I Can’t Believe He Said That

I get set up on a dates a lot. Normally, our first intros are over e-mail because that’s the easiest for everyone. Opening e-mails can be awkward, for sure, so I typically give dudes a lot of leeway with their first messages. But, this one I got yesterday totally turned me off. Here’s how it went:

Hi! Got your e-mail from our friend Rachel. She really sold you hard. It kinda felt like she’s your pimp or something. Which I guess makes you a crackwhore! Ha ha! Would you be free for a hang out next week?

Am I overreacting or is calling me a crackwhore in our first electronic introduction a total no go? I haven’t written back yet.

What should I do? Go out with him or not? Let me know if the comments.

Want a laugh? Check out this dude’s dud of an opening line.

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  • shiala

    Okay, I’m in the minority, but I laughed. Not so much at the joke itself, but at the guy’s awkwardness. He just seems like one of those guys that just cannot interact when he’s nervous, particularly when romance is involved. So when he tries, it ends up in flames.
    And it sounds like Rachel really tried to force you two together. If she feels like she has to really up-sell either of you, then she’s not very good at playing matchmaker to begin with. A good matchmaker can look at each individual, see the many traits, and match accordingly… rather than focusing on the single fact that you’re both single.
    (Seriously. There’s nothing worse than “that friend” who’s all, “Oh, you two totally NEED to get together. You’ll be cute and happy together, because you both clearly have no personality traits or quirks to consider. What matters is that neither of you are single. Otherwise, you’re going to disrupt and ruin the global order of things, and I JUST CAN’T HAVE THAT.”)

  • Lola

    Honey, what a DOUCHE… just saying. Regardless of if he was joking or not, his sense of humor when trying to impress a girl is obviously immature and obnoxious. You don’t have to go for a prim, perfect gentleman, but at least date someone with a higher standard than that!

  • Thatgurlkalei

    He sounds like a complete tool!! I wouldnt respond becuase he already dosnt respect you as a woman becuase hes already insulting you!! I wouldnt!!

  • Jessica

    Personally I find what he said sort of offensive. I’m not sure if it was a joke or not, but, this is the first time he contacted you and it’s not a great first impression. But then again if you honestly think he was just kidding around and you’re comfortable and ok with what he said, i guess you should go for it.

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  • LittleLilly.

    This kind of sounds like a joke to me…

  • JustMe

    He sounds a right idiot!:L Although he could’ve been joking…

  • faz

    i really wouldn’t go out with him. he’d probably make weird jokes like that all night :/

  • Siany

    Weird, but maybe he was just nervous and was joking, I don’t think it’s a HUGE deal.

  • anon

    Sounds like he has little respect for women…
    I don’t know, I know people often joke around like that, but I feel like that’s not something you say when you’re trying to make a good first impression.
    I definitely wouldn’t meet up with him.

  • Rain

    Um no. He’s a little to comfortable writing that to someone he doesnt even know and wants to potentially go out with and imagine what he would say once he really gets comfortable..O.o I know, scary thought right. I know not everyone has the same sence of humor, but you’re clearly not digging his, so I say pass. Good luck girl

    • Thatgurlkalei

      So true!!

  • Bea

    Ick… trust me, there are PLENTY of other non-creeper-make-you-feel-uncomfortable- guys out there. Forget him, girl :/

  • Victoria

    He could either be a guy who likes to tell jokes and was trying to be funny (guys can have an odd sense of humor) or he is not that great a guy. You can’t really tell just with this. I say go out with him and see, have an open mind, but be prepared to leave if he is inappropriate.

  • anonymous

    What a creeeeeep!!!!!! forget him!

  • Laura

    Hellno! I would totally wait for someone else. Maybe even someone that your friend didn’t pick out for you would be nice. Sounds like if she thought he would be a good match for you she doesn’t have very good taste in men, but it’s awesome that she tries to help!

  • Allison

    She’s totally overreacting. He’s obviously just trying to make a joke and he’s probably nervous. If you don’t feel compfortable with that type of joke then maybe you shouldn’t date him. I definately don’t think he was trying to be too rude though.