When To Break Up? Ask This App!

when to break up

Need to know when to break up with your guy? There's an app for that. | Source: Shutterstock

If you’re in a less than stellar relationship, you’re probably hashing out with your pals, your diary, or your puppy how to know when to break up. Well, you can stop bugging them now, because there’s an app for that.

No, seriously. There’s an app that tells you when to break up with your boyfriend.

The app, appropriately titled “Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?” is the brainchild of Sarah Gray, who developed it when she was deciding when to break up with a boyfriend who wasn’t making her too happy.

Obviously, it’s always a tough decision to make, and the app makes it easier–but it won’t make up your mind for you, nor will it immediately tell you when to break up with your guy. It works by having you record your feelings and rate how you feel on a daily basis. The app then takes the data that you put in and compares your emotions within your relationship to your attitude and outlook on life in general over time. If your guy is making you miserable and you’re not a miserable person on your own, chances are you know when to break up–but sometimes empirical data and an objective voice are necessary to get you to take the leap into singledom.

The app offers customized advice and tracks and saves your daily entries on your boyfriends, including graphs showing your high and low points, so you won’t have any revisionist history later if you get lonely and tempted to text him. All the evidence and memories of his douchebaggery are right there for you, so you’ll know not only when to break up, but also that you made the right decision once you do.

when to break up

We're guessing her data plan shows that those flowers don't make up for all the low points! | Source: Shutterstock

Of course, you can get similar results by keeping a journal and venting to your BFF, but for those of you who get tired of writing and want to keep your bestie from rolling her eyes when you tell her about the same recurring argument with your BF, it may prove useful.

While a program like this can definitely come in handy, if you’re thinking of breaking up with your boyfriend enough to spring for a $0.99 iPhone app to decide, chances are you’ve already made up your mind deep down. Especially if you’re not asking if you should break up, but rather when to break up!

Would you use an app to help decide when to break up with your boyfriend? How do you know when to break up with a guy? Tell us in the comments!

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