Your Complete Guide To Sweating Like A Lady

sweat like a lady

Keep your cool--or at least look like it! | Source: Shutterstock

Summer’s here, and you know what that means–so is sweat!

Despite feeling like you’re burning up, it can be hard to look hot when you’re leaving puddles of perspiration behind everywhere you go. You’re sticky, shiny, and probably worried about being stinky, too.

No worries! We have tips on how to stay comfy, cute, and as cool as possible despite the summer heat. Learn how to sweat like a lady!

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  • Gisele

    Hey girls I heard spraying original lemonade ( with no sugar ) in your armpits everyday will give you a total change 😀

  • Katie;)

    i’ve heard that you should use bar soap for your armpits and down stairs instead of body wash because most body washes contain moisturizers that make you sweat more.

    • Gisele

      Reallyy? Gosh I always use liquid soap and body lotion EVERYDAY 😐

  • ElizabethRuiz

    i hopethat works really!!