What Happens When You Have Sex With An Older Guy

sex with an older guy

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Sometimes girls are eager to have sex with an older guy, and we can almost understand the allure: He can drive, he ostensibly knows what he’s doing, he’s sophisticated and maybe seems more mature than the boys in your grade. But if he has to break the law and commit statutory rape in order to sleep with you, he’s not mature–he’s actually kinda gross, really creepy, and pretty stupid.

Why? Even if you willingly have sex with an older guy, there are all sorts of risks–including your own legal dramas, and potential child pornography charges if you take nude pics of yourself–or if he snaps some of you. Someone worth going to bed with, if he really likes you, will wait til he can do it legally.

We feel bad for one girl in particular who was foolish enough to have sex with an older guy–and this guy was way older! Ready to get creeped out? A 24-year-old guy named Christopher Bradley Nutt (go ahead and laugh, we’ll wait) found a 12-year-old girl online and engaged in all sorts of sex with her at his house. Having sex with an older guy is risky enough, but this girl was half his age!

As if that weren’t bad enough, the girl’s parents found out in the worst possible way. She went missing and they figured out where she was through her cell phone convos with pals–and the cops came to arrest Nutt and take her home. Based on the report, as if the girl’s experience wasn’t traumatic enough as is, she and Nutt clearly had to talk to cops in pretty graphic detail about what went down in his bedroom, because each sex act is a different criminal charge for him. Can you imagine having total strangers–and your parents!–know in detail exactly what you did when you had sex with an older guy (or anyone)? The ick factor is mega high. Talk about humiliating.

To top everything off, just take a look at this douche. He clearly thinks he’s hot stuff, but uh, hello? If he were as hot as he thinks he is, he could get someone legal. And that’s something to remember if you’re ever considering having sex with an older guy: Is there a reason he’s not with someone his own age?

The answer is probably a resounding “yes.” Especially if he still takes pictures of himself in his bathroom mirror.

Have you ever had sex with an older guy? Would you have sex with an older guy? What would you do if your parents found out you had sex with an older guy? Tell us in the comments!

Douche Bag, Defined!

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  • jews

    ok I just 17 and had sex with an older guy for the first time. He is my mother’s boyfriend’s brother. Its kinda funny but my mom’s bf is 35 and she is 43. My guy is 40. Just turned 40. For his 40th I agreed to have sex with him. I have had sex a lot with a couple of guys now but this old guy blows them away. He is huge, I think 8 inches long and thicker that i vacuum cleaner hose. I gave him a blow job and he leaked semen the whole time I was doing it. He went down on me and gave me two of the best orgasms I have ever had. And when I was coming down from the second one he rusted up on me and forcefully entered me. We had sex for over an hour in every position. When it was time for him to cum he got on tpo and held my legs up to my chest which held me down and told me that I would make a good mother and then popped. This was the first time I had ever had sex without a condom and it was the first time a had ever been cummed in. I was freaked out but he talked me into believing that it was cool. We did it again later that night and again in the morning. each time without any birthcontrol and with him cumming in me. My period was due yesterday and It has not started yet. I am freaking out, my mom is going to kill me, and I don’t know what to do. I just got off the phone with him and he is like” don’t worry I will support the baby like i do with my three others”.

  • eyeamnicegirl

    OK, I’m going to speak the obvious — if a 12 year old is having sex, then something is wrong, PERIOD. I don’t care what age the guy is, a 12 year old girl ought not be having sex; that is just tooooooo young. This article’s title doesn’t match the content of the story. “Sex with an older guy” means, in most people’s minds, that the guys is significantly older, like 10, 20, or more years older; but most people when they hear of the “older guy” situation, also presume the female involved is old enough to legally consent (which ranges somewhere between your sixteenth birthday and your eighteenth birthday, depending on the state you happen to be in). Heck, I didn’t even lost my virginity until I was 18, and it was to a 22 year old guy. But I did do it with an older guy when I was 19, older as in he was 42. It was one of those “experiment” things, I sort of stumbled upon the opportunity, and I said to myself “why not try it” and let’s just say I liked it enough that I got with him a couple more times before moving on. He was the father of a couple of kids that I baby sat for (he was divorced); it just sort of ended up happening after several months of flirtation. He was in good shape, and he was a nice guy. I sincerely doubt that I would engage in sex with a guy who is 23 year my senior at my current stage in life (I’m 29 now) . . . I did a LOT of sexual adventures in my college years, but I’m now quite conservative and proper in my behavior these day. I suppose I’m ready to settle down and be married, and thus “wild moments” are a thing of the past. I’ve grown up if that how you want to look at it. Anyway, there is nothing particularly more or less moral about having sex with an older guy that with having sex with a guy who is the same age you are. If anything, if you are going to hook up with a guy that you sort of know isn’t someone guy you would ever marry, an older guy is better, because the older guy isn’t going to (1) tell all your friends that he did you last night, and (2) doesn’t keep calling you when you want it to be over — he gets the message that it’s time to move on, and he does. And as for “what if” my parents finding out I had sex with an older guy, I’ll just say when your parents find out you are having sex with ANY guy, it’s not a comfortable moment (have the T-shirt).

  • Myah

    I got a divorce from my husband two years ago at age 38 when I had a date with a man who had just turned 60. We were just making small talk at a local tavern when I agreed to have him take me home and at my door he excused himself to go to his house when I asked him if he would come in for a night cap. He came in after some reluctance and I ended up sleeping with him which was the most spectacular sexual experience of my entire life!!! Nothing was off the table. I ended up having intercourse several times and providing him with a mine blowing orgasm as he splattered the inside of my mouth after an awesome blow job. I look forward to our encounters every time now two years later.

  • Angel

    Had sex with my brother when I was 8 , it was so amazing,

  • Ginger

    Well…this might sound sorta creepy, but right after my 14th birthday i messed around with my best friends Dad.
    I have always had sort of a crush on him.
    We did not actually do it.
    I mean I was staying at my best friends Dads house. He had just bought a really big nice house after his divorce
    Most of the furniture he bought was not there yet, so me and my friend slept on the couch watching t.v. and he was in his bed.
    I had a nightmare and could not fall back asleep so i heard his tv on and i asked if i could stay and watch with him.
    He told me i could. He was watching a sorta scary movie and i was cold so i got under covers with him.
    He never asked me for anything or made any inappropriate gestures or moves.
    I remember thinking how handsome he was, and how good he smelled, and how nice it would be to do this every night!
    I then moved closer to get warm as I was a little scared of what we were watching and I was cold.
    I sort of snuggled up to him, and when I brought my leg up to rest on his hip, I soon discovered he was wearing very small briefs and my knee came to rest on his penis!
    OMG…I did not know if I should move it or act like I did not notice.
    I remember that it was hot and big!
    I had kissed boys before and had let them feel me up and down.
    My breast were fairly developed and i had a lot of dark pubic hair for my age.
    Anyway, he then put his arm around me and sorta cuddled me. Mt face was on his chest.
    Well, I told him he smelled really good, and he then told me he thought I was the pretiest girl he ever saw.
    Right then we kissed and boy I was excited and sorta scared.
    He felt my breast thought my T-shirt, and I as in heaven. It felt so good. He then put my hand on his penis and I knew I wanted to stay with him.
    Enough of the details, but I thought it important to tell how something so unusual developed.
    That night he felt me up and down, he then gave me my 1st real orgasm when he licked my vagina and he rubbed the head of his rather large penis on my vagina.
    I would have let him stick it in me…I mean I pretty much wanted him to, but he said we could not do that. He did ejaculate on my stomach from the mock intercourse we performed. I was in heaven.
    He later said I was too beautiful and too vulnerable to spoil, and that we should never tell anyone, or do anything like this again.
    I agreed but continued my crush on him looking for any opportunity to stay over.
    5 years later we had sex several times while I as home over the summer from college.
    The best sex i have ever had to this day.

  • unknown

    hey im 16 and im seriously in love my teacher! hes like 24 i think! which by the way is not that old! this friday we flirted alot and he kept on teasing me! he’s also very funny and i can honestly say i think we have a future together! all my friends thinks its okay aswell! he also gives me alot of attention which is nice! the element of danger is also an amazing feeling! i hope he has feelings for me! i want to date him! and having sex with him woudnt be wrong! if we love eachother then so be it!

  • chloe

    im 17 and ive had sex with my ex ex boyfriebd he was 24 and i was 11 he had a son his son was 2 he called me mummy and his father asked me to be his mum and be his girlfriend so i said yes cause we were haveing unprotected sex and then when i found out i was pregnant i had to ell him and he left me and im now a mother to 1 kid from him she is 5 her name is annabell.
    and then i was with someone else when iwas 13 i didnt want to have sex with him but he just wanted to be there for me and annabell well one night he hoped i bed with me and we feel asleep i woke up he left he toke everything and all he left was a note saying go get a tes in a week or 2 im sorry but i slept with you about 6 times and came in you so your probably pregnant im gonna miss yous all but dont contact me and youll never see me bye girls and im sorry if you are and i was i had twis girl and boy and there 3 and im now with someone else im engaged to him im staying wih him were never leaveing each other we got together when i turned 16 and were getting married in 3 years time and his 26 and i just fund out 3 hours ago that im 2 months pregnant but i dont want to know what im having its going to be a suprise but i love my baby thse guys can go get fucked

    • Anon

      This is plain bullshit

  • Rachel

    I’m 16 and Ive been having sex with a 39 year old man.

    • Peetey mikes

      Very nice

  • John

    Ok that’s bad for young age do kind of think because they maybe get pregnant or even die from baby. It depends how big baby could weight. The child could die if body form to small.

  • natasha

    Idiotic teen morons.

  • FamilyGirl

    I’m 30 now but when I was 14 I was having sex with my uncle (34) mum & dad new but didn’t do anything to stop us, I became pregnant & had the baby uncle looked after us he had a house 10mins from us, I was always around his & 2 years later I became pregnant again & had another girl now my girls r sexual active with my uncle their dad our eldest is 16 with a 2 yr old girl & my youngest at 14 is pushing to have a baby. I don’t see anything wrong with younger girl dating older guys you can’t help with who you falling in love with, as long as every thing is consensual sex my man has never pressured me into anything or the girls he has always been their looking after us like lover should

    • Amelia

      well thats fucking nasty

      • arthurarthur

        Nasty … ? good or bad nasty? I can’t judge so easily… on one hand yes..on the other… well I cant lie as ‘Arthur’ says below…

    • arthur

      that’s incredible and hot and horny(I cant lie)! Would like to hear more about it as it is also really interesting and informative. And it proves us older people can learn from the younger ones.

  • Marion

    I’m 21. When I was 14, I considered having sex with a 17 year old. All I can say is: Never again, if I was in the same situation, no way in hell, as he took advantage of me.

    When I was 16, I was going to have sex with my 21 year old boyfriend before we broke up. Where I am from, the age of consent is sixteen so it was perfectly legal. The problem was that although he genuinely loved me and didn’t intentionally take advantage of me, he demonstrated again and again that he lacked not only the maturity required to care for someone significantly younger than him in the context of a romantic relationship, but also the capacity to lead by example as the older person in the relationship should be doing.

    Now I’m 21. I’ve slept with a 34 year old and want to sleep with a 47 year old. I find that at this age, there are no legal problems and someone with slightly more life experience is able to make more informed decisions, but you do have to be incredibly careful not to rush into things. If you do, don’t be disappointed when the relationship doesn’t work out the way you planned it.

  • Ashley

    I had sex with an older man and i didn’t feel anything but pain. I guess because he was my first. I love him tho.

  • Lisa

    She would maybe curse me out ask questions and report to the police then ask for me to go to kids jail(Jove)

  • rachelle

    How judgemental. This is how we all get brainwashed by do gooders. I was 12 too when I started this relationship with a guy more than twice my age. He isnt a douche bag or a creep or gross or a perv. How dare you say such things. Just because someone is younger does not mean they have been manipulated or taken advantage of. Is this some kind of brainwashing forum and a way to get all younger girls to conform to some sort of stupid advice or norm? Yes there are older guys who are bad but there are many younger guys and guys our age who are awful too. Yes there is a law but do you think we care? We will fall in love with who we want to be with. It isnt any ones business and certainly not for the law to decide whats right or wrong for us, especially these days when we are so aware of all the bad things that happen. Please dont make all of us sound dumb and silly.

  • paul

    what a whole lot of negative stuff .; why presume the guy is a failure and cant ‘get someone of his own age’ maybe he liked the girl or maybe he he just found it really horny to make love to a 12 year old .. in a number of countries worldwide .. mexico etc they have decided that a 12 year old is perfectly mature enough to have sex. if nature designed the female body to be capable of sex at 12 then that should be fine .. all the hysteria about ‘not being mature enough mentally’ is complete nonsense .; sex is a simple , normal , physical act which once completed is genrerally forgotten about and the couple move on ..

  • Lucy

    I’m 16 and I have had sex and done the other sexual stuff with a 20 year old who has a girlfriend and is also my next door neighbour. I really like taking and seeing him but I do think it is a big weird that he wants to see me, but he’s not the sort of boy that would use me.

  • Lexi

    I’m 16 and I’ve had sex with my PE teacher who is 47 and married. It may be illegal and he may be using me for sex but boy does it feel good when we do it.

    • Brian

      So lexi do you still do it with him or have you moved on?