I Get Pimples . . . So What

I get pimples

Cat ears? Fun. Giant zit on my chin? Not so much.

I used to have pretty nice skin, but then a few years ago: BOOM! ‘Sup, clogged pores?

The blackheads, whiteheads, and giant red cystic lumps took residence on my face, and, as you might imagine, I was less than happy–particularly because I thought I was in the clear when it came to my skin. Alas, I was a late bloomer, and when I bloomed, I grew a garden of skin problems.

It wasn’t just me being hypercritical and self-conscious when I say my complexion seriously deteriorated. I started getting very noticeable, large bumps, big and red enough that no concealer would hide them. As much as I knew it was a no-no, I always felt compelled to squeeze these monsters, knowing perfectly well that of course doing so left an equally-icky scab on my face (and maybe later, a scar).

I’ve tried making peace with the fact that I get pimples by ignoring them and telling myself that they aren’t as major than I think they are, but then . . . consider The Zit That Ate My Nose. It was smack in the middle of my nose, bright red, and so big it was like a bunch of zits got together in an evil plot, and formed a giant combined Power Rangers-esque force on my face.

It was Thanksgiving, so I didn’t have the opportunity to lock myself in my room with a bag over my head. My mom had already commented on my nose nemesis, and then we went to my grandma’s. When my grandma saw “Monster, the Zit” on my face, she asked what it was. I answered as nonchalantly as possible that it was a pimple, and she replied, “Well, it looks HORRIBLE!” Thanks for the self-esteem boost, Grandma.

Of course, the oversized zit took its sweet time to go away, meaning a full week later I was at an event chatting with my friend and realized she wasn’t looking me in the eye. “Are you looking at my zit?!” I demanded. She answered in the affirmative.

And then the week after THAT, I was going to a giant hip hop show with a friend – who, of course, looked super hot – and no matter how cute my outfit was, how eye-catching my makeup was, and how blingy my earrings were, there was the zit remnant, bumming me out.

But I suppose that pimple was a special one (I really, really hope so). Yes, I get pimples, but we all get clogged pores, even celebrities (remember AnnaLynne McCord’s Twitter pic? Have you ever Googled celebrities and acne?). I’ll admit to being wickedly gleeful when I watch Top Model and see the contestants’ zits – their concealer makes them less noticeable, but you can still see the bumpiness. And as much as I’m never stoked to look in the mirror and see pimples gracing my own face, I’ve come to accept it: I never bother with makeup, I try not to harp on it, I stick in a hairclip with a big fake flower (distraction!), and leave the house. I may hate the fact that I get pimples, but really, it’s just a part of being human.

Now that you know I get pimples, do you get pimples, too? Do you find it awesome or irritating when gorgeous celebs insist, “I get pimples just like you”? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • pat

    I have really bad skin…that i get the pimples all over my body…i have blackhead on my face,back,and my chest OMG…i started having bad skin at the age of 16 now im 26..i still don’t know how to live with it..i don’t like how people look at me..i just don’t know what to do anymore.i’ve try everything..i feel like i should pray on it then god will give me an answer.

  • missjenny514

    i feel the same way i always have pimples no matter how much acne cream i use or as many times as i wash my face there still there and they irritate me -.-

  • stageluver

    Hey, does anybody have any tips for back acne, cause i have it pretty bad.

    • Elli

      i just use my face wash on it and it works pretty well

  • stageluver

    i personally have pretty good skin but i’m still pretty young so it’ll probably show up in a couple of years. but i do get the occasional pimple. my bffs big sis told me to use tea tree oil once a day and it’ll keep the acne away. her acne isn’t the prettiest but since she started using tea tree oil i’ve noticed it getting a lot better. hope this helps =)

  • Cheyenne

    I use a product called Cetaphil and it didn’t work at first but that’s because i drink soda. But if you wash your face night and day then it should work. They have soap bars and cleanser and moisturizers. You can find it at any rite aid or i think cvs has it to.

  • Nadiinnee

    I’ve been having acne since i was 11 now oh my gosh i hate it totally but ever since i turned 13 I’ve been using t-zone daily scrub also wash my face about 3 times a day and moisturize and then apply Quinoderm spot cream its been working brilliant to all people if you haven’t yet tried this then you should its working brilliant also on the scars they are fading i’m so glad but i did used to get so embarrassed then i saw much more people have the same problem so then i was much more confident just think everyone likes you for your personality not just your looks <3

  • HaileyMarie91

    I always find it relatively annoying to see the celebrities who endorse Proactiv go on about how they had SUCH bad acne, and then show pictures of themselves with one or two black/whiteheads. No matter how many products I’ve used, I always get pimples. Everything from blackheads and whiteheads to the super huge, and super annoying, cystic zits. If I feel one, I sometimes cannot stop myself from picking at it. I always feel really bad if I have to go in to drop off an application, and have had people ask me about it and recommend all sorts of things to cure it. Even on the pill and on other types of birth control, it never went away. And I don’t have the $200.00 to pay for a 1oz tube of cream from the doctor that also may or may not work. I have gotten better about accepting it though; before now (age 21), I used to be super embarrassed to go ANYWHERE without make up. Now I really don’t care or harp on it so much.

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  • Lisa

    I feel for you. I started getting acne when I was 12 but I had the little red and white bumps, never the cystic acne thank God. It was still extremely noticeable though because I’d get about a million of them all over my t-zone and it wasn’t until late high school that I started using foundation. It would take me about half an hour to somewhat cover up the pimples but it was very obvious, just not as red. Finally got them under control when I was 19 but it’s definitely a maintenance thing. I can’t go a day without doing my whole routine or else they come back to attack :/

  • Anna

    I had the same issues as you Amy … wicked late bloomer in the zit department, all through my 20s. I got regular facial treatments and the dermatologists just prescribed a constant regime of antibiotics. Nothing helped. The cystic kind are the worst.

    I’d probably still be having constant issues if I hadn’t started taking the pill. Seriously, the cure was almost instantaneous. Chalk it up to evil hormones, it’s the only remedy that worked for me.

  • Lindsey

    I have been getting zits since about age 12 (for about 16 years now). I had a few years of near perfect skin when I was at UCSB for some reason, but when I moved back to LA- BAM!!! Zits. I have also come to accept them, and for the most part they are pretty small. However, the best zit I ever got was what my husband calls my “buffalo nickel” on my chin. It covered my ENTIRE chin. Literally, I would touch one side of my chin and the entire pus filled chin would shift around to the other side. I also could not resist popping it and it turned into some sort of disgusting crusty crater that also took up my entire chin. When I went to work, one of my patients asked me if it was cancer. I spent the next 20 minutes crying inside of a bathroom. Acne sucks, but teenagers suck more.

  • dot

    Prick the white head with a needle, gently express the pus and immediately apply OTC cortisone cream. Dr Dottie knows best!