Behind The Scenes: Reality Television Is So Fake!

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I think we can all agree that we know reality television isn’t totally real: sometimes coincidences seem just a little too convenient, sometimes your favorite tabloid fixture doesn’t seem convincingly surprised or upset when something extra crazy happens, and sometimes, well . . . we just know better.

However, I didn’t know just how faked reality television shows were until I was involved in a taping for one that I think we’ve all seen or at least heard of.

This show, which revolves around a rather famous family (can’t say which one!), was filming at an event in which a couple of the main family members were performing. I was in on the filming on the day of the big event, as well as the other, non-public parts that had been filmed prior to it, and you know what? Nothing on this so-called reality television show was real! Really. Not one thing! One of the girls on the show was supposed to have been attending pre-event sessions for weeks, but all those training sessions that happened over “weeks” were actually taped in a couple hours: everybody just changed outfits a few times. One of the main reality stars had a double–another girl who wore a wig for anything the star might have gotten hurt doing! Of course she was filmed so you couldn’t see her face. Even things that you would think would be normal and impossible to screw up, like entering a building, were staged: these famous family members had to stand outside for 10 minutes while the shot was set up, then had to do several takes. Of walking through a door. The saddest thing, though? One of the main girls on the show had fake friends. Girls I knew had to pretend like they were BFFs with one of the stars, even though they’d actually never met, and some of them were given lines to say that they would never say in real life.

It gets worse (Or juicier I guess? Your choice). I watched the completed episode with someone who works on the show, and learned even more dirt The show’s famous family got a delivery, and one of the delivery guys ended up to be my buddy’s boyfriend…and the box was, in reality, empty. That lovely chicken dinner one of the stars made? It was a roasted chicken from a grocery store, and the crew ate it after the scene was filmed. I could go on and on and on about the ways reality television shows are faked. It’s insane.

Since then, I’ve been extra critical of every reality show I watch (ok, it’s limited to America’s Next Top Model). Did the models happen to go into the living room when there’s Tyra Mail, or did the crew tell them to go? Did they really not know Tyra was coming over? How much of what they say in the confessional booth is edited out/how hard are the editors working to make the models sound catty? If everyone was getting along, would the crew do something to change that?

I might just stick to scripted shows from now on. At least those admit to being fake, unlike reality television!

Do you watch reality television? Which show do you think I was on the set of? Do you think reality television shows should be honest about what’s real and what’s not? Does it matter to you? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Laura Chanel Aho

    Cake Boss is fake too. As well as Toddlers In Tiaras, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, X Factor, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Real World, Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia, Disaster Date, Room Raiders, Parental Control, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Lizard Lick Towing, South Beach Tow, World’s Worst Tenants, Storage Wars/Hunters, Pawn Stars, these shows plus many others I came to find out they are fake & it ruined it for me to ever watch them again but I’m glad I found out and I felt like such a sucker afterwards. The whole scripted “Reality TV” genre thats so popular right now is a bubble that’ll burst sooner or later once ppl find out how much is really fake and become bitter and disenchanted.

  • kay

    the runs house was so fake evrything just seemed scripted and at the end of every show everbody’s problem seemed to be magically solved

  • Breya

    Ya you can definitely tell The Hills was fake. The people were horrible at trying to act like everything was real.

  • kirei

    Ugh I knew it! The Kardashians are way too boring to have their real life on TV. No one would watch it! They’re still pretty boring though…lol.

  • Brisa

    LOL, I don’t buy into any reality shows. Especially one called… The Hills was it? Or maybe that’s a different one. But the acting was so mediocre and fake and WAY too many “coincidences”. It’s so written.

    I hate reality TV, unless they’re competitions like ANTM (Even though I know some are set-up) or ‘Craft Wars’, ‘Cake Boss’, ect. Shows like that are entertaining for me.

  • Abri

    You guys have always thought reality tv was real? My uncle works for keeping up with the kardashians as a video editor! All of its pretty fake, even if it ws real it doesn’t make it on the show.. Not to hate, but it’s pretty obvious.