How To Feel Comfortable Naked (Or Almost Naked!) In Front Of Your Crush

In real life people (including guys) prefer real beauty, not airbrushed lies. Yay for real, unique, everyday beauty. Real life has pimples. Real life has bloating. Real life has bad hair days. The cool thing is — it’s just not you! It’s ALL of us; the gorgeous majority of real life beauties.

Your body is a freaking miracle of nature! When you’re sweaty in private or at the beach, makeup washes away and hairstyles go awry. All that’s left then is you glorious you. Anyone who is around when that happens is super privileged and lucky.

3. Make sure you feel comfortable with him with your clothes on.
So you really like this person with a capital “L.” You may even use the other L word, love, to describe your ooey gooey feelings. Add a third L-word, lust, to this trifecta and you feel like it’s time to get naked. So how do you feel comfortable around him or her with your clothes off? FIRST, make sure that you first feel comfortable around this person with your clothes on!

We all turn into a bundle of nerves when we have a crush. It’s natural. Your heart is thump-thumping, your mouth goes dry and you forget where to put your fidgeting hands. We wonder, does he really like me? No one wants to feel or look stupid.

If you’re thinking of spending “nekkid” moments with someone, take the time to get to know them. The more comfortable you feel rocking out with them on a day-to-day basis, the more comfy you’ll feel overall.

Remember, guys get nervous too. They may act like they have swag but they don’t have anything more figured out than we do. Dude is probably too insecure about all of the things that he thinks are wrong with him to judge you. Release the fear of judgement. Know that anyone who would criticize your beautiful self is not someone who deserves to be in your big, fat shiny life anyway.

Would you feel comfortable naked (or almost naked) in front of your crush this summer? Do you ever feel self-conscious in a swim suit? Tell us everything in the comments!

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  • Kate

    I love this guy and he asked me for nude pics but since i dont want my body in cyberspace i am willing to invite him over to show! Help???

    • Larry

      For just a private showing,I say go for it.Just be sure that his hands are empty(no cell phone,camera).I would do it at your house where you know that you will not be taped by a hidden movie camera.Invite him over for dinner and then serve him in just an apron for starters,then it’s all up to you.good luck sweetie.

  • No one

    Well let’s say I love my body or my figure but I have birth marks in my belly and I HATE them, they’re the only reason I don’t use a bikini, can anyone help me with that? I would use makeup but when i’d go in to the water it would come of and it would be uncomftorble again, Any Help? please, i’m kind of desperate, I’m not american and here where I live if you don’t have the best body in the world you shouldn’t use a bikini… ADVICE?

    • Kate

      You have to look past it! If your only bad feature is that then you need to suck it up! You are so perfect!

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  • Anonymous

    The only thing i don’t like about this post is that there are some women(like myself) Who people say all the time look just as pretty with makeup off as they do with it on. But i still choose to wear makeup because it make’s ME feel confident!! You shouldn’t wear makeup all the time with someone you love BUT guy’s do like it and for alot of us we do too.
    1) Sure guys like girl’s who don’t wear makeup all the time but they generally go for the girls who wear makeup 75-80% of the time.
    2) I know personally when i’m wearing makeup and i go out somewhere if somone’s staring at me i think “Wow. They must think i’m really pretty” but when i don’t have makeup on i feel as though they are thinking “Look at that ugly girl, she can’t take 10 minutes out of her day to put on some damn makeup”.

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  • Kate

    Hey yaa i hate summer i mean yaa its good no school but bikini time. My parents want me to where a 1 peice or a low 2 peice but i don’t!Yaa i know i’m a little over weight and my stretch marks ome out but i just want 2 be a normal teen! Everyone else get’s 2 wear them! And i hate my shaving bumps and shaving in the summer!

  • Allison

    I appriciate the advice that’s given here, however the skinny, beautiful girls in these pictures are quite misleading. In the writing it’s said that gurls should always be confident with thier bodies when they’re less covered up despite our “imperfections”. Then in the pictures’ captions it says, “No reason to be shy, girl!” and “Confidence is KEY!” The gurls in these pictures don’t show any of the “imperfections” that you suggest would make a gurl less confident with her body, so these gurls don’t really have any reason to not be confident. I wish the pictures here better represented different types of gurls with all sorts of different bodies.

    • Nobody

      They have beautiful girls in those pictures for multiple reasons.
      >Do you really want to see pictures of less attractive people?
      >To prove they feel insecure about themselves just like you do.
      >When you DO feel confident you feel as though you look just like they do.