Why You Should Never Have A Text Message Break Up

2. It’ll Create MORE Drama
I know, at first it seems like a text dump is way less stressful than an in person one, but actually, all you’re going to do is make your ex frantic with questions  about what went wrong.  A 10 minute convo about why exactly the relaysh isn’t working will keep you from having 100 more down the line…and turning him into a total nutjob because he needs closure. Wouldn’t you want that if the shoe was on the other foot?

3. Other Dudes Won’t Want to Date You
They might not say it out loud, your next guy will inevitably wonder if and when your new romance ends, you’ll pull the same stunt with them.

4. It’s Bad For Your Reputation
I think all of us looked at Joe Jonas a little differently when Taylor Swift revealed that he dumped her via text. Dating and being in love isn’t just about enjoying the good times and then hitting the road when things get tough. If you can’t take the high road, people will wonder if you’re really mature enough to be in a relationship at all!

What would you do if you were confronted with a text message break up? Have you ever gone through a text message break up yourself? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • jermaiah stovall

    i love you zayn i wat to see you al

    • georgete bron

      what should I do? MY crush text me that he had a crush on me during class then the next morning (HE COULDNT EVEN WAIT 24 HOURS!!!) he says I don’t think we should date , theres someone else. Its a day before my first highschool dance. PLease help. I just texted him back saying “ok that’s cool”. I am really heart broken.
      help please

  • Heidi

    they left something out. how about when its a long distance thing?

  • Nicholette Evans

    Sadly enough ive broken up with someone via text, and i still feel ashamed for it, months after. Ive never been able to apologize to my ex for it, but i think one of these days i will… i hope…

  • Madhubrata

    How can anyone dump Zayn? Isnt he the hottest thing on Earth? I have a HUGE crushon him. You just dont dump him. Get it, Perrie?

    • depressedlover

      Yeah .. she must be the ugliest and unlucky gal on earth ! im his biggest biggest Fan ! and im a Muslim too 😀 Zayn Ur mine !! :* Love you ! ! !

  • mary styles

    Once again, it’s Zayn, not ZaynE!

    • depressedlover

      yeah its Zayn ! and i wrote ZYAN not ZyanE