What You’re Really Thinking On Your Family Vacation


She said: Mom, I really think I should just stay home. I mean I’ve got all this AP English summer reading.












She said: The Grand Canyon? Umm…I guess. What about Miami?! We can take in the cultural sights like…the…aquarium. And stuff.












She said: I seriously don’t understand why we have to drive there. I mean why not just go in a covered wagon?












She said: I think I twisted my ankle yesterday at the Museum of Modern Art. Or maybe at the Ancient History Museum or the Native American Museum. But it was definitely hurting by the time we got to the Museum of Math and Science. I should probably stay back at the hotel today.










She said: You guys are going to bed? Ok, I’ll just go down to the lobby and read for a bit. Like, three hours maybe. Um, have you seen my patent wedges and bandage skirt, btw?










She said: Mom seriously—a t-shirt from the planetarium? How lame do you think I am??













She meant: Ok fine I secretly love this shirt. The constellations glow in the dark!!!!














Are you going on a family vacation this summer? Where was your last family vacation? Tell me everything in the comments!

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