ACK! His Penis Has A Foreskin!

If your guy has a foreskin, there’s seriously no reason to freak out. That’s just what a natural, intact penis looks like. Just as we want to be accepted just as we are, so do guys. There is nothing strange or wrong with a penis just because it has not been circumcised. Your dude may even be sensitive or insecure about this. So really? Don’t say anything stupid.

The foreskin is a loose fold of skin that covers the head of an unaltered penis. It’s also known medically as the prepuce. Slang terms for foreskin include turtleneck, helmet, collar, cheese wrapping and banana suit. Some of these . . . may or may not be considered derogatory, so maybe just stick with calling it his foreskin!

The majority of guys in the United States were circumcised at birth or as infants. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis. That’s why it’s rare to find a dude with a foreskin in America. However, the majority of men worldwide have uncircumcised penises. That means having a foreskin is actually more normal than not having one!

Most parents choose to have their sons circumcised for aesthetic or religious reasons. Doctors also site issues of hygiene with an uncut or uncircumcised penis. The World Health Organization even recommends increasing the practice of circumcision as a means to reduce the spread of AIDS and HIV in certain countries where there is an epidemic. But uh, if your guy has a foreskin? That definitely doesn’t mean he’s not clean, has HIV, or anything else. It just means his parents decided to let his wee-wee be natural.

As for what goes on in your bedroom, there is no need to do anything any different sexually regarding a penis with a foreskin. Yes, the skin is retractable, meaning it can be pushed back and forth. Whether it should be pulled back for intercourse or oral sex is a matter of personal preference. It’s okay to ask, “Do you like when I do this?” If he has any trouble with putting on a condom, he may want to pull the skin back before rolling one on.

Some people think that having a foreskin increases sexual pleasure and some say the opposite. There’s no way to know for sure. If your guy has a foreskin it’s okay. Just remember that body love and body acceptance applies to dudes, too. Sure the uncircumcised penis may seem odd if you’ve never seen one before, but Gaga would say, “Baby, it was Born this Way!”

So, what’s the deal? Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis? If you were going to go all the way with a guy and saw that his penis had a foreskin, would it matter to you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. avatarGame Changer says:

    It wasn’t until I was about 24 when I realized that my foreskin could be used for sexual pleasure, before that I had a typical view of any other sexual ignorant person, “extra skin that needs to be pushed out of the way.” But then I dated this girl who was extremely fascinated by and actually had an affinity to the foreskin, and oddly enough she was a virgin. So, we explored the limitless possibilities of foreskin pleasure. Touching it in different parts and way makes it feel completely different. I took this concept and applied it to pleasuring not only the genitals of my girlfriend but to all sensual parts of her body. I’m not longer with this girl and actually have had many since and (unless they are all just shining me on) all have said I’m the best lover they’ve ever had. Many women have also told me, “you’re the first uncircumcised guy I’ve been with and though I was nervous at first, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to cut cock….unless I have to.”

  2. avatarAshleigh says:

    Uncircumcised guys are amazing in bed unlike circumcised guys uncircumcised guys give you all the pleasure you need hence circumcised guys give you nothing but pain my current boyfriend is uncircumcised and it’s the best feeling ever

  3. avatarKathy says:

    Hi everyone,

    I could really use some advice here!! My boyfriend of 2 years is circumcised and I wish he was intact :( :(

    This is NOT just an aesthetic thing. I feel sad and angry that doctors cut off a piece of his penis, and that if we stay together I will be having sex that’s kind of dry and painful and too fast for the rest of my life. It’s just not fair :(

    I have not mentioned this to my BF because I don’t want him to be self-conscious and think that I don’t like his penis (even if that’s partially true). I would love for him to consider restoring but he’s never heard of that, and he really likes his penis so I don’t think he’d want to change it (which I understand).

    I talked to a therapist about this and she said the dryness/soreness/burning sensation is because I don’t produce enough lubricant. I’m sorry, but that’s just not true. I get REALLY wet down there before we have sex, but after a few minutes all the lubrication is gone and I really don’t think that happens with intact partners (I don’t know though, my BF is the only partner I’ve had. I’m 24.)

    Do you guys have any suggestions?? How can I stop feeling sad about this? When I’m going down on him I see his scar and it just kind of turns me off because I start thinking about genital mutilation :(

    Please help!

    • avatartodd bates says:

      i am a man and i was circumcised at birth in the usa my mother didnt know any better doctors lied yes i resent being cut. and after veiwing a circumcision on video it made me angry, and to think some boys penis was accidentally cut off from this outrages me. it may not bother your boyfriend but if he knew the truth and that its about $$$$$ on the usa medical industry part and ignorance on our part as peop[le, i say to hell with conformity i refuse to mutilate my sons just cause some country does.

    • avatartodd bates says:

      .only thing you can do is not circumcise your son if you have a baby . i hate being circumcised
      if you have a baby at hospital dont sign the circ forms in fact id tell them right off you circumcise my son and ill sue the doctor and hospital. as for your boyfriend, nothing you can do how does he feel about it or has he even said anything. he . may not know that damage was done. unless he reads about it and studies the function of the foreskin good luck

  4. avatarRey says:

    Should the foreskin be pulled back during intercourse, or should it pull back by itself from the motion? I’m nervous because I can’t pull the foreskin back fully, it hurts. Is this normal, or should I do something about it? I’ve never had sex without a condom and wonder if I’ll be able to. I feel really bad about it sometimes.
    On the other hand, hygiene seems not to be a problem – in fact, one of my previous girlfriends said that my penis doesn’t smell bad at all, unlike her other boyfriends.

  5. avatarKathy says:

    My intact hubby is so easy to make love to – unlike my first (cut) lover. We never use KY for vag sex. His foreskin gives me one more part to play with – especially during oral! Our two boys are also intact – as all boys should be!

  6. avatarDenis says:

    Many facts are wrong very outdated. Many American boys and men are uncircumcised.

  7. avatarManley says:

    I would like everyone to consider what the foreskin does in terms of engineering. Due to the fact that there is a natural sheath that holds moisture in during intercourse and in conjunction with the pumping action (slow and steady) that creates pressure that causes a feeling of fullness with in the vagina. Crudely put, think of it as a plunger. The result of this, from my experience, are a multitude of orgasms. I am intact and I consider myself a bit of a feminist, and my experience with partners is that they have experienced many different types of orgasms ranging from long slow sensual ones, to wild gushing ones. Circumcision is the taboo tool patriarchy uses to keep men ignorant to the beauty of shared intimate mutual satisfaction. It also might trick women into perceiving pain as pleasure.

  8. avatarlaesposa says:

    A woman that thinks foreskin is gross should go have her “lips” removed. Its the same thing.

  9. avatarsteroids says:

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  10. avatarRuby says:

    I am with a guy who is natural and I really don’t care I love him no matter what

  11. avatarTanya says:

    The guy I’m with now is uncircumcised and the first one for me. OMG the sex is crazy good I was like WTH is going on I love it I’m hooked I cant lie.He smells good to down there too.

  12. avatarTony says:

    If a man is not circomsized should he pull his forskin back when he has to pee

  13. avatarpablo says:

    Uncircumsised men have that problem with odor down there. I get sick looking at uncircumsised men, it is unhealthy in my book. I would talk to a pharmacist or your family doctor if you have one or a free clinic. There really is no way to keep the penis under all that skin clean, it needs air and being that your penis is covered with the extra skin, it is hard to keep clean. I recommend circumcision. Most women like myself are turned off by uncircumsised penises, they look funny all covered up and they do smell bad. I worked in a hospital for 2 years and have seen many uncircumsised men and they all smelled moldy. It was gross and most women do not like to have oral sex with all that skin, it is just unhealthy and should not be inserted any orifice of the body.

    • avatarAngelXY says:

      Many parts of the human body can be unhealthy, dirty or smelly, regardless of the gender of their owners. It is a matter of personal hygiene… not anatomy. Keeping intact genitals clean is just as simple as cleaning any other part your body.

      Every mammal on this planet has a foreskin, male and female. The male foreskin and female clitoral hood end up looking different, but they have the same embryonic origins and develop from the same structure. They also have similar functions and sensory abilities. The foreskin in both genders is not extra or loose skin just like the eyelids are not extra or loose. It is firmly attached.

      My foreskin is the most sensitive and sexually responsive part of my body and just as valuable as all the other parts. It is not just normal skin… it is just as sensitive as the lips and fingertips. In the same way it can detect pressure, touch, temperature and different textures. It adds completely different sensations during sex and works like a roller bearing to make it more comfortable for both partners.

    • avatarGeoff says:

      Your comment is extremely offensive. Not all of us want to have vital body parts, genitalia alone, carved off to fit someone elses “preference.” I personally to this day, as a 22 year old, still hold slight resentment to my parents for taking a part of my body when I was too young to defend myself. Perhaps think about how deep your fucking words cut, like how deep that knife really cut into my psyche before I was too young to even take a breath on my own in this cruel existence.

    • avatarnotanidiot says:

      Pablo, you are an idiot, and a dirty one I’d say… I clean myself daily and have no issue of bad smell down there… as for everything else, hygiene is key. Following your comments, why not remove all that skin women have down there too, small and large lips do cover pussy and so tend to smell bad as well… you are such a little cunt

    • avatarNoe says:

      Write down your opinion on a small piece of paper and shove it up your rectum

    • avatarZelda says:

      Men are born with foreskin for a reason . My boyfriend is uncircumcised and he is the best lover ive ever had he is the only uncircumcised guy ive been with and it just so happens he the only one who gets the job done. He doesnt smell bad and i love giving him oral. The men youve seen must have just been dirty . I know this is an old post it just made me mad that you judged all men over a few dirty ones.

    • avatarIan says:

      you are a moron .Chicks dig uncut men!You must be an arab,cause they smell!

    • avatarEvan Roman says:

      Stop projecting how you feel about your own cunt onto others.
      Get a labiaplasty if you feel this way.

  14. avatarj.p. says:

    I thought all black women hated foreskin

  15. avatarJaime says:

    In a landmark study of US women, 85% who had experienced both circumcised and intact men preferred sex with intact men. Sex with a circumcised man was associated with pain, dryness and difficulty reaching orgasm (O’Hara 1999). In another study, women were twice as likely to reach orgasm with an intact man (Bensley 2003). Even when a woman said she preferred a circumcised partner, she had less dryness and discomfort with intact men (O’Hara 1999).

  16. avatarNathan says:

    Great article, Abiola! I just wrote an article today about women and negative stereotypes about the intact penis. Thank you for sharing a positive and accepting tone for women to love men just the way they are. Well said!

    Here’s my post:

  17. avatarKitty says:

    My current boyfriend is uncircumcised. I love it! Girls who hate on natural, intact men have probably never had one. There’s nothing wrong with being natural, nothing unclean, and nothing that makes any activities lacking. It actually spices up sex. Fun fact, typically guys with foreskin don’t really need lube as much as circumcised guys. I wholeheartedly prefer my men uncircumcised ^.^

  18. avatarAnnaliese says:

    I prefer when guys are intact! I won’t say anything if he’s circumcised, but in my experience, sex is more pleasurable for both of us, and oral more enjoyable as well if he’s uncircumcised. Also in my experience the uncircumcised guys are overall cleaner… That could be those guys specifically. But! I’ll be the first to say that I love uncircumcised penises despite the fact that most other girls in this country aren’t familiar with them or think they’re gross. (They’re not.)

  19. avatarmaria says:

    I don’t minde about Forskin ppl mus stop andamining ppl with forski

  20. avatarintact says:

    I was born in europe, so I was not circumcized. For a long time I was worried what the wen in the US would think of my penis, but I have only gotten positive comments. My girlfriend of 2 years said from the start that I was the cleanest and best smelling she hasbeen with. Oral has never been a problem.

    Take a shower every day, get a ph-neutral moisturizing bodybwash and clean under the foreskin, and pull the foreskin back when urinating. Also never hurts to take a shower right before getting it on.

    We intact men have to dispel this myth thar uncircumcized penises are dirty and smelly.

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