Is It Okay To Be A Virgin At 17?

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Lexx13 said:


I’m 17 and I’m still a virgin. Is that okay?

Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking: how can you be 17, a junior in high school and still a virgin? Well, I am.

Actually, I haven’t had my first kiss yet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but when I date a guy, doing stuff like that doesn’t come to mind. And then the guys are like “well it’s like we are only friends”, but I can’t help that I don’t want to do that stuff.. Well, I’d like to kiss but I’m way too scared and nervous about it. What should I do? Please help…

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  • Grace

    I’m 19, and I am a virgin college freshman. I’ve haven’t had my first kiss yet either. To me that’s not the most important thing right now. I’m trying to get into my major as vocal performance. Besides, I feel like sex for the first time has to be meaningful and intimate. I think it’s strange how so many people can just throw away their virginity to just anyone so easily. I will have it as soon as I really know that I’m with the right guy.


    AM 17 nd stil a virgin..gurl u should be proud

  • Lesego

    Me n my bf hv bin 2geda 4 a yr n we hvnt dne anythng yet .i am 18yrs old n stl a vrgn n am proud.i maeni wa me gyz aweeh!

  • Don’t lose it

    i lost mine when i was 17 and caught Chlamydia so that was a great experience for me

  • Chloe_123

    I’m 14 years old and not too long ago I lost my viginity and I guess you could say that’s young but I really love my boyfriend and he’s 15. I don’t regret it at all I had everyone say (including my parents) that it hurts but for me it didn’t I was just thinking about him and how much I love him ! We were just stupid because we didn’t use a condom and unfortunately I had to go get the morning after pill which wasn’t a big of deal if it meant I didn’t get pregnant hopefully, we haven’t had sex again yet anyway but I was ready to have sex with him and as long as your ready it shouldn’t matter what age you are really wether it be 12 or 30 it shouldn’t matter because its when your ready not when evryone else is ! And just be sensible about it though I wasn’t and that had us both scared you don’t need that your first time ! It’s good l u held in til now and hopefully longer for you that’s of you want to that is. But I said to everyone an mysel I wouldn’t till I was 16 that soon changed but I’m glad because it was amazing my first time and it should be for you if your with the right person !

  • beavis

    I applaud your virginity at age 17! Your virginity is something to be cherished and saved for that ‘perfect’ person. So many young girls don’t understand what it would mean for their husband to be the one to reap the rewards of saving yourself, it is something that bonds two together who love each other very much.

    Girls that just give it away to be able to start having regular sex will never understand the love that is shared during that first act between a husband and wife, or soon to be married couple. It is a bonding act that will never be severed in this lifetime. Lose it to someone who is short term, who really doesn’t care or someone you don’t love, still binds you to that person for all your life, whether you ever see them again or not.

    Whether your spouse’s name is Jeff or Bill, and Tom was the one who took your virginity, you will be bound to Tom for all your lifetime. You will always remember it, he will always remember it. That single incredible bonding act becomes his, rather than one who ends up loving you for a lifetime. ‘Tom’, will always be between you, no matter what.

  • Pierre

    This is the rectify Easy Dating Club When Sex Comes Into Play diary for anoyne who wants to act out out nearly this substance. You observe so much its nigh tiring to debate with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new protract on a substance thats been inscribed virtually for life. Prissy push, only great!

  • Carmen

    Of course it is okay to be a virgin. I’m 18 & still one. It’s all about the right person or who you would like to give it up to. Remember, you can have sex many times, but you will only lose your virginity once. So make sure the person that takes it is really special. 🙂

  • Emo

    im 17 and still a virgin. so theres nothing wrong with it:)

  • Kelley

    I’m 19, 20 in a few months, and I just lost my virginity last summer to my current boyfriend. There is no right or wrong age to lose it. It depends one the person and how they feel. I have a friend who is older than me that is still a virgin because that’s what she wants. Losing it also isn’t that big of a deal, just make sure whomever you’re with when you do decide to start having sex, knows because it can be a little uncomfortable the first couple of times.

  • Cassie

    I was 13. I was the youngest of my friends, but losing it after 16 is just dumb. why wait so long to start learning how to have sex? i didnt really ‘want’ to the first time, but i dont regret it now at all, it’s not a big deal and sex is fun, so there’s no reason to be scared or anything.

  • JustDMarie

    Being a virgin doesn’t mean anything bad. Even if you’re 17, just means ur saving urself for someone special 😉 … now, I’m only 13, going on 14 in a couple of months, and I already know I don’t wanna loose my v-card till I’m at least 18 or so. i want to be out of school just in case something bad goes on. but honestly, will today’s society, I’m proud that ur a Virgin 🙂

  • Candy

    I’m 14 and my boyfriend is 14 too he has had oral sex and he smokes weed and we r in our first year of high school we always get teased cause we haven’t had sex yet and they sometimes throw condoms at us so acouple days ago me and my buddy that likes me he wanted to have sex and I did the wrong thing and lost my virginity to a guy and idk how to tell my boyfriend so I’m 14 and not a virgin

  • sha sha

    hey! im 16 and still a virgin i’ve been thinking about losing it but kinda sort of confusd because im young but at the same time i wanna wait til im 17 to lose it… i know that its nothing to sex but its just something i wanna do and that im also not so sure about even my mom says wait another year lol plus i dont wanna be another statistic in life…..

  • Carla

    Hey, im only 14 and im still a virgin, There’s nothing wrong with being one?
    Me and my boyfriend have been together for ages! we’ve only just started doing stuff(: I wouldnt say im ready to have sex yet, but im comfortable doing other things, Just relax its nothing major some couples do it in the first week or so and regret it. xoxo

  • LaiLai

    Hey I’m 17 aswell, a virgin too, and in a relationship and theres nothing wrong with being a virgin at 17, or not for that matter. It’s really just up to you and no one else, and dont let other people’s views on virginity get you down, whether it be that they are for or against sexual intercourse at a certain age. 🙂

  • Alyssa

    I’m 15 and my bfs 16. He isn’t a virgin his ex was just useing him for sex and money and she went and slept with other guys. It kills me inside knowing they had sex and the whole school can not believe we are not sexually active cause his ex was that bad. I love him sooooo much and he hasn’t even brought up us Haveing. Untilled my dad decided to bring it up lol. But yes I’m still a virgin and my boyfriend respects me and told me he’s not ready to do that with me and knows I’m not ready he said ya its nice but its not necessary for him to live. We’ve been together for a month starting today. Ya I love him and its only been a month but everyones different. Its fine you still a virgin you should be proud! Ya you should.wait till marriage but I hate to admit it but about 85 percent of people lose their virginity before their married. You will know when you ready to lose it 😀