Can Your Underwear Get You Arrested?!

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If your sagging pants your show skivvies, you’re in trouble! | Source: Shutterstock

It sounds bizarre, but your underwear can get you arrested–if they’re exposed because of sagging pants. Though dudes are much more likely to sport sagging pants, we figured you’d like to know in case your crush has a habit of showing off his boxer briefs in public.

A man in Ohio named Durrell Brooks was booked and sentenced to three days in jail for exposing his underwear when he wore sagging pants to court. (His sentence was later reduced to one day.) Brooks was originally in court for a traffic violation, but his lack of a belt got him into deeper trouble with the judge, who had no interest in his skivvies. “They’re all adults who come into this court, so they should know how to dress themselves at this point,” Ohio Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok said. “I hope it’s a fad that ends soon. At least you have to have your pants up,” he added. “I don’t think I’ve set the bar too high.”

To be clear, sagging pants themselves aren’t illegal … Yet. (Though Jackson, Mississippi and Tennessee are actually working on that!) But wearing them in a courtroom is generally a violation of most dress codes presented by the court, so sagging pants can be considered contempt of court (which pretty much means someone is disrespecting or disobeying orders).

Judge Mihok says his own dress code is pretty lenient–he even lets people wear shorts and sandals–but he just asks that they keep their pants up. “Yesterday I had a courtroom full of people,” Mihok griped. “I had children in here. I have elderly women here and I can’t have people showing their underwear in court.”

Brooks, 23, pretty much doesn’t get why his sagging pants were a problem. “I guess I will have to wear my pants like Urkel,” he said. “I mean put them up to my stomach and hope that he don’t say nothing about that.” Or, dude, just get a freakin’ belt for a few hours.

Not gonna lie, we’re pretty stoked that the real police are listening to the fashion police on this one. Sagging pants are so tacky, and honestly, it got old so long ago. We hope–wait, actually, we know–you’re all a lot smarter than this guy. Even if you’re a fan of sagging pants, if you wear them in a courtroom, you should probably be arrested just for being an idiot. There’s a time and a place for sagging pants. While we’re not sure what that time nor that place is, it’s safe to say sagging pants aren’t appropriate for a court hearing.

Do you think sagging pants should be illegal? Do you think the judge overreacted to Durrell Brooks’ sagging pants? Do you think sagging pants will go out of style soon? Would you date a guy who wears sagging pants? Tell us in the comments!

Forget Underwear–Let’s Get NAKED!

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  • Kaycee

    I think sagging pants are cute. If somebody has the courage to do something that is generally frowned upon, then I find it inspiring.

  • brian

    As a teen i think you are all wrong it is just the way we feel comfortable in our own clothes we dont care if we look stupid it is our choice and if you dont like it tough we dnt care

  • Lollipop Puppet

    Next person I see with sagging pants is getting smacked. -_- Unless that person is Billie Joe Armstrong…. He’s just freakin’ cute. :3

  • kaYA

    i LIKE 2 SEE DUDES UNDIES LOL buttt… idk its sexiiiiii!! it shoulnt be illegal u dont have to look i mean danggg people,u cant do anything anything anymore with out HATERS! and really wierd people mostly old people….and wierdos who like to make the world all strict n crap let people be!

  • Mary

    The time and place for sagging pants is in prison letting others know you consent to have sex with them

  • dadadadora

    Sagging your pants is so 1998! This look just looks horrible. Why would you ever want your underwear to show. Does not look good at all. It’s gross. Especially at a restaurant. Who wants to look up and see some ones boxers poking out.

  • Allie

    I think sagging pants are kinda funny, since it originated in jail to show that guys were “sexually eligible”. let them make idiots of themselves 😛

    • CL

      Allie That’s acctually a myth… Wish it were true though!(=