Why Did Tinkerbell Get Thrown Out Of Disney World?


This picture ruined OUR dreams. | Source: YouTube

Ariel Spielman, a 15-year-old girl, was super excited about her boyfriend’s first visit to Disney World. So excited that she went a little bit overboard and made elaborate Tinkerbell and Peter Pan outfits for them to wear when they went to the park. (We HIGHLY doubt that this was her guy’s idea.) Mickey hats and character T-shirts simply wouldn’t be special enough for her–she wanted to BE the characters, and now she’s crying on the news that Disney World “ruined her dreams” by not letting her into the park dressed as Tinkerbell. No joke.

If this doesn’t irritate you yet, it gets better: Disney gave her and her boyfriend free clothes to change into once they took off their Peter Pan and Tinkerbell outfits, so it’s not like she spent money on tickets and then wasn’t allowed to ride Space Mountain.

The biggest lesson in this whole situation, though, is that although it might be tempting to make your boyfriend dress up like a show pony (or Peter Pan) for your own amusement, it is never ever a good idea (not even in Neverland!). In the video below, you’ll see plenty of pictures of the couple dressed up in their full regalia. Note that her bf does NOT look psyched. Also? Disney officials insisted that he remove his costume as well, yet, um, somehow Ariel is the only one crying to reporters. I mean, of course he was thrilled to get out of that ridiculous looking outfit! Most dudes I know actually aren’t excited to wear tights and weird tunics all day! He just couldn’t tell her, because, well, he was probably scared that she’d go psycho on him! Check it out:

Disney’s policy is actually listed on its website. The park doesn’t allow “adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character.”


Right. He LOVES being dressed as a med student from Neverland. | Source: YouTube

There’s a reason this rule exists. If someone dressed as a Disney character went to the park, it would confuse little kids (there’s how many Aladdins?!) and be potentially dangerous. Hello? Pedophile city! What better way to lure children to you than by dressing like someone they’d want a photo with? In addition to that danger, there are also smaller, less sinister ones: If someone dressed like a Disney character within the park acted simply inappropriately (cursing, etc.), it would also baffle little kids and act as a poor representation of the corporation behind it. To quote Ariel, it would “ruin their dreams.” Plus, um, there would be a lot of unhappy boyfriends walking around the park dressed as Prince Charming. Can you IMAGINE?!

We have to give Ariel a little credit, though. While her costume was both totally outlandish and against policy, she did convey Tinkerbell’s somewhat bratty, selfish spirit–because she, like the legendary pixie and companion Peter Pan, clearly has no desire to grow the hell up–and she clearly isn’t thinking about what anybody else needs or wants. “They ruined my dreams,” she sobbed. “I just didn’t want to take off the costume.”

Oy. Do you feel bad for Ariel? Do you love Tinkerbell? Would you ever want to do something similar? Do you think her boyfriend actually wanted to dress up as Peter Pan? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • AdriHD

    I think this is horribly sad. Walt Disneys mot tot was “fun”, yes it was, look it up. And this is where Disney Word etc.. stemmed from.

    To not let her come in they had to have some really callus guards at the gate.. I hope they get fired.

    Good on you girl for making an effort, shame on you blogger for pulling out the paedofile label (I wonder where your mind is at)..

  • Joesmoe

    1st off, she’s only 15, which is about a freshman in hs! Still young and impressionable. If she has somehow kept her innocence in this fast paced and all-too-synical world, then good for her! This Jessica Sager (author of the article) sounds like a B*tch and I don’t understand why any girl would bash another person of the same gender. Granted, while it is reasonable for Disney World to keep her out for the safety reason, the premise that Ariel irritates us or that she is to blame for her boyfriend choosing to be selfless is just asinine!

  • Anaiya

    The people at disney world had perfect reasoning for wanting Ariel and her boyfriend to change their costumes. She was completely overreacting! Did it occur to anyone else that she should have dressed as the Little Mermais and prince Eric(being Ariel and all)?

  • rose117

    Aww, you should let her join and be nicer to her.

  • rose117

    get over it, grow up, and I listen to Ariel