Gretchen Carlson: New Feminist Girl Crush

gretchen carlson where is gretchen carlson fox news anchors

Where is Gretchen Carlson? Not on a sexist set with other Fox News anchors! | Source: YouTube

Fox News isn’t necessarily known for being supportive of women’s rights or causes, despite have a bunch of female (usually blonde) anchors and reporters. However, one of the anchors, Gretchen Carlson, walked off the set after one of her male co-anchors made an idiotic and sexist remark. What happened?

Gretchen’ co-host of Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade, sat next to her while they watched a short segment featuring their other co-host, Steve Doocy. Steve was interviewing U.S. Navy Sea Chanters. One of the Sea Chanters informed Steve that the group was all-male until 1980, and that led Brian to drop some pretty misogynist bombs in the forms of sexist jokes.

Women are everywhere,” Brian whined. “We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control.” Wow. Really, dude? If you’re going to make an attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor, at least let it be funny.

Gretchen was really unamused–so much so that she bounced. “You know what?” she said, shaking her head and getting up. “You know what? You read the headlines, since men are so great. Go ahead.” Then she strutted her stuff off the set.

Brian got booed for sending Gretchen to run for the feminist hills. Trying to save some face, he made another joke. “Finally! Leaving an all-male crew.”

C’mon, broski! Still peeved, Gretchen yelled, “In all your glory, go for it!” Atta girl!

Brian followed with, “Eh, she needed a shower.” We would too, if only to scrub off the stupidity we’d just been spewed with. Yecch. Brian was stuck doing all the headlines himself, asking, “Gretch?” To which she never responded. Good! You can watch it all go down:

Now you can see why Gretchen’s nickname is “B.A.,” short for “Bad Ass.”

We’re the first to admit that we’re not the biggest fans of Fox News, nor of their general attitudes towards women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. But we are a fan of Gretchen Carlson for taking a stand–literally–when she was faced with overt, even if joking, sexism. We heart B.A. for rubbing Brian’s face in his own B.S.

Now if only she’d be so strong willed when it came to sticking up for her own right to choose.

Do you think Gretchen Carlson was right to walk off the set? Do you think she overreacted to Brian Kilmeade’s joke? Do you think Fox News is biased against women? Tell us in the comments!

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  • marywnm

    Gretchen had little to offer men or women in her “shows” while on Fox, I did not think–20 Million is a good enticement for anything to be told by many people-hope she enjoys it-when things happen like this-seems most honest people would be satisfied just getting the culprit out of a job but she apparently wanted monetary compensation-glad she is gone

  • Billbo Baggins

    Article was fine until the end where it talked about the author only fully supporting her if she is pro death. So she has to agree with abortion to get equal women’s rights? That’s an oxymoron. Shouldn’t her rights be equal as a woman include her having a right to her own moral views?!

  • John Weiss

    Poor Gretchen !

    Fox gave her a show of her own now. Probably because of her extreme feminist views and complaints.Talk about favoring women.
    Brian’s attitude is justified. The Fox men are surrounded by beautiful women most of them very competent. They just happen to be gorgeous, although not “Barbie Dolls” . There obviously is an imbalance of women over men not only in Fox but other companies.
    Gretchen is an arrogant feminist that borders on being a feminazi. She should learn how to take a joke or confront what she thinks is a sexist statement. I had been watching her for a few years now and most of the time SHE made many comments as if the whole world is against women.

  • Douglas

    Total overreaction. C’mon Gretchen. This was obviously a sore spot for both of them and Gretchen snapped. Let’s face it women have have been attacking men for decades for being male and this is a perfect example of Brian letting it be known that he is sick of the “Female Centric” culture men are constantly bashed with everyday. Then a complaint and we’re acccused of “whining” as is done in this very story by the obviously female author.
    We need to support BOTH sexes not just one or guess what, you will have a very lazy male society. Hmmmm.
    Wonder when that started?
    Just my side as I see it.

  • pam steinberg

    I think Bryan, Brian????whatever, is a jerk and he always “fumbles” when it comes to sports, especially when he “intentionally: ” hurts little kids… the only reason I used to watch Fox, besides being republican, is because of Gretchen. The new host, what’s her name? from the View, is boring. I’ll stick with CNN for the morning news to keep up to date with everything from now on….sorry to see that the morning show is no longer of interest to me and many of my coworkers.. bring Gretchin back, please!!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    I really miss Gretchen…Please bring her back….You can get rid of Brian.
    I watch Fox New only….for now. Go get Brian…sue him, it would maybe
    make him wake up, we are not in the 50s, 60s or even the 80s any more.

    FOX NEWS – BRING HER BACK. If not with the Morning Show, the some
    where else on Fox.

  • Linda

    I have and I am still working with a room full of men and in all my working years “41 years” I know where Gretchen is coming from. Women tolerate a lot of “Jabs” against women. I think Gretchen was GREAT!!! She always told the truth about the news. I liked how she presented the news. Brian is funny but come on sometimes he needs to put a sock in it. His comments get a little old. I watch no other news but Fox. Please get Gretchen Back!!!!!!

  • Jillie

    I always thought Gretchen tried too hard……was demanding for her time, space????

    But I also think Brian is an idiot and can’t get out of his way…..

  • norm

    Brian is an idiot anyway., I never liked his reporting abilities.. beside she made him actually look good..

  • Louis Gallo

    Gretchen. was 100% right,To leave the set.
    Brian, Is and always been a real ( ass hole )
    If any one should leave the show, It should be him.

  • rick

    absolutely over reacted. this is what is wrong with the politically correct.

  • steve

    I’m sorry Gretchen left. Brian is a joker. TOOOO sensitive Gretchen, it was a joke just like women joke about men

    • Patricia

      Jokes can go on to long. Enough is Enough!

  • Marilyn

    I like Fox’s news, but it seems all the are ladies seem to have dress sexy and pose sexy.

  • Fred Keiser

    I wonder why Fox and Friends insist on no pants for women then aim all camera shots below the waist… voyeurs at the helm on this Fox Show. Cheap way to keep viewers coming back and keeping the ratings high. I’m disgusted at the show’s producer and director. Way to go Gretchen!

    • marywnm

      She sure went along with it for some time-seems she did not mind being “exposed”.

  • Gerry

    She was wrong — you don’t run away from confrontations, you deal with them. There are better ways to come back at smart asses.
    I don’t believe Fox is against women or lgbt — they seem to report both sides of every issue sometimes they go a little overboard but that keeps it interesting. People are just waaaaayyyyy too sensitive these days just like that rodeo clown with the Obama mask– didn’t hurt a thing, it has been done many times before with NO uproar. People need to relax and come back to reality.

  • Char Panighetti

    I am surprised Gretchen hasn’t walked off sooner. Brian is always crossing the line when it comes to inapproiate sexist comments about women. I have been a Fox watcher for many years, however ,if the dresses get any shorter, the cleavege gets any deeper I may be finding another news channel to watch.It’s difficult to take these women as news casters seriously when they are set up to look like Barbie Dolls for eye candy for the benefit of male viewers. Kudos to Gretchen.

  • al

    I do agree that she has a right to be upset. However she is a professional and she should of handled the situation off the air. I must admit that I never cared for her anyway. In my opinion she is arrogate , and has a major attitude. If I remember correctly didn’t she get fired in Richmond Va. for having an affair with another reporter?