Yes, I’m Short – But I Love It

Im short

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I first realized I was short when I was in middle school. In my small Catholic school, our teachers used to line us up by height every day. I was always in the front, tied for first position with my equally tiny friend Damary. Whether we were walking into the cafeteria for lunch, filing into church, or going outside for recess, I was almost always leading the group. The boys would giggle as we took our position and say things like, “Are you guys ever going to grow?” Whatever, they had cooties anyway.

At first, I assumed I would grow to be tall. I thought that by eighth-grade graduation, I would have taken my place in the back of the line with the other long-legged kids in my class. But then, during a weekly visit to my very Italian great-grandma, I realized that she was 4’10, and I started to get worried. Later, I noticed that one of my older cousins, at 5’7, stood towering over the majority of my family. I heard a 19-year-old cousin talking about how she had finally realized she was done growing. She was 5’0. Things started to look bleak.

One day, I came home and complained to my mom about my height. “Will I ever grow?” I wailed to her. “Will I always be in the front of the line of everything?” My mom just smiled and told me the truth: my family is tiny (like a lot of Italian families), and there was no getting around that.

I was devastated at first (my dreams of being a supermodel suddenly seemed ridiculous), but I got over it pretty quickly. For one thing, I enjoyed being called petite. To my younger self, it sounded like “princess” (I have no idea why), and obviously, being a princess was my ultimate goal in life, so there was that. For another thing, I noticed that all of my older cousins who I looked up to were short – and that made it much more cool.

At 14-years-old, I had reached 5’0, and I knew in my heart I was done growing (and I really was). I embraced being short. Not only could I squeeze through crowds better than anyone I knew, but boys were always calling me “cute” and “adorable” and resting their arms on my shoulders. Okay, that last part got seriously annoying after a while, but it was fun when I was younger.

Honestly, I can’t tell you the main reason why I started loving my height – I just accepted that I was always going to be short, and I decided to own my vertically challenged genes instead of resent them. I remember complaining about my height to one of my best friends, who was nearing 6’0. She groaned and said, “Don’t even start. You’re so lucky that you’re tiny. I wish I could shrink to your height.” That day, I realized that the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” was true. Maybe I was jealous of the tall girls, but maybe those tall girls were jealous of me, too. It was silly to me. Why obsess over something you can’t change?

Don’t get me wrong–there are definitely some annoying things about being short. It’s a little bit embarrassing when eight-year-old kids are towering over me. I always have to ask for help when trying to get something on a high shelf, and for some reason, people always find that really amusing. I also have a baby face, so I’m almost always mistaken for being at least five years younger than I actually am (but I’m told I’ll appreciate that one day).

Oh, and I’m never thrilled when new people I meet feel the need to tell me I’m petite. Example: “Wow, you’re so short! How tall are you?” Thanks for the (rude) reminder, guys, but I do own a mirror. I’m fully aware of my height.

But in the end, I would never trade my height with anyone (and if I really want to add a few inches, I know how to rock a pair of heels). Being short is just a part of who I am–and that might sound corny, but I like to think of it as one of my defining features. It makes me stand out. I’d rather embrace it than hate it any day.

Are you short? Or are you tall? Do you wish you were a different height? Tell us about it in the comments.


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  • Alice Linck

    Reading this makes me feel so good. πŸ™‚ I am half-Italian half-German, so part of my family is giant and the other part is small. My mother is kind of the exception (she is about 5’3″-5’4″, not sure, I use metric system). Alright, this is also short according to some, but tall compared to her mother and her cousins. I still think it sucks being shorter than my parentes, but I went to the doctor twice and I’ve discovered it’s not related to my health. I am 5’0″ just like you and I will turn 18 in two days.

  • sp47208 AJ

    >.> This made me feel SO much better about myself .> Not to mention the guys being like taller .____. ANYWAYS though I think this is SO going to help me enbrase my height.. Even though I cant get like any heels or anything.. :literally anything because I live with my dad.. like no tanktops or anything -.- anywaysss: Thanks so much for making this <3

  • Jojo

    I am so short too …i’m 5’2-5’3 and i hate it 😭😭😭

  • yaslyn

    Hi I’m such a tall guy 6 foot. But I really wanna tell about my fiance, I always call her as my “baby”. Yeah!! she is my baby. but the interesting thing is… She is just elder than me. She is so small but bold enough. she may be 4 foot but I really say that she is the perfect meaning of “cute, adorable, petite”. I love her just the way she is.

    Hey Guys!! Please do pray for us.

  • whoareyou

    I have been short for my whole life and my colleagues and friends who are super tall (guy friends) tease me for being small. I am an adult woman and they will (even female friends) will offer to hold bags for me or even try to protect me…. Yes I know! I am super clumsy and slow so I see this as an advantage of being short. I just laugh when people say ‘oh you are so tiny so you have to eat a lot and grow up’ or ‘look at your petite clothes’ or even ‘isn’t that stair too high for you? πŸ™‚ ‘ But I want to slap them when they treat me as if I am their child.

  • Kayla

    I’m about 5’0” – 5’1” and I used to get made fun of a lot because of my height. It bothered me a lot, but then after a few classes I took that following year (Junior) I started to

    ask myself ;

    “Why do you let something so small bother you so much?” Then now in my senior year, I don’t really let it get me down so much because they’re probably jealous that they’re tall and would rather be short – or they just want to be rude just for the fun of it. It could go either way.

    People also think I’m a lot younger than how I appear because of being short. And my overall appearance in general, but whatever. I think it made me feel better about myself, I guess. In a way it made me feel better. As opposed to being tall and people thinking you’re either older than your appearance or just randomly had a growth spurt. Some guys call me “adorable”, and “cute”, and I – in all honesty have no problem in dealing with that. ( 8

  • swetha

    see most of the tall girls feel jealousy on short or petite girls because they are very cute beautiful and charming than them.but shorter girls are more feminine than tall girls and most guys love them the most !! so short girls feel happy pls we r more attractive

  • Madison

    I’m only 4’11” and I HATE it when people ask me my height and are all like “WOW you are sooo short!” I wish I could have just added on a few more inches. I’m 16 and the doctor scanned my growth plates and told me I was done growing. I took growth hormone for a little while to make me grow more. I hate thinking that being short is such a bad thing. I feel like people look down upon it. Although one time I saw my friend that I hadn’t seen since like 2nd grade and she had grown so tall she has to be like 6ft at the least and I remember exclaiming “Wow you are so tall!!” And she was like ya I am and she got kind of mad and shy with me and I realized I had just done to her what so many people did to me and it seemed like she felt the same way I did. So I too realized the whole grass is greener on the other side analogy. If you feel short trust me you aren’t alone the truth is though you are going to be that height forever and being insecure about in my opinion is a bit vain and doesn’t benefit anyone. I will admit I struggle with it a lot. The most attractive physical feature about someone is confidence. The only reason you aren’t happy with your height is if you’re listening to the opinions of others. Be happy with who you are!!!! Honestly being short is good because you weed out all the idiotic conceited people who care way to much about pointless physical features. Okay I am done.

  • Jenna

    One sucky thing about short people is how huge the leg/foot ratio looks. Many short girls have average foot sizes, so it looks like Shaq’s feet on 2 child legs. -__-

  • Kayla

    I agree with you sooo much. I am 5 ft and 14 and I don’t th ink I’m going to grow anymore also. I love being short I have some friends that laugh at me because I’m short. I think most of then are jealous really. Plus I know being short will be an advantage because guys will think that I am really adorable. πŸ™‚

  • Richardson Texas Girl

    I’m Five Foot Ten, and I AM a Chick, but my NUT CASE cyber stalker, who said THEY USED to be some old FRIEND, who NEW (knew) ME, In Seattle, Washington, years ago said: If You’re A Chick, And You’re Five Foot Ten, Than You’re NOT A Chick, But A MAN! Chicks CANNOT Be TALLER Than Five Foot Four, Therefor, I Am A MAN, Because I Am Five Foot Ten, And NOT Five Foot Four?? What Kind Of CRAP Is THAT?? That Is Like Saying: If A MAN, Isn’t TALL, Like Five Foot Ten, or whatever, And HE Is Only Five Foot Four, or Whatever, Than HE Must Be A Chick, Because No Man, Is Five Foot Four, or whatever, and MEN MUST be TALLER THAN Five Foot Four, or whatever, like about Five Foot Ten, or whatever, because if A MAN is only Five Foot Four, whatever, and NOT Five Foot Ten, whatever, than HE is a Chick, and MUST be GAY, or a PUSSY! (a pussy, or a gay??) THAT is BASICALLY, WHAT my NUT CASE cyber stalker, is saying! it’s a NO WIN! either way, my NUT CASE cyber stalker, HAS YOU! Chicks Come in ALL heights, in THIS life, anyways, I think! what a SAD LOSER!!!!

  • rv

    I like it very much.
    I am going to marry a girl with the same height 5Feet and i am 5’10”. Hope we both rock.


  • Ruth

    I’m 5ft and 16 years old. At first, I didn’t really care about my height. Everyone was calling me cute, but then I had a crush on this tall guy who is 6ft. That’s when I thought I needed to grow.

    • Jay-Jay

      Yes, tall guys are so cute and intimidating! Its like i want them to notice but they only do when they bump into me and have to look down and apologize . It makes me so embarrassed because i have been looking up at him the whole time T.T that is when i wish i could grow! But then again, when they look down and give you a cute smile that says “My your so small, but your cute!” its so worth it!

  • Lyrica

    I’m 24 and is only 4’9
    I am very very short πŸ™‚ at first i loved it especially whenever people learned about my age and they always have this surprised look and say “wow you look so young!”

    But then i had a crush with this very tall guy. He is 6ft and that’s when i started hating my height πŸ™

    • Nicole

      i am 4’11, 21 years old, & still have trouble accepting my height.
      i’ve been with my boyfriend for two years already and he is 6’4.
      show him what you’ve got, gurl. πŸ˜‰

    • Kate

      I’m 16 and 4’9 too! And I look 8 πŸ™‚ it is really intimidating to talk to guys and I have no confidence bc I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to date someone that short.. But hey you never know!
      Also it sucks being viewed as half ure age in public bc I feel people judge way to hard- I wanna look 16!!