hair? What’s your favorite hair color? Would you love to be a blonde? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  • mickey

    I had bleach blonde hair for 2 years and a few months I dyed my hair brown because everyone feels like im an idiot obviously. now im brown headed and just moved to a new state and everyone still thinks im an idiot. none of them even care how mad I get when they treat me like an idiot, I get really mad especially when idiots who fail classes say it considering im in honors classes.

  • Annie

    When I was younger I had blonde hair that was almost white, and I loved it. I loved being able to say I had blonde hair, and I didn’t care about the saying that blondes were stupid. I felt like I could prove that wrong. Everybody loved my hair, and said they wished they had my hair, and it was probably one of the things that I was most proud of. The only thing that I didn’t like was that it was wavy – and not in a good way. However, as I got older my hair started to turn golden blonde, and then become brown. It was the same for my older sister, and also my mum. However it wasn’t a nice brown, it was a sort mousey brown- my mum’s colour, and to be honest I’d never really liked my mum’s hair colour. Now, aged 14, my hair is mostly brown, and there are only a few strands of blonde on top. As we’ve had almost no sun in England this summer, and I didn’t go abroad, my hair is darker than ever. I hate it. I have, like the girl in the article, considered dying my hair. Speeding up the process. However, I’d dye it really dark brown, or perhaps really blonde – like I used to be. But I’d love to have dark chocolate hair – and I wont get that.

  • Kiara

    Naturally I have light blonde hair, and my eyes change colors from blue to green to grey (they’re grey most of the time) Last year in 8th grade, I was tired of being treated like a bobble-head, so I dyed my hair light brown.. It durned out the darkest brown E V E R !
    People didn’t recognize me, No kidding ! My choir teacher marked me absent because he didn’t recognize me ! Everyone just thought it was going to be a one dye job, but I kept it brown for half of the year, and then everyone yelled at me and made me dye it back! I hate my blonde hair… But everyone else likes it 😛

  • Hannah

    When I saw this article I was so happy! Everyone asks me why I dyed my blonde hair brown! Finally someone else!

  • Maya

    I live in Finland and here are many blondes and almost everyone of them dyes their hair black or dark brown. So I don’t see it as a weird thing. And nearly everyone here has blue eyes so they all envy my brown eyes.

  • iLovePenguins

    UGH I love brown hair! Me? I have natural bright, fiery, really curly red hair with blonde highlights. A lot of people ask me if I dye it (no I don’t :P) and say they’d kill for my hair. Okay, cool great but if they seriously had my thick, unruly hair they’d tire of it wanna do something about it too! I wanted to dye it brown and it think it’d work on me because I’m tan unlike most redheaded people I know (Go multi-racial people! lol) And I’m totally up for like a blowout or whatever. I don’t want to stand out all the time, you know? Seriously. You could probably see me from a mile away hehe. I wanna try something different but 1) My family, all brunettes, get all worked up like they got ants in their pants whenever I say something! and 2) I don’t want to have to deal with people going “WOAH!! What’d you do to your hair?! Why?!!! I loved it!!!!?”
    Bleeh.. That’s just me hehe

  • Artemis95

    I have naturally long blonde hair and blue eyes, and I love it. Unfortunately, no one else at my school does. Practically everyone at my school says I need to cut my hair very short (shoulder length at the absolute longest), dye it dark, and try green or brown colored contacts. According to them, a breast reduction (since I’m naturally a 36 DDD) wouldn’t hurt either. Almost every guy I know prefers brunettes, and most natural blondes in my school have already gone brunette. Then there’s that ridiculous stereotype that you’d think no one would actually believe about blondes (especially ones with blue eyes and big boobs) being stupid. It may be cliche, but a lot of people expect me to be a complete imbecile. Then people find it strange that I got a 100% on every trigonometry and vocabulary test this year, speak read and write Spanish, tutor geometry and Spanish, and got an 1880 on the SAT (average is 1460). It can be very annoying when everyone is trying to find something to label you as.

    • basschick

      natural blonde and love it too. 🙂 don’t listen to them, they are mean! i hate the steriotypes so much. you just gotta own it! own who you are, what you look like, and everyone else will follow threw with it too.

      also, there are not so many natural blondes out there anymore. alot of blond haired people die or bleach it. be proud!

      • JasLake419

        Oh wow, those ppl at ur school need to get a life! I mean… they shuld be dieing to be a blonde with blue eyes! I mean, I have black hair (not dyed) and really dark brown eyes (no colored contacts) and I would luv to have lighter colored eyes cuze girls with blue or like hazel eyes are so, aluring.

        And basschick, ur soo right cuze i barely ever c in blonde’s anymore… other than on book covers and in movies but im sure they prob died it for the job. It seems like if ur a blonde your legendery! Esp. if u hve blue eyes. And those stereotypical ppl who think blondes are dumb need to snap out of fantasy world and step into reality!

      • cali

        I totally agree with basschick. From what I’ve seen, when it come down to it most guys will usually pick a blonde (and a light natural blonde if any are around). My girlfriend is naturally light golden blonde with porcelain white skin and blue eyes. Its easy to tell she’s 100% natural blonde cause of her light skin and eyebrows, and beautiful blonde hair of course. Everywhere she goes practically every guy is hitting on her or at least checking her out, even if the guy is with a woman. Brunettes and even dyed blondes almost always giver her looks of jealousy and envy. So, if you’re lucky enough to have natural blonde hair, you would be stupid in my opinion to dye it brown. Not that I’ve met too many (or any for that matter) natural blonde women who would do such a foolish thing.

    • Julianne

      Ha, its different here in the south. Blue eyes/blonde hair are hot to guys! And guys like big boobs at my school. I’m a blue eyed Blonde haired boobless sweetheart and I’m proud! (Well maybe not the boon part)
      A lot of people in my Honor’s classes are brunettes, and blonde sticks out. I don’t wanna dye my hair, I love it! You’re probably in middle/high school and that’s to young for a breast reduction. I do wear contacts but not colored ones. Embrace the blondenesss! I’m in all Honors/AP classes, so I don’t care about the dumb Blondel stereotype. Don’t give in! Its just giving them more power. When the right guy comes along, he will love you and your blondness 🙂