The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened To Me

bathroom stall

We had, by this time, missed our train, so we decided to have a soda at a cafe. About a half-hour later, the policeman returned. He had another policeman with him and together they were holding the arms of a middle height man with salt and pepper hairand a scruffy face.

Is this the man?” the first policeman asked. “Miss, I don’t know what’s happening,” the guy said in Spanish. “Is everything okay?” It was absolutely him. I looked into his bloodshot eyes and smelled his breath. “Yes, that’s him!” I said.

Immediately he began cursing and shouting at me in Spanish. The Policemen wrestled him back toward the station and asked me to follow them. In the office the policemen cuffed the creep.

Do you want to press charges?” the policeman asked me. He explained that if I did, I’d have to hire a lawyer and return six to eight weeks later for a trial. Well, my trip was almost over. I would be back in New York by then. “No,” I told the policeman. “I won’t be able to return for a court date. I won’t press charges.”

The creep gave a little smile. The Policeman said he understood.

Then something happened that made me very happy we were in Spain, where they had, at the time at least, perhaps a more liberal application of the law then we did in the States.The policeman stood up, crossed to the creep and backhanded him across the face. Then he grabbed him by the arm, marched him to the door, paused to remove the handcuffs and proceeded to throw him through the door and out onto the marble floor of the station.

It was a completely freaky and scary incident, but I got through okay. Sometimes, that’s the best we can do. Looking back, I wish I’d known karate and could have really kicked that guy’s butt.

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What would you have done if you’d been in my shoes? What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you? Tell me in the comments.

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  • lily

    I’m a freshman now.. but in 5h grade my school closed that had all my friends in it.. my new school had one friend that I knew.. the cool thing was boys- I wanted to be cool. You know? to fit in…
    My boyfriend was a wrestler and played football. After school I was walking home when he threw me against a wall beat me before raping me.
    I blamed myself. Thiswas the first time I told someone this year.. he still is in all my classes.. its just really hard.. :/

    • tori

      you should take karate classes and then after a while you should sneak up on him and KICK HIS ASS!!!

  • Ocean

    I have had a scary moment like you as well, thought there wasn’t anything that physical. I was at a buss-station waiting for a bus to take me home. I was sitting alone on the bench and listened to music. There was this guy who sat next to me, he came closer (thought there was plenty of room in that bench.) At first I was a little suspicious, but when he came closer to me, I was just about to switch a song from my phone when I saw he’s p***s. At first I thought it was like a cane between he’s legs, but when I realized what it was, I got out of the station as fast as I could and decided to wait outside in front of the glass door.
    It was a mistake because that guy came there behind me and started to touch himself. So, I went to stand in front of a glass window next to that door. There was a café behind me and he didn’t follow me there. I was shocked and phoned my BF, he calmed me down, and told me to phone the emergency center. I actually never didn’t. After I got on to bus I saw a police car passing the station, but didn’t see more, because my buss turned the other way. But I remembered, when I went outside, that nobody either didn’t see the situation or ignored it. I still wonder, why he picked me, I looked like a boy in my short haircut and I didn’t have revealing clothes on. But my family told me that public exposers ignores all that kind of things. They just enjoy scaring other people.
    I was relieved when I got home, and told everyone what happened. They believed me and started to joke about it. I felt terrible, and it wasn’t funny. I was terrified that station after this, but I never saw him again, thank god.
    Nowdays I’m really cautious where I walk and I’m wiser. If I feel that I’m in trouble I will call the 911.
    Sorry for the long story 😀 You know, this website is really cool, keep up the god work ^^

  • Taylor

    I’m honestly happy that what happened to you happened under such convenient circumstances:) I was raped by 4 of my childhood friends. At the same time. They’re brothers. I was about 7 or 8 years old. I lie to most people that I talk to about it and say that I just kinda laid there and let it happen because I didn’t know what was going on. Honestly, I was terrified and it happened more than once because I was too naive and afraid to say anything. Anyway, I don’t see any of the boys anymore and I’ve never done anything about the rape(s). I hope you never have to experience anything like that again.

  • Brook

    hell i would have punched him slaped him kicked him in the balls and screamed but im glad ur ok

  • MeMakeYouSmile

    If that happened to me my natural reflex would be to kick him in the balls immediately hehe 😛 But really I’m so sorry that happened to you! 🙁 I’m glad you’re okay though 🙂

  • Madii219

    I feel so friggin bad for you. he should have gotten arrested but at least he got beaten up. Oh shoot i am going to Spain in 4 days i hope that guy will not be there. wish me luck!

  • MyNameIsSpoon

    If I saw him get slapped, I would’ve stood up adn cheered…Yea, im weird liek that 😛
    But seriously,
    I would do that >_0

  • anonymous

    When my friend was 9, she was at a drag racing competition and she had to go the bathroom. When she got into a stall someone walked in, put his hand over her mouth and raped her. She didn’t talk for about 2 months after that because she was so scared and she didn’t know if anyone would believe her.

  • Kaitlyn

    I would’ve blown the whistle I take whenever I’m going somewhere alone, night or day, indoors or out. Sometimes people say I’m paranoid, but I say it’s much better to be too cautious than not cautious enough!

  • rose117

    how stupid!

  • Emma

    If I was in your shoes I would’ve beat his butt up, but you did what was right!! 😀 I was raped multiple times by my babysitter and I saw my friends going through the same treatment. I haven’t told anybody yet because I feel dirty. what should I do?

    • Lauren

      Sweetie you need to tell somebody. You are not dirty and you did not do a bad thing. Your babysitter is a pblm and pblms need to be fix. But.just build up your courage and tell an adult you trust the most.

    • Saddi

      tell the police skip your parent go straight to the police.

    • Lostgirlfindingherself

      Go tell someone, please, you are not dirty, your babysitter is a total creppo. You should never be treated lie that ever, their is no reason to feel shame for what your babysitter did to you tel your parents and call the cops.

      • Madii219

        Do not let your babysitter get away with this. TELL AN ADULT AND THEN CALL THE COPS. GET THAT DIRT BAG ARRESTED. YOU ARE NOT DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elise

    I’m surprised he didn’t go to jail or anything even if no charges were pressed… He still did a bad thing, and since he was freed, he could’ve done it again. I probably would’ve been too shocked to react right away, but I probably would’ve kicked him where it hurt. He deserved it!

  • swimmy

    its a good thing that the police were their! im so happy you made it through 🙂

  • Emerald

    Damn! That’s a scary moment. But, i would have smiled seeing him get slapped.

  • Jessica

    At least that guy got beat up in the end, but I am still so sorry you had to go through that.