Overly Attached Girlfriend Meet Overly Attached Cat

If you haven’t seen this girl’s Justin Bieber fan video, you must. It is totally insane! (Unless you’re as obsessed with the Biebz as she is.) This girl’s half-stalkery love song to Bieber has become an internet sensation, so much so she is the hottest new meme.

I’ve never had anyone swoon (or creep on?) me the way this girl has for J.B., but I have had some pretty jealous, clingy kitty cats in my day.

Here’s our Overly Attached Cat Meme.









Have you ever had a crazy cat? Let us know in the comments!

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  • ravenamy

    this is so funny i like the song too!!

  • Azazal

    Wow I didn’t realise she turned into a meme, but I like it 😀

  • Jessa

    I just want to make the point that the video is clearly a parody of both the song and jb fans in general. She’s brilliantly hilarious.

    • Azazal

      She is indeed, I laughed my balls off. No kids for me :'(