ACK! His Penis Has A Foreskin!

If your guy has a foreskin, there’s seriously no reason to freak out. That’s just what a natural, intact penis looks like. Just as we want to be accepted just as we are, so do guys. There is nothing strange or wrong with a penis just because it has not been circumcised. Your dude may even be sensitive or insecure about this. So really? Don’t say anything stupid.

The foreskin is a loose fold of skin that covers the head of an unaltered penis. It’s also known medically as the prepuce. Slang terms for foreskin include turtleneck, helmet, collar, cheese wrapping and banana suit. Some of these . . . may or may not be considered derogatory, so maybe just stick with calling it his foreskin!

The majority of guys in the United States were circumcised at birth or as infants. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis. That’s why it’s rare to find a dude with a foreskin in America. However, the majority of men worldwide have uncircumcised penises. That means having a foreskin is actually more normal than not having one!

Most parents choose to have their sons circumcised for aesthetic or religious reasons. Doctors also site issues of hygiene with an uncut or uncircumcised penis. The World Health Organization even recommends increasing the practice of circumcision as a means to reduce the spread of AIDS and HIV in certain countries where there is an epidemic. But uh, if your guy has a foreskin? That definitely doesn’t mean he’s not clean, has HIV, or anything else. It just means his parents decided to let his wee-wee be natural.

As for what goes on in your bedroom, there is no need to do anything any different sexually regarding a penis with a foreskin. Yes, the skin is retractable, meaning it can be pushed back and forth. Whether it should be pulled back for intercourse or oral sex is a matter of personal preference. It’s okay to ask, “Do you like when I do this?” If he has any trouble with putting on a condom, he may want to pull the skin back before rolling one on.

Some people think that having a foreskin increases sexual pleasure and some say the opposite. There’s no way to know for sure. If your guy has a foreskin it’s okay. Just remember that body love and body acceptance applies to dudes, too. Sure the uncircumcised penis may seem odd if you’ve never seen one before, but Gaga would say, “Baby, it was Born this Way!”

So, what’s the deal? Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis? If you were going to go all the way with a guy and saw that his penis had a foreskin, would it matter to you? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Aaron

    Wow…well I’m sorry I was circumcised as a baby. I’m sorry the doctors said it was the hygienic and safer option. I’m sorry I was too young by far to make that decision. Well I like women that have boobs, so fuck flat women. That’s basically what you’re saying to circumcised guys: “Boo, your circumcised, even though you had no choice. You suck.” Fuck women, they’re impossible to figure out.

    • Mike

      Dude lol deal with it man. Sorry if that seems rash, but uncircumcised guys have had to deal with way more bullshit about having a foreskin and have had to deal with it be called “ugly” or “different” or even “unnatural” (when that’s completely opposite of the truth) by both other guys and gals alike.

  • MZ

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  • Alan Robbins

    I recently found out that two of my friends have had their cheese wrappings
    lopped off, neither are Jews, athough one is tight with money. I feel like I’m in a minority. What should I do?

    • cosmopolite


  • todd bates

    circumcision is cruel to do to baby boys. eurpopean boys werent circumcised how unfair i blame the american greedy doctors baby doctors for they know what they are cutting off and dont educate the young parents cause they get paid 300 to 500 a .circumcision

    • David Hinson

      Wrong removing the boy’s virginity.