No Sex Allowed! Say WHAT?!

no sex

Under the new "no sex" bill, this may be illegal! | Source: Shutterstock

What would you do if there was no sex allowed where you live? Think Footloose, but worse (and naked). You’d probably freak, right? (Er, maybe not the best choice of words.) That whole “no sex dystopia” may become a reality for teens in India.

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Bill in India wasn’t necessarily designed to enforce a no sex rule, but to prevent children and teens from sexual abuse, which is rampant in the nation. In fact, over 50 percent of children and teens report being sexually abused at least once, and that’s scary–because that’s only the reported cases. So this whole “no sex under 18” rule sounds like a pretty noble cause, doesn’t it?

Problem is, the bill is full of unrealistic and potentially dangerous rules that essentially add up to allowing no sex of any kind, consensual or not, for anyoneeven if your partner is the same age. The bill promises to punish anyone who commits sexual acts of various kinds–and they were listed in pretty explicit detail–to or with anyone under 18 years old.

But consider this: Most women and girls in India get married before they’re 18, with nearly 1 in 5 getting married before they’re even 15. Sorta hard to imagine, right? And even harder to imagine that these married women and girls are having no sex with their hubbies. A lot of skeptics are asking that the no sex ban lower the age of consent in India to 16 to accommodate the reality there–and elsewhere.

While supporters of the bill insist that anyone under 18 having consensual sex with someone else their age won’t be necessarily thrown into juvey (they recommend counseling), it sort of sets a weird, unrealistic standard. India has the second highest population on the planet right now and is where the Kama Sutra originated–do we really expect a no sex rule to work there? (Or anywhere at all ever?!)

It seems like something like this could never go down here, right? Well, while there’s no “no sex” rule in place, there are similar ones, like the “gateway sexual acts” rule. Scary!

Obviously, creepy old guys are the target for the no sex law, and we totally support that–of course we don’t endorse sexual abuse of any kind. But sexual abuse isn’t the same thing as sexual activity, and a no sex rule is banning just that. If teens are aware of the risks involved with having sex and take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their consenting, age-appropriate partners safe, why should the government force a no sex rule into place?

no sex

No sex allowed--even if you're the same age and you both want it. | Source: Shutterstock

And it begs another question, too: How exactly will they enforce a no sex rule without, well, being kinda weird about it? How will they make sure girls and their boyfriends or husbands are having no sex? Are they gonna peek through windows, or just assume it’s not happening unless reported? (And uh, who’s going to report having consensual sex?) It just seems like a giant can of worms is just waiting to be opened. A really skeevy, gross, invasive can of worms.

What would you think if a no sex law passed in the U.S.? Do you agree with India’s no sex law? Do you think a no sex law could ever go through where you live? Tell us in the comments!

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  • EruditeGurl

    Everyone is mentioning laws and sex. LAWS ARE MAN MADE. They are not natural. Can anyone work out why those laws were initiated in the first place and WHEN they were initiated. What rules prevailed before the present rules?
    Now for those who call 20 or 21 or even older guys who date younger girls “creeps” are so misguided. They are not creeps. They may be judged by you as creeps based on the present man made laws.
    Sex is a normal function and a biological need. Is it so difficult to believe that a 14 yr old girl can be emotonally involved with a 21 yr old guy. Whats the big deal. Love works in different ways. Yes they may engage in sexual activity and it may be inconvenient if she falls pregnant. But it is NO way unnatural or creepy. So stop judging those who get into such relationships.
    The laws are too black and white and we see so often how couples decide to elope to escape how the law views them. Many escape to Mexico. In the UK they go over to Europe when the age of consent is much lower. This is through mutual consent. What the law is doing is driving such couples to take drastic measures to be able to love and live in peace far away from our laws that havent kept up with the times. Teen girls are maturing faster than ever and are aware of much more than our parents did. A 14 or 15 yr old these days are far more physically and emotionally developed that someone of the same age from 25 yrs ago. They also are more aware of sex and their emotional needs and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. The law is being irresponsible and driving teens to do drastic, dangerous things. Wake up everybody. Stop being so narrow minded.
    I had a much older bf when I was 12 and may I add it was fantastic. It was much better than having a guy my age who had no maturity and all he wanted to do was play with his football.
    And finally, some bright spark will bring up mental maturity. Let me ask those who raise such a question…. do you consider yourself mentally mature?? Just because you are 18 and above, suddenly on your 18th birthday you dont magically become mentally mature. I know so many who are 25 or 30 or even older who will never be considered mentally mature. I know many 15 yr olds who are more responsible and mature than many much older.

  • RavenBelle

    I guess it boils down to your own choice. Here in Ireland the age of consent is 17, but I know people who have had sex at 15 and 16. The age of consent is seen as a ‘guideline’ by teens here, who I think need to take it more seriously. Some people I know didn’t even know that sex below 17 years is illegal – they seriously thought it was just advice. And the same with sexting; many of my friends didn’t know it was illegal. I tried to explain that sexting naked pictures under the age of 18 is child pernography, but they say ‘everyone does it’. Uh, yea right. Everyone in their tiny clique. I wish more people would take this more seriously.

  • Wow

    Okay, here’s how that law would be stupid in U.S.
    One: putting a sex age limit won’t stop people under 18 or 16 from having sex. They have laws against doing drugs, too, but people still do them. & how dumb would that sound in juvey if you were to say you had consentual sex with you 16 year old boyfriend, & you’re 15?
    Two: Not just teenagers & kids get raped. Adults do too. So, a limit makes no sense. Especially if it was consentual. I understand the Statutory rape law, but that’s 100 different.
    & Three: Like the article said, why would someone report consentual sex? Some people do have common sense. Now, I don’t care who disagrees with me or not. It’s my opinion & I’m sticking to it.

  • Lolwut

    Good job on once again making men seem lime the only ones to molest and rape.

  • Becca

    Even in America, technically, sex under the age of consent is illegal. Here in Michigan the age of consent is 16. If two 15 yr olds were to have sex and then be reported to the police, both could receive convictions of statutory, not that this happens often if at all. It’s not just in India that this is a law. I’m pretty surprised that this point wasn’t brought up. Maybe it isn’t common knowledge in other places, but I’ve been taught this in all of my health classes.

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  • Savani

    The article has got one thing wrong: Girls here do NOT get married before 18. In fact, the minimal age to get married here is 18 for a girl and 21 for a boy. Some remote areas where tribals reside do follow the old tradition but most of the country doesn’t. The information you are providing use to be true years ago, rather generations ago. Sex is not considered a crime here but sexual abuse is. And the rate getting high, the law is partially right. Maybe not for the USA, but for India it is definitely necessary. AND most of the teens do not engage in sex here but of course there are exceptions. So the Indian population is fine with it. The article could be written better as some girls above me mentioned. 🙂

    • Sanjum

      Well said! i ws about to write just that 😀

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  • Srijanee

    I’m 14 and from India. most girls here do not get married before 18. that’s wrong information. but many do, which is against the law.
    and as for prevention of the sex before 18, the government isn’t going to take any steps. i’m very sorry to say, but all our govt. cares about is to pass the law somehow, in these kind of cases, and not enforce it.

  • Sazzy

    Here in India, and the article is about India, sex isn’t thought about much, but rape is a huge crime here, and it’s been going on for a long time. Without this law, there would be many rapes, and I think it’s a good thing to enforce this law.

  • Vidula

    Apparently who ever wrote this doesn’t get India. People don’t have sex before marriage there at least my family doesn’t. I would have really liked this article had it been written from an Indian or Asian perspective or at least someone who was very educated on their culture. And even though women do get married before sixteen, those are in the most rural places in India. My grandmother go married at 20 in the 1960s, only twenty years after Indian independence. And her family lived in the mountains. Just saying, everyone in India is different, and that percentage of sixteen and under marriages is very low and dropping rapidly. Just saying, I live in the USA, and India is not the USA and does not follow its practices of sex before marriage for the majority.

  • Kelsey

    Here in Quebec, the law says that you are only of legal sexual consent after the age of 16. So if a girl is 15 and her boyfriend is 16, it’s rape. That’s the only bad part about it. It doesn’t ban sex, it just prohibits creepy men from sneaking up on unknowing girls. And they aren’t going to throw every couple under the age of 16 that are having sex in to juvy, most of the time it is handed over to the parents.
    It does however, empower the parents. Often times we hear creepy stories about a 20 year old dating a 15 year old. Well, that’s not possible here. The parents can call the police on the 20 year old, and a full-out sexual consent investigation is started. I know girls hate to hear it, but this is useful since a lot of the time parents know best!

  • love

    I don’t believe in sex before marriage because im a christian but obviously tons of people do and i really don’t understand how they are gonna enforce this law because if somone other than one of the people breaking it reported it which they wouldn’t the other people are obviously peeping toms gross