Your Complete Guide To Getting A New Look This Summer

new look

Testing a new look at home is a fun way to spend a rainy summer Sunday. | Source: Shutterstock

Summer is the best time to test out a new look: You have a ton of time to yourself, and you’re away from lockers, books, and crappy cafeteria food for two months. And while you love everything the hotter months have to offer (shirtless dudes, Slip ‘n’ Slides, sunshine), admit it: You’re kinda itching for a transformation and looking forward to busting out your new look on the first day of school in September, right?

Obviously, you want to relish summer and everything to do within it, but you’ll inevitably have a crappy weather Sunday when it’s too blah to go outside. Use that time to try out a new look–you’ll keep busy and look super cute (make that cuter!) when you’re done.

Whether you want to make over your hair, makeup routine, or wardrobe, we’ve got you covered in choosing and rocking your new look!

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  • urGorgeousxx

    i have recently started to wear weave o.O LOL , but i’ve been getting tons of compliments on it (y) and i guess i’ve been trying out a girl look since i’m usually tomboyish . so i’d say transforming myself has been a great experience .

  • Charlie

    Ive got really red hair and pale skin (i wont tan, ughh, sooo annoying!), but i don’t really like my hair, i want to dye it but i dunno what color i should go… Any ideas??

    • Jake

      Don’t we all wish we had Jennifer Aniston’s hair? No matter what the style, it aawlys looks amazing.I aawlys think I want bangs and then I end up regretting it and pinning them back 90% of the time. If you are’t like that though, I think bangs would look nice!

    • Desire

      I love all the cuts. Similar but some have that a-line to it. I think you’ll look beautiful with eehtir one! I’m so not good when it comes to color since I have zero experience in coloring my hair, but I know whatever you choose will look lovely!

    • Emma

      you could try a sunless tanner… it works really well without the dangers of uv rays.

  • bbmichelle13

    I have brown hair and when ever I get blonde high lights they always end up showing my roots later maybe if I highlight all my layers except for the very top would it look better growing back?

  • Lizz

    I’m a natural blonde but i just dyed my hair purple and it looks awesome!!!

  • Zoey

    me and my BFF both have natural blonde hair but we both are dying it lighter (well i already died mine) it look awesome!

  • sara jorgensan

    Should I dye my hair hot pink?

    • GwynethWynter

      Depends if you have dark hair like dark brown or black i would say just get some streaks or the tips of your hair done but if you lighter hair like blonde or light brown maybe dip dying would look good. If you are into the “scene” look then a whole head of pink hair would look epic! Really up to you but if you want to see how it looks first you can always just buy some temporary hair dye, coloured hair spray or you can Google virtual hair or something along those eyes. There are so many websites that can help you, the basic idea of the websites is that you can try different hair styles and colours on a photo without actually cutting or dying your hair. πŸ™‚
      Hope this helps

  • mmmm

    if you change your eyebrow shape it can make a lot of difference:) after summer you usually look different anyway e.g your hair is longer(noticeably) and your probably more tanned. ^ and for acne or just spots in general put toothpaste on them and keep the skin clear in the day

  • Morgan

    My Hair iz a werid color of brown and iz the same color as my eyez so Im dying my hair bright red (not to bright) with black streaks πŸ™‚ I plan on going punk this year!! <3

  • Maddie

    I like all of this advice on changing your style, but for me when school starts again, I have to wear uniforms! Even though I go to a public school…

    • GwynethWynter

      Same! Jeez schools are so annoying anyways remember u can add a scarf to your outift (school colours or a white or black scarf are acceptable) make sure the scarf is fashionable and not thin to make a statement, also long single necklaces are awesome and cute jackets in school colours… I also add stockings with fun patterns and ballet flats instead of school shoes. Check with teachers or uniform description to see what you can get away with wearing. Google Aria Montgomery (pretty little liars) because even though she doesnt wear uniforms her outfits are always really cute and easy to translate to a uniform. Depending on your school you might even be able to get away with a pair of nice boots (below the knee I guess) and even some long, extravagant earrings.
      Hope this helps

  • retrovixen101

    Well I’ve decided to change my year long blonde locks a fiery red
    a short red style too
    Since it was long and blonde all year long

  • lissette101

    i wanna try to become more pretty so that guys would acually like me for once … i always get the crappy guys and not romantic ones πŸ™ but this summer i m gonna look different <3
    boys get ready πŸ™‚

  • Emo

    I want to become a Goth!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rena98978

      Well it shouldnt be something you want to be it should be something that you already are otherwise your going to come off as a poser

  • Kayla

    I died my hair hot pink, and it’s pretty awesome

  • Kaila

    I’m dying my hair blonde and black!

  • Hayley

    I’m totally getting new clothes and dying me hair a firey orange with blond tips!!! πŸ˜€ I’m a natural redhead so it will just enhance my color! πŸ™‚

    • icantloveu


      • Lizha

        – I have never, ever dyed my hair. My mom always desreibcd hair coloring like it was an addiction and therefore evil. Moms are great for that sort of thing. But, if I ever were to brave my mom’s wrath, I think I’d dye it ridiculously RED. Like crazy red, and then maybe I’d get comments on my hair and not my kids for a change. =)October 21, 2010 10:17 AM

    • rena98978

      Like a girl on fire! Nice!

  • shane(im a girl)

    i really wanna get bangs but im not sure how it’ll look and I have oily skin so it wouldn’t help my acne situation but then they’d cover up my acne so no one would be able to see my acne

    • lissette101

      i am cutting mine to because mine are as long as my hair and my hair is pretty long .. LMAOO!! <3 and just sop you know .. i think that would be an amzing idea to cut your bangs πŸ™‚

  • misslmh11

    I’m cutting my bangs! And I want to add more “grown-up” attire to my wardrobe. I’m tired of looking like a high school and I want to get into a sorority.