From The Message Boards: Do You Use A Condom For Oral Sex?

Condoms and Oral Sex

If he doesn’t want you to use it, too bad! | Source: ShutterStock

We know you girls are smart enough to know that you should always use a condom when having intercourse… but did you know that you should also use one when having oral sex? Don’t feel silly if you didn’t realize that – a lot of people don’t! Even though you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, you can still get STI’s and STD’s.

But here’s the question: do you use a condom for oral sex? Or would you use one? We saw this topic being discussed in the message boards and knew we had to get some more opinions. So read what these girls had to say about it and then let us know: would you use a condom for oral sex?

lustforlife said:
Do many people actually use condoms when giving oral sex? Isn’t it quite dangerous to not use one as you can risk getting herpes and other STIs? Do the guys get pleasure from a BJ with a condom? Do people not use the ones that are made for oral sex like the flavored ones?

LotusFlower182 said:
I don’t give oral sex without condoms. Plain and simple. I have had a few guys say ‘no’ to the condom because they say they can’t feel anything. I’m not willing to have sex without condoms and I’m not willing to give oral without them either. It goes both ways.

girl with condom

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beccsx0x said:
I don’t use condoms for oral sex, but that’s because my partner has been tested for STI’s and I know I won’t get anything from him. I wouldn’t give someone a blowjob without a condom unless they’ve been tested, and are clean. That being said, the taste/smell of condoms makes me gag, so I just wouldn’t give oral sex until they’ve been tested.

Here’s the thing: using a condom when giving oral sex is the safest way to give oral sex, plain and simple. I love what LotusFlower182 had to say about the subject: if you won’t have intercourse without a condom, then why would you have oral sex without a condom? You’re still able to get diseases you definitely don’t want from oral sex, so if you’re about to do it with a dude you don’t know very well, use a condom for your safety.

That being said, it’s understandable if you hate the taste of condoms. So, if you really don’t want to use one, do what beccsx0x does and don’t give oral sex unless your partner has been tested. That way, you both get what you want, and you’re both safe. It’s a win-win!

Do you use condoms during oral sex? Have you ever done it without a condom? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Shiraz Durrani

    a whore from ukrine ,gave me best service in blowjob condom.very nice and soothing in kl.

  • Buzzlightyear

    Um I have a question … I know now that your meant to use a condom when giving a bj but what about girls ? If a guy has to wear one wha And t about the girls ??

  • Buzzlightyear

    Um I have a question … I know now that your meant to use a condom when giving a bj but what about girls ? If a guy has to wear one wha And t about the girls ??

  • Lola

    Even if your partner got tested from std he could still have HPV human papiloma virus
    there is no test that can tell and if you get infected you could get cancer . Most of the times there are no symptoms so you don’t know. So girls don’t trusts the stds tests so much. And if someone has HIV it could take years for it to appear positive in an std test.

    • Khalil

      You can also get syphilis and herpes from kissing. But I doubt anyone uses a barrier for that since the risk is so very low. Std from a blowjob is pretty low as well, unless deep-throating and swallowing is involved.

  • SexySam11

    I’ve done oral sex to my man before and I didn’t use a condom, I believe that’s just plain weird I like the feel of just his raw meat there lol sorry for putting it that way. Also I don’t think he would want to put on a condom while I’m gonna do that, he hardly wants to use it during intercourse so why oral? I’ve read all that was said it’s interesting and the safest way I just think it’s weird

  • Badr

    where the hell is sex ed in these darn schools!the moinrng after pill is exactly that, the moinrng after. after 5 days your best method is prayer i guess!the overall best method is abstinence and if you cannot abstain condoms and birth control used together.

  • jenna

    i have never once used a condom when sucking a guy off ? like what if that shit breakes in your mouth? i dont wannan die from a condome breaking!

    • Nobody

      jenna, if your guy is tested and he is clean you will never have to worry about it, and if you start choking on the condom you could always try sticking a finger down your throat and throwing it up. Problem solved 🙂

      • Queens


  • Dayle Elaine

    @14 year old girl,that’s pretty gross,I highly doubt thats happening,and the fact that you say it is and are acting like that is just sick/not classy. Id hate to find out what your like when your old enough to be doing that kind of thing.

  • Polly

    What do u do if u don’t want to swallow cause the thought makes me sick…help!

    • grace

      when he cums keep it in your mouth and go for a french kiss then spit it in his mouth and see how he likes it >:D

      • melody

        thats halarious grace

      • Robert

        Hahahah u crazy chick,nyc one gal

  • GrannyAT

    My ex always asked for me to give him a blowjob but I felt uneasy about it. But I didn’t know I could use a condom.

  • Katerina

    i gave oral sex with a banana flavored condom but i didnt want teh condom my boyfriend did

  • Tori.gurl

    i just wanna say iv never used a condom durin oral and i;m sorry but i don’t plan to sound like we wont feel nun and the smell sucks monkey and hey it feels pretty dang good my guy LOVES when i swallow 😉 i think all guys do and dang it just feels SO FREAKING good!

  • SmilingSince96

    wrongly enough, I’ve never even thought of using a condom when giving oral sex. I’ve only done it a couple of times but it’s never even crossed my mind |:

  • 14 year old girl

    I am a 14 year old girl and my boy friend is right next to me right now and im going to suck his cock dry! ooooooo he just put it in my vag he’s cummiing!!!!!

    • olivia

      Why did you feel the need to tell us this?

  • begreeboymn


  • HeyyAfrica

    Me and my boyfriend almost never use condoms. I know he’s clean so I don’t have to worry about catching anything. And he likes when I swallow.