He Sent Me A Picture of His Penis. Now What?


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Hi Heather,

The other day I was sexting with my crush (we’ve been hooking up for a while). It was just words and stuff until he asked me to send him some dirty pictures. I didn’t get naked at all, but I sent him something. And then he sent me back a picture of his penis. It was totally weird and turned me off. What am I supposed to do? Am I the only girl who feels this way?? And is it okay that I’m sexting with someone who’s not my boyfriend?

Eep. I feel your pain, girl. Although we all appreciate the male body over here at Gurl.com, we have to face facts: penises are awkward and weird. They’re just strange to look at it, especially for the first time. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with them at all, and not all girls feel this way, but I think I can safely say you’re not alone in getting turned off by a penis picture.

Besides the fact that penises can be, um, kind of ugly at times, there’s another reason why not every girl is into pictures of genitalia the way dudes are. Guys are visual creatures, and they get super turned on by seeing something, whether that be porn, racy cell phone pics or even just two people making out. But girls generally get turned on more by thinking about something – thus the reason the book of Fifty Shades of Grey is insanely popular. Get what I mean?

Basically, this guy probably thought he was going to be turning you on by sending you a picture of his nether regions, because he would get totally turned on if you sent him a picture of your lady bits. I’m sure he wasn’t doing it to be creepy or weird. But it’s fine that you weren’t into it. If you don’t want to say anything right now, you don’t have to – unless it made you feel seriously uncomfortable. If that’s the case, feel free to say, “Hey, don’t ever send me a naked picture like that again. I don’t appreciate it.” But if you let it slide this time, and he does it again, then maybe that time say something.

As for sexting a guy friend, you might want to rethink that. It’s not just the “guy friend” part we have a problem with here at Gurl, it’s the sexting part in general. I know how fun and exciting sexting can, but you need to be super, super careful. Once you send a racy picture, this dude could hold onto it forever. Meaning he could show it to other people, and before you know it, your life has turned into a celeb nude photo scandal.

Be extra cautious since this guy isn’t your boyfriend. If you feel uncomfortable with it, then stop. Make sure that this guy knows that he needs to respect your privacy and you as a person. Just don’t be afraid to say what you feel.

take care,

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The science behind sending nude pictures

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  • Brianna

    I’ve gotten send nudes by randoms on Facebook but other than that I think it’s completely fine to send nudes!

  • Jazzy

    Honestly my “friend” and I always send naked pics of each other and he sent me one of his Penis and I thought it was hot and sexy I don’t know if it’s because I love it and we had sex before or because I’m not ur tipical girl that finds it nasty or weird. I guess it all depends if you like the guy and know him and seen his penis in person and of course If you guys are sexting and exchanging pics. Then To some random guy that u don’t know, never been with and not even sexting now that would be weird just tell them right off the bat u know what I don’t like it can you please stop or I won’t talk to you! Simple as that girls and remember never ever show your face!!

  • Jasmine

    I honestly do not know why guys do this, but it is uncomfortable to me also. When it comes sexting and sending nasty pictures, tell the guy what you expect in the picture “Hey send me a pic of your chest” be specific. Always remember these pictures are forever, so whenever sending a naked pic to a guy, just crop out your face and show your body (no one can ever say its you!)

  • Sallytan

    So why do we suck on it. Gawd, quit your crying.

    • ha


    • MomoMomone

      don’t be rude, not all girls like to do that, and not all girls are mature enough to appreciate that form of affection yet (including myself).

  • Jade

    thanks this really helped me.

  • fatalfeline96

    Gah, I’ve had that happen to me too many times. Even when I’ve told them I don’t like it. Some guys just don’t seem to get it, do they? Even when I’m not sexting they do it!

  • Still Summers

    Everytime this happens to me, I send a response asking if they’d like a picture of me in my turtle-neck, high-waters and chastity belt. I don’t take it too seriously- probably because it happens so often that, if I were to take it seriously everytime, my blood pressure would be through the roof,

  • anon

    thats why im gay..

  • PrettyWeirdKid1

    Honest this has happened to me so many times . i kinda lose count. I find it oh so very say & disappointing to have a guy to ask you for a nude photo which puts you & the position of wanting to send it because you feel you owe them something just because you liked them … its not just about them sending pictures of their own body parts but its also respecting your own & having to be nervous of is or if he may show people… Think about it girls <3

  • lul dz

    i’ve gotten the same thing done 2 my by my guy friends it make me so made that thay thick im like that like i will just be siting there texting thim a boat random funny thing and thay will be like i bet you give good bj and send me photo . 🙁

    • PrettyWeirdKid1

      Guys are such jerk sometimes .. My best bet is to just tell them how uncomfortable they are making you … To be honest i really should be taking my own advice. Tell them or its just gonna continue to be a mess of uncomfortable-ness

  • niaBoo

    my ex did that. i never find in sexy. a penis is already shaped weird haha picture that on ur phone haha. its better in person

  • SkyyKingxoxo

    I’ve gotten the same thing done to me, and it puts you in an awkward position. I dont know what to say after to reply. Ihate guys like that! :/