What You’re Really Thinking Hanging Out By The Pool


She said: Where should we sit you guys? We want to get the best lounges.












She said: Ooo I’m kinda cold all of a sudden, I think I’ll just curl up under my towel for a bit.













She said: Oh hey Todd–totally didn’t see you there…right in front of me. I was just stretching, ya know. Doing a little lounge chair yoga, ha ha!












She said: Eee! Ha ha oh Chloe you’re so funny! Soooooo funnnnnyyyyy.













She said: God DAMMIT Chloe! Now my Us Weekly is all wet! And I’m going to look like a f*king poodle all day!












She said: I’m super into retro one-pieces this summer!












She meant: Uggggh why why did I eat that entire tube of cookie dough last night instead of going to Pilates with Megan. OK, from here on out, it’s all about healthy stuff. I’m just going to give up—ooo! Is that the ice cream man!?









Have you been to the pool yet this summer? What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you at the pool? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Mr. Sweet and Chedderlo1

    Mr. S: Do you do that?
    Ch1: Ummm…. NO!!!!!
    Mr.S: Ya, course whatever *Rolls eyes*
    Ch1: I specially don’t look at boys that come to the table near the snack bar to talk. 🙂
    Mr. S: WHAT!!!!!!!
    Ch1: Nuhin’
    Mr. S O_o
    Ch1: You OK?
    Mr. s Do I look OK!?!
    Ch1: Who knows!!!!

  • reverie0711

    I don’t want to be a downer, and I get that this is all in good fun, but I was actually pretty offended by the phrase “bulimia brigade” used in this article. As someone whose had an ED for several years and has been struggling to recover, I don’t really appreciate something like bulimia being treated like a joke. First of all, just because a girl is really thin it doesn’t mean she has an ED–and if she does, she shouldn’t be mocked. Secondly, why poke fun at girls who feel self-conscious around girls who they feel are more attractive than them? One of the reasons I come to this site so often is because I feel like it’s a place where I can feel good about myself and get encouragement from people, no matter what my size is. Instead of encouraging or joking about these kinds of problems, shouldn’t you be using these types of articles to make girls of all shapes and sizes feel more confident?

    • eliza

      Well, the fact is that is what girls think about each other all the time. We are silently judging each other and when bigger girls see girls that are stick-thin they get jealous and want to make themselves feel better by saying things like bulimia-brigade and such. The website is 100% correct because it’s not like they’re SAYING that all girls that are skinny are bulimic, they just say what they know we think. It’s the same thing for skinny girls seeing bigger girls, they think were obese and unhealthy or have a problem with our health as well. So chill, no one is judging you and maybe now you have more insight, Besides, it’s just an article.

    • AlliKratt

      I TOTALLY agree! don’t they diss constantly on those who make fun of EDs?!! And here they are with a joke….seriously, gurl…

  • jada

    i would never say to whole “Upon seeing your crush” thing. it sounds so taboo & weird. why would anyone say that? 😀

  • Anna

    She said: Your new orange bikini is suuuuper cute, girl!
    She meant: Girl, someone lied to you. But yeah, I’m not gonna tell you until you apologize for not alerting me to the start of my period while I was wearing that white skirt last year.