My BF Keeps Asking For Naked Pics. What Do I Do?

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Tell your BF one more time that you’re not going to send him naked pictures, now or ever. But this time, try telling him more sternly. Say it’s never going to happen, and you’re sick and tired of him asking. You don’t need to explain why you don’t want to, but if you feel like that might help, just let him know the reason. Don’t let him try to talk you into doing it. Be firm and don’t let him guilt-trip you.

If he still doesn’t stop asking, maybe it’s time to make an ultimatum. Let him know that while you love hanging with him, you don’t love being pressured to do something you don’t want to do. Tell him that if he doesn’t cut it out, he might not be your boyfriend for much longer. That may seem harsh, but no girl deserves to be with a dude who pressures her into doing anything she’s not comfortable with. If he really loves you and is a good guy, he’ll stop. If he keeps doing it, it just means he’s selfish and not ready for a relationship. And you definitely don’t want to be with someone like that.

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  1. avatar shani says:

    Even if you trust him more than yourself,still you shouldn’t do it. Because people can change. I’m not saying all the guys are bad but how are we supposed to know even if we know them for many years? So better not do risky things. We should think hard because it’s about our life and we have to take good care of it! :)

  2. avatar any says:

    I always send my bf pictures with no pants and shirt but never naked and he also sends me

  3. avatar torry says:

    shit I did that :/

  4. avatar rita says:

    but i hv send em nw wht i ll do

  5. avatar Chickachick says:

    Well, It could be that your boyfriend does stuff or you on an endless ammount like most good boyfriends do. If thats the case then he has every right to ask for things he would want. Relationships are about give and take, if he never gives then by all means you shouldn’t. Just keep in mind, that while asking “does this make him a bad boyfriend” that you could also be being a “bad girlfriend”. My spouse and I never argue and never fight, but that’s because we both give and take. He asked me to do it, and I honestly told him “No”, but he did have a very good point when I said that. All he said was “Try it once and see if you like it, if not then I wont ask you to again”. Turns out I love it, and love him even more for the idea.

    • avatar KP says:

      Yes, I totally have to agree on that part. At first, I was very adamant about but sending naked pics to my bf. I wasn’t worry where the pics might end up as stated in the article because there was never trust issue between us and plus we’ve been together for so many years. We hardly get to see other since he’s in the Air Force and sending naughty pics (lol) is our only option as of now. I remember being very bashful about my first pics, but it got easier and I find it rather enjoyable. Now we’re taking it up to the next step possibly Facetime or a video. ;-)

  6. avatar Clairesanders says:

    Put some ice on his most important area for 20 mins get some photos of it all shrunk and then you can send him pics as he will know if anyone ever sees them you can send out Embarrasing pics of his…

  7. avatar Kate says:

    I agree you shouldn’t be pressured into sending naked pics to anyone it’s your body you can do what you want with it it’s your decision and no one can change that so just tell him straight up “dude if you keep asking for pics it’s not gonna work out with us”

  8. avatar Alexis says:

    Hey I say if you don’t want to send pictures of your naked body to your boyfriend THAT’S COOL! it’s your body, you don’t owe him anything plus it’s also very risky. I use to send naked pics to my boyfriend all the time mostly bcuz it was an LDR (long distance rel.) and he would do the same but i started to worry what if he were to show them off or someone unlocked his cell and sent the pictures?! worried the hell out of me so we stop that before there could be an oops moment. Believe me the last thing u want to see is your naked body posted all over facebook or Google and I think he’s inconsiderate jerk if he keeps asking you.

  9. avatar Shannon says:

    i have sent pics before and it screwed me over. i don’t think its a very good idea but if you want to then be careful. if a dude was pressuring me into sending pics i would say i aint gonna do it, so you might as well quit asking.
    i aint against it buuuuuut Heather is right. :] BestOfLuck

  10. avatar Jessica says:

    If you said you don’t want to, that should be more than enough of a reason for your boyfriend. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and maybe have a talk with him about it. I don’t know this guy so I can’t judge, but to me he comes off as a less than great boyfriend. He should respect you and your decision.

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  12. avatar Roger bunny says:

    I think that if you send those pictures, all types of unnescessary drama could stir up that u dont want. There are tons of immature guys who are looking for a more physical and revealing partnership and will do anything to get it. Think if he really wants you or YOU. Your body should be exclusive, photos are the least. Trust is extremely important. Think about how long your going to be with him or him with you. What will he do with the photos? Will he reveal them after you two are over? Think hard!!!!

  13. avatar di-pop says:

    Is it wrong that I send them to my boyfriend? I don’t mind doing it’s voluntary..

    • avatar ClaireBearista says:

      If you don’t mind doing it, then I think it’s ok for you. It’s your relationship, and if that is something that is part of it, then weather other people think it’s wrong or not, it’s always your choice in the end and no one can change that.

      • avatar Jordana says:

        If you are happy with that then that’s cool. But if you think about it when you guys break up he could be so angry that he shows one of his friends and the friend might send it to himself then send it to others. Anything could happen.
        I used to send naked pictures to my boyfriend and he never showed anyone then when we broke up he deleted them in front of me.
        But it depends what type of person the guy is.

  14. avatar beckygurl says:

    Totally agree with Heather in this situation he is being a duck for even asking yeah some couples may agree to it but If YOU arnt comfortable with it don’t do it you have control in this situation after all its your body

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