I Can’t Believe He Said That

When I saw the Craigslist ad for a super cheap apartment it sounded like a good deal. So what if the guy described himself as a “youngish 72-year-old“?

A short, stocky, white-haired man answered the door. He gave me the up-down (when someone looks you up and down–possibly undressing you with their eyes?). There was a hole in the floor of the hallway with a ladder. “The room is down here,” he crawled in first. I followed. It was small but doable. We went back upstairs and this is what happened.

“Anya has lived here for a year and a half. She’s an immigrant, not very friendly,” he said. I raised my eyebrow. He scurried away and grabbed his digital camera, after scrolling through a bunch of cat pics (weird) he arrived at a picture of a very unfriendly looking young woman.

“Totally a good person. She married to stay in this country. Then the guy disappeared, she was very upset because it was so expensive.” Why is he telling me this?

“The other girl I was going to rent to had two cats and I just couldn’t do that,” he went on. “She was very strange. She was like 5’2” and 80 pounds–it was really gross.” WTF?

“No, but you–” He gestured his hands like he was measuring something length-wise, then width-wise. Then he said, “You–you’re a good size!

Um, WTF? I said I would think about it. Do you think I should live with this guy?

What would you do? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    No, no, no, NO! This man, first of all, seems to rent to only woman (which is not super weirdon its own, but with the other stuff, creepy), keeps track of their SIZE, and has a hole in the floor. Though it’s cheap, don’t. It is also a red flag waving that he listed himself as a 27 yr old male, which sounds like he’s trying to attract young women.

  • Xavier

    well im not going to be the first one to say “yes”.
    why are you even asking?
    NO NO NO
    look for another place,
    trust me,
    trust us ALL.

  • Rachel

    HECK NO!!!!

  • 1DFanatic

    Ew no! This guy sounds like a total creep, and a hole in the floor too? He knows way too much about those other girls, he could be a huge pedophile! I say even though it is cheap, don’t get it.

  • Hobo

    I agree with all of these people. This man sounds like bad news. Very bad news


    No doubt. DO NOT live with this guy. he sounds weird and judgmental

  • musefan!!!

    whoaaaa!!!! he sounds weird.Please do NOT live with him. It could end badly…

  • Tori.gurl

    don’t just don’t he sounds like a creeper

  • Emo

    Freaky, really freaky. I’d pick a new place to live. If he asked why I’d say that I own like 6 cats. Ya it’s lieing, but what i gonna tell him that he’s a creep? LOL! He knows a bit to much ’bout those girls though

  • cheyboogie


  • Marissa

    Look, do NOT live with him. First, the ad was on Craigslist. Not that I have anything against Clist, it’s just that most of the ads on there have disturbing alternative methods. Second, he described himself as a “youngish 72 year old.” Whether he thinks so or not, he’s STILL 72. And that’s old. For a young girl like you to be living with him…it’s creepy. Third, your room is in a hole on the floor. Using a ladder to get down. Anyone (the creepy guy) could pull the ladder away and BOOM, you’d be stuck in there. And if there are no windows or doors in your room, I wouldn’t trust it. You should always have an easy exit incase something goes wrong.

  • Lisa

    ewww no he sounds like a creep

  • Lydia Latitude Brown

    No way! It sounds like he’s sizing you up to eat you!

    Trust your gut: don’t do it.

  • Bridget1240

    Duhhh. NO!!!! why would u live with such a creep. Stay safe gurl.

  • BleedingSun

    Too much WTF

  • Laura

    No… just no… I would stay away from him and find another place….

  • Sharpie-Sensei

    Don’t live with him. Point blank. Not to sound rude, but he seems like weird news and a bit on the creepy-creep side. A room in a hole? A disappearing guy? Looking you up and down like a meat mannequin? It sounds like Lifetime meets CSI meets…meets…oh gosh.

    Be cautious and follow your gut, and I mean your gut’s gut…

    The gut that kicks you.