Kim Kardashian Was 14 For Her First Time At Sex–With Mom’s Approval

I’ve always had a soft spot for Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner. Maybe it’s because she looks eerily similar to my mom, or because she toes the line between parent and friend.

At least, that’s what I used to think she did when it came to parenting her brood, until I heard Kim K’s interview with Oprah where she reveals that at just 14, she announced that she wanted to have her fist time at sex with her then-boyfriend, so her mom put her on birth control and–just like that–gave her the green light.

Some bloggers are applauding Kris’ forward-thinking ways and praising her for not flipping out and screaming at Kim, which would have just made her first time at sex even more stressful and scary. A good friend of mine agreed saying, “Kris didn’t let her–she just realized that if she couldn’t stop her, she could make sure she was responsible about it.”

Check the clip here:

But could she have changed her daughter’s mind? Kris had more options tham bugging out or giving the thumbs up to Kim’s super young first time at sex.

My mom would have sat me down and talked it out with me: Why did I want to have sex? What was I hoping would happen with my relationship after doing it? How would I feel if we broke up immediately after?

Chances are, Kim didn’t ask herself any of these questions—what super-in-love person does think logically?

Yeah, good for Kris for making sure Kim was safe health-wise, but I don’t think she was helping to protect her daughter mentally and emotionally. And IMO, a truly great parent looks out for all three.

And my mom would def point out that HELLO, 14-year-old sex is not good sex. Heck, I waited until I was in my 20s and it still wasn’t the best sex ever. I know lots of girls who had their first time at sex when they were under 15, and all of them regret it. Every single one.

You have your whole life to have sex—what’s another year or two? Learn the other stuff first! Trust me, you want to be good in bed, and if you just breeze right through Hooking Up 101 and go straight to AP Sexy Times, you could miss out on some serious bedroom tricks—and a lot of fun!

What do you think? Was Kris right to give KK the thumbs up her super young first time at sex? Do you think that no matter what her mom said, Kim would have done it anyway? How would you parents react if you were in Kim’s place? Tell me everything in the comments.

Was Your First Time . . . Awkward? Then You’ll Relate To This.

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  • cindy mcgraw

    Putting her on the pill, a good thing, just in case Kim decided to go ahead anyways. However, the writing above is correct in that Kris should have looked into and cared more about Kim’s mental health. My first time was at 20 with someone about 40. So, 1)it takes us a while to mature, especially about men, and 2) girls, and women, need to be taught that men can be dogs at any age. Kris should have looked at her daughters body and immediately put a chastity belt on her. Old ideas had reasons behind them.

  • cutekitten

    I lost mine at 12. You just know when you are ready. No one can decide that for you. All this rubbish about emotional maturity is irrelevant. Just look at those adults who are supposed to be ready but have not emotionally matured yet. Should they not have sex?? False values, too many morals and ethics and stupid society do not determine what I want to do with my sexuality.

  • kayleigh

    Rubbish, 14 is not too young at all. It is all down to the individual. You are ready for sex when you start having your periods. Society, religion, parents and the law will try and convince you that you have to delay sex and not start too early. They will use the excuse of morals, immaturity (mental, physical, emotional), career etc etc to try and stop you from having sex early.
    What they dont realise is that we have emotional needs too and that it is normal and natural that we may want to feel close to someone and may have sex to compliment those emotions.
    Also, they must remember that the desire to mate and have sex outsmarts reasoning and logical thought and the need for emotional closeness, when strong and intense, can lead to sex.
    I have a boyfriend who is studying biology, behaviour and anthropology. He is a lot older. The more I learn about behaviour and normal responses, the more I believe that we are wrong to try and suppress our desires. Behaviour and biology cannot be suppressed by laws.
    I lost my virginity when I was turning 12 to someone a lot older. I wanted to be close to this guy and so I lied about my age. I looked older so he believed me. We had a lot of sex and as he had his own place it was even more convenient. I didnt fall pregnant thnakfully.
    I think as long as we are careful, understand consequences, dont screw up in grades at school, it should be okay.
    I dont think the law can tell me who and when I can fal in love with or with whom to have sex with.
    Mental maturity has no part to play in this because as I said even with experience and age, the desire to have emotional closeness and sex outsmarts rational thought.
    Thats how we are hardwired. Sorry.

  • Crystal

    I’m 13, nearly 14 and I know I’m ready for sex, I’m just waiting for the right person to come along. I know a lot of people will say I’m too young but everyone’s different and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion

  • Josie

    I lost my virginity when I was only 13. I was with my boyfriend at his house and we just started to make out and it just happened. But the thing is I lied to him. He was 15 and I said I was 15 too cause I looked like it. I had big boobs and everything. But I did get pregnant even thought we used a condom but it broke. I told my mom and she wasn’t mad because she did the same thing when she was 13 also. I had told my boyfriend and he was soo excited but the bad thing was telling him how old I really was. He didn’t care cause he had already know because all of the girls that were friends with him told him. We got married when I had the baby. It was a girl and now we live at his house cause he has a guest house and that is where we live. The babies name is Genevieve and she is lovely. I am 18 now and he is 19 about to be 20 and we are happily married and we love eachother soo much!!! I am trying to get pregnant again. Wish me luck!!!

    • Anna

      wow im impressed. To be married at 14 and to stay married for that long. Good for you for at least getting married when you got pregnant. Too many girls today don’t even marry the father of their child/children.

    • very pleased

      Well done Josie. Goes to show how wrong people can be for judging. You have proved everyone wrong and tere is no reason why relationships like your cannot thrive. I hate when people look at such relationships negatively.
      I think it is no ones business but yours how you live your life and what you do about your sexuality.
      When I was 13 I was madly in love with this guy who was older. Like you I lied to him about my age because i wanted to be with him so desperately. I lost my V-Card to him and we used to do it a lot. I had to break it off with him because my parents found out. I was gutted and so heart broken. I wish my parents would have been a bit more relaxed about me and my bf. I hated life and I cried so much. I still miss him.
      I am so happy for you

  • natalyc97

    At such young age their bodies are probably aint even developed yet lol that’s why she stunt her growth lol that’s probably why she is so short,

  • ImAFemale

    Personally, I believe that 14 is too young to engage in such a lifechanging act. But I think I have some room to talk, because that’s how old I was when I lost my virginity. Just 10 months after I’d had my first kiss, not even with the same guy.
    I was so positive I was in love, but looking back now I know that I wasn’t. I’m not so disgusted with the fact that I am not a virgin, because I know it would’ve happened along the road sometime anyway, but the fact that I was only 14 really gets me. It’s been 3 years, and now I can see that I was still a child. I still am, but it’s just so weird for me to think that I somehow thought I was ready at that point. I still had baby fat, I still had braces, I was barely in high school.
    When it comes down to it, it is a personal choice. But, I’d still have to say 14 is extremely young. When I told my mom about it months later, she didn’t exactly approve, but she was still very supportive. She had lost her virginity at a young age as well, but after that she never did it again until she was an adult.
    I think girls need to know that there’s such a thing as saying no in the heat of the moment. I wish I had thought about that.

    • Josh’sgurl

      With every experience we look back and feel we could have done things differently. This is what experience is. That is how we learn. If we didnt have that experience we wouldnt have learned.
      I hate to say I disagree with you. I lost mine at 13. You were 14. I had baby fat too, I was very innocent and naive and I knew hardly anything about sex. Also I had sex in the first hour of meeting the guy. My friends knew him and used to hang out at his place. He had finished his engineering qualifications and had got home. He had also just split up with his gf. He knew 2 of my friends very well. Because he had his own place they used to watch porn and stuff at his place.
      My friends told him I was single and had never had a bf. My friends encouraged me to go along with his kissing me and holding me and things. Because there were too many of us around he took me to his room and we started doing things. I lost my virginity to him that day. I agree I was numb and stunned not knowing how to react and respond.
      Looking back I was consumed with the feeling of guilt and kept wondering what bad would befall me. I did enjoy myself and it was a great experience to know what real sex felt like. But still I had that guilty conscience.
      That experience made me grow up and I dont regret what happened. Thankfull I am still with the same guy now and we have a great relationship. I was this meek, shy, insecure girl lacking the ability to assert myself and this experience changed my life for the better. I am now more confident, know what relationships are all about and can handle the sexual aspects quite well.
      Your suggestion that 14 is too early to have sex may be appropriate for you. I agree you should be able to say “NO” if you dont want to have sex. But to say “NO” just because you are 13 or 14 is probably not the best advice. You cannot base your decision whether to have sex or not, just on age. It has to do with a whole load of other stuff.
      For me it was a very positive experience.

  • shawtybadd123

    my mom wouldnt approve but she wouldnt really get mad… she lost her virginity at 12 and so did my aunt i guess she thinks that imma follow in her footsteps she said as soon as i start my period she puttin me on birth control so that basically gives me permission…but i really wanna wait till im married and i wanna lose it on me and my future husbands honeymoon night

    • damiloghauttii

      Rilli agree wif her its absolutely beta 2 wait 2 lose it 2 som1 special…