All The Painful Facts About Sunburns

OUCH! If you’ve ever had a sunburn, then you know what I’m dealing with right this very minute. I went out in the sun for what I thought would be 15 minutes, but then an hour later, I found myself baking under the mid-day sun. I. Hate. Sunburns.

And since my shoulders are currently lobster red, I thought this might be the perfect time to talk about sunburns.

Here are just a few facts I think everybody (even you tan girls!) should know about sunburns before heading outside this summer:

* Wear sunblock, even if you tan. The more unprotected sun exposure and sunburns you get when you’re young, the more deep wrinkles you’ll have when you’re old!

* SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and the number before SPF tells you how well that sunblock can protect you from damaging sun rays and the sunburns they give you. The higher the number, the better off you’ll be!

* You don’t have to be out in the sun for long to get a sunburn. Some people burn in just a few minutes!

* If you’ve got a sunburn, put aloe vera gel on it to help speed healing, and see your dermatologist if you can.

* Under no circumstances should you put butter or a heavy cream on sunburns. It will actually make your sunburn worse. NOT what you want.

* Peeling is good for you if you’ve had a sunburn. It’s your body’s way of getting rid of damaged (and potentially cancerous!) cells on your skin. It might look nasty, but it’s better than that skin staying on your body and turning into full-blown skin cancer.

* Every sunburn you get ups your chance of getting skin cancer later in life. It’s no joke, ladies. You can look cute on the beach even in a big floppy beach hat, spray on some SPF 80!

Summer should be about fun–not sunburns. Take care and have an awesome time!

Have you ever had a bad sunburn? Do you get a lot of sunburns? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • mon cheri

    Did you know that aloe vera gel works for zits also.

  • nomuun

    i had sunburn seriously, when i am in barcelona beach about 1 months ago. on that time, my skin was red and hurtful if i touch. after my whole skin is peeling. Actually it was my first time to be in beach. now i know, thank you very much

  • mrs meow meow

    i burn easily, and what helps with especially bad sunburns is to get a light body lotion and stick it in the fridge during spring, summer,and early fall. Its extremelly handy for sunburns cause it’s cooling and adds moisture to your skin, which is good for healing sunburned skin. Also drink lots of cool water and find shade if you feel like your being fryed