Help! I Want To Lose My Virginity NOW!

I want to lose my virginity

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Hi Heather,

I have a question about virginity. My friends tease me about being a virgin. Honestly, I wish I could just lose my virginity as soon as possible so they can quit making fun of me. I am to the point where I don’t even care who takes my virginity. I know that sounds desperate, but my friends are going to tease me about being a virgin until I have sex with someone. Is it wrong to think like that?

It really stinks that your friends are picking on you for being a virgin. Not only is it none of their business what you do with your body, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin, no matter how old you are or how many people around you have done the deed. You should never be ashamed of your virginity and I’m really sorry that you have people around you who are trying to make you feel bad because of it.

Here’s the thing, girl: your virginity is your decision. Not your friends’, not your boyfriend’s, not your parents’… yours. You should never let anyone peer pressure you into losing it, and you should never feel like you have to have sex just so people will stop making fun of you.

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I don’t know the exact reason you’re a virgin – maybe the opportunity hasn’t come up,  maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet – either way, it doesn’t matter. You should have sex when you feel comfortable doing it, and when you meet the right guy to lose it to. You should never, ever have sex just because others are making you feel like you should. Losing your virginity is a big deal, and it’s not something you want to regret later in your life.

You need to tell your friends to get off your back. Don’t let them tease you and bully you for not having sex – stand up for yourself! The next time they say something, let them know you don’t want to hear it anymore. Explain that it’s your decision to make, not theirs. Let them know that what they’ve been saying is really bothering you and making you upset. Maybe they honestly don’t know that they’re hurting you. If they don’t leave you alone, maybe it’s time to consider hanging out with some new people. True friends won’t make you feel bad about yourself.

I understand wanting to lose your virginity, but rushing things just for approval, or just to get it over with, is never a good idea. When it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen.

take care,

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  • urwah

    i want to loos my virginity , but my boyfriend is not ready to do it .. How can i make him do sex with me

  • Morgan

    I’m a virgin and I really want to have sex. Not because I don’t want to be a virgin anymore or because I’m embarrassed, but because I just think it would be fun and i get horny a lot. I have a lot of guy friends but I don’t know how to make it clear that I want to have sex without looking slutty. How do I start this??? Help!

  • Emma

    I’m 14 and I just masturbate… I mean obviously I’m too young to have sex but I still feel like masturbation is the way to go. If you can find a good sex toy then great but if you can you can always just use house hold items like an electric tooth brush attached to a spoon (put it against your clit (( if you don’t know where that is then you are obviously no where near ready to have sex)) and turn in the toothbrush, it should vibrate the spoon)

  • jena

    have sex its the best feeling everr! like when he puts it in and just all that!

  • Emma

    I’m 20 and a virgin. And a girl.. my boyfriend isn’t but has to take it slow with me because it’s difficult for me (fml) to try and do it physically- so honestly don’t worry, I’m a “half virgin”

  • caribbean gurl

    Do not try to please anyone please yourself at the end of the day its your body. No one has the right to tease you, but I can bet your friends are jealous they wish they had the courage to keep their legs crossed, but they don’t lol…. Be strong.. Sex is your choice

  • Fizzy94

    i feel exactly the same as u girls and i am a boy! I want to do it so badly as im an 18 year old boy who wants to do it and get it over and done with so i dont have to worry or think about anxmore. The sooner its over and you have lost it, the sooner you feel like a normal human person again! 😀

    • Kelly

      ur stoopid

  • emma

    im 17 and still a vergin i got bullied alot for it and even now still do but it hasnt happend for ages thank god.
    eventhough they bully me im going to let them brake me

  • ravenamy

    trust me it is not worth almost haveing a baby and droping out of school and loseing your friends…… trust me its just not worth it!!!!!! TRUST ME!

  • BananaSprinkles

    Never Rush into losing your virginity. I was teased about not having my first kiss till it came to a point where i didnt care who kissed me, so i got my first kiss from the biggest perv in our grade and school. I regret this terribly and i wish i could take it back. i would much rather have my Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed moment this year than losing my special first kiss, but now i at least know not to ever rush into having sex, even if im the only virgin left on this planet.

  • Bailey

    My friends don’t pick on me about it, but they make really nasty jokes about sex and sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable, and wanting to loose it. I am fed up with not having sex because I get horny too often. I just wanna do it with someone that i really love and that cares about me.

    • teenquest

      You may have hormones ragging right now, but to be honest, once you find the right guy, or girl( that doesn’t mean going out on a “guy” hunt instantly) you can become intimate and when the time is right, you’ll have your moment to let all of your hormones out. Don’t rush yourself.

  • Anissa

    I know how you feel! My friends also do that too, even though none of them are in great relationships or anything. Sometimes it’s concerning to think that they are more concerned about my vagina then I am. It’s such a personal choice, I’m just assuming they have their own insecurities.

  • Jessica

    Your friends really don’t sound like friends to me. Teasing you constantly is bullying and teasing you about your virginity is a personal and sensitive topic, and really, really mean. I would completely ignore their teasing and not let them pressure you. I really wouldn’t want you to do something suddenly just to get your friends off your back, and then regret your decision later. Maybe you should get new friends if they don’t drop it, there are a lot nicer people out there.

  • Me

    first of all no one should care if your a virgin or not!!! Think about this… How many of your friends ended up having a good relationship with the guy they lost their virginity to? I think you shouldn’t rush things and that your first time should be special! You don’t need to feel in such a hurry!

    • Angie

      Exactly. Great point. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s really hard especially for me being 15. I have raging hormones. I wanted to stop masturbating but It’s hard especially since I’ve stressed. This summer (when school is over), I plan on stopping masturbating for the whole break and letting my hormones work themselves out. Until then, I’ll be doing what I gotta do lol.. Losing your virginity is not a big deal. Patience is best. Just masturbate until you;re actually ready and find the right guy. When I get a bf I truly love, I’ll let him have it.. lol I don;t know about waiting till marriage though.

  • Me

    first of all no one should care if your a virgin or not!!! Think about this… How many of your friends ended up having a good relationship with the guy they lost their virginity to? I think you shouldn’t rush things and that your first time should be special! You don’t need to feel in such a hurry! The world ISN’T going to end if you don’t have sex… just wait for the right time and moment with the RIGHT PERSON

  • Alana

    Teasing someone about their virginity is so silly. It’s like teasing someone for never having tried a certain food or never having their ears pierced. Granted, sex is much more intimate, but if you rush into it now, later you’ll regret that you didn’t try to make it special.

  • Sara

    Once your virginity is gone, it can’t ever come back. Be proud that you are one. I have been teased for being a virgin, but I just looked at it positively that I had stood my ground and didn’t give myself up so easy. It is nobody’s business but your own what happens with your body and your vagina.

  • amanda

    who cares what they think! be proud that your still a virgin. not many girls can say they are and thats so sad that they feel the need to tease you. they dont sound like true friends! be strong ok? (: wait for the right boy and right time.

  • Janice

    Seriously? That´s terrible and Heather is completely right, you should never be ashamed of being a virgin. Having sex for the first time should be a very special moment with a person you love. I actually reckon your “friends” should stop being so nosy. If they really care about you, they will understand that their attitude is hurting you.

    • Jack Mann

      If your friends tease you for being a virgin then some of them are just jealousy of you.Do you know that a huge percentage of girls regret for having lost that virginity you wish to lose? I know two girls that wish to have waited. As a guy I would love to fall in love with a girl and be her first:)

  • AnnaMarie

    If they care that much about the contents of their vagina, they have serious personal problems.