I Got My First Period At Camp

After incessant begging on my part, the camp bent a big rule for me and let me call home. In my menses-induced state, I forgot that my mom was traveling in Europe with my sister. So it was my dad who answered that call and heard my sobbing. After he realized I hadn’t been kicked in the head by a horse and that I had just gotten my period, he was at the same loss of words as I was. There was definitely a lot of static on that phone call.

Let me tell you, the only thing worse than getting your period at camp is having to tell you dad about it over the phone with the male camp director listening in the same room.

For a few days, I waddled around camp in my counselor’s mattress sized pads until finally my vagina stopped bleeding. When the weekend arrived, a counselor pulled me aside and said I had a visitor—another camp no-no. She led me to the parking lot where my dad sat in his car. He had driven over three hours to deliver his daughter two things: a beautiful letter about growing up (no period mentions, thank god) and a McDonald’s extra value meal—another camp no-no.

To this day, I can still remember sitting in my dad’s car and sipping a chocolate milkshake. We didn’t say much to each other, but it was better that way. My first period was a total bitch, but it did show me how much my dad loved me even if had no idea what to say to a recently mensing daughter. And it also taught that if you don’t know what to say to someone, buying a chocolate milkshake works too.

Gwendolyn is the author of the new novel A Long Way From You.

Have you gotten your first period yet? Where were you when it happened? If you’re still waiting, do you carry pads with you just in case? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • cathy

    well… when i had got it dad and i were alone in the house and mom had gone to a meeting. so i jus knew dat it had jus happened to me and i was shocked…i called mom and she told it to dad! then dad got me some supplies and we went to a nice car drive. we reached a lonely park and there ….i still remember how i was sitting on the bonnet of dad’s new car and both of us were looking at the sky. he did not say anything but his silence comforted me…