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4. What’s something you’ve always wanted that you’ve never gotten?
I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii with my family! We are a very surfy, chill family. So to go to Hawaii with them would be amazing!

5. What’s your secret nickname?
To be honest I don’t have a secret nick name! All of my friends have their own little nickname for me! Haha.

6. What’s the guiltiest pleasure on your iPod?
My guiltiest pleasure on my iPod/iPhone would be the app Instagram! I’m addicted to it! Constantly posting photos on it.

7. Best advice you ever got?
The best advice I’ve ever got, was given to me by my big brother Cody. He tells me, “you’re only young once” in other words.. YOYO!

8. Favorite bargain purchase?
My favorite bargain purchase, would be a cream and navy button down shirt at Abercrombie and Fitch, for only $9 each! I was so excited, and now they are my favorite shirts! I also love the PASTRY Sugar Rush Stud Canvas shoes for $59.99. [Click here to win a pair of PASTRY sneaks!] They’re high-top sneakers that you can zip the top off for a completely different look. It’s practically 2 shoes in 1!

9. Instant pick me up?
An instant pick me up for me, would be a funny text from a friend or family member!

10. Describe high school you in 3 words
Confident, classy and respectful

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  • Koolkat

    I think she’s really pretty and she looks like would be a nice person to be around. Any way, as pelma said Cody doesn’t have zero talent

  • pkmlre

    Cody makeout with me kids bed

  • Lola

    Ummm…So I’m guessing the only reason people know about her is because she’s the little sister of a teen pop singer with zero talent. Show us bloggers that are actually trying to make it sans existent media exposure! We would’ve found out about this girl either way.

    • Pamela

      zero talent? have you been discovered on youtube? do you have over 2.5 million fans around the globe? can you even sing? don’t call someone talentless if you can’t even do it yourself

  • Cindy

    Umm, isn’t she Cody Simpson’s (the singer) lil sister? Since when she’s also Zack and Cody’s sister also??