Another Nude Photo Scandal: Do We Even Care?

In yet another celeb nude photo leak, the Internet has been graced with images of MTV’s Jersey Shore starlet Snooki naked. What a treat!

The pint-sized paesana’s rep confirmed that the nude photo leaks are indeed poor little Snooki naked, but the world isn’t even making a huge deal out of it. Why? Well, because in this particular case, it isn’t one.

The thing is, celebs have nude photo “scandals” so often that they’re hardly even scandalous anymore, especially when it’s a reality show personality whose own star is fading. Let’s be real, unless Justin Bieber (and, uh, Jerry), One Direction, Selena Gomez, or either half of Brangelina were to leak a nude photo now, people will barely blink. Compared with A-list names, a picture of Snooki naked won’t generate much buzz. While it’s good to save her from embarrassment, it’s almost bittersweet for the Seaside-loving munchkin, since a nude photo scandal for anyone else would garner a lot of publicity–and she has a new show with J-Woww premiering soon.

Another potential reason why Snooki’s nude photo “scandal” isn’t making too many waves? Girlfriend’s already so overexposed that nobody really cares. Considering she made her name and money by pretty consistently being drunk and acting foolish in public, a picture of Snooki naked isn’t that surprising. And while we’re happy she’s eased off of tequila and tanning since becoming a mom-to-be, it’s safe to say that with so much online porn around, no one is itching for a nude photo of the self-proclaimed guidette.

The only really shocking thing about a nude photo of Snooki? Aside from, well, Snooki naked, we catch a glimpse of her neon green nail polish. And we kind of love it. So, Snooki Snickers? Next time instead of a nude photo, just take pics of your manicure. It’ll be a lot less embarrassing for your future bambino later.

Do you think Snooki’s nude photo scandal is shocking? Do you think someone purposely leaked nude photos of Snooki to generate buzz for her show? Do you know anyone who’d love to see Snooki naked? Is this all The Situation’s fault? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mikah

    She stars on a reality show. Whoever thinks that’s how she acts out of view is ignorant.

  • Barbie.LuvzU

    I dont think she is stupid i mean like Snooki justs like to live her life young..She is becoming older and all but you do yolo… so idk..i would never do it but thats wat society has become~

  • Casie

    she is just stupid!!!!