Fat or Skinny: People Judge You On Your Weight

your weight are you skinny are you fat

Are you skinny? Are you fat? People automatically assume, based on your weight, what your life is like--which results in photos like this. | Source: Shutterstock

You–yes, you!–are being judged on your weight. Are you fat? Are you skinny? It doesn’t matter, because no one is immune to it.

recently reported that weight stereotyping is very real–and very rampant. And it’s most common for women to judge other women. What the heck, girls? We’re in this together!

Are you fat? If so, you’re being judged on your weight, and probably more openly. In any case, what are the inaccurate assumptions being made about you? People in Glamour’s study were six times more likely to label an overweight woman as “slow”–wtf?!–and 10 times more likely to call her “lazy”–even BIGGER wtf?! What does your weight have to do with how hard you work or how smart or speedy you are?

Are you skinny? You’re far from exempt from judging. You’re eight times more likely to be seen as “vain” and twice as likely to be labeled as “bitchy.” Uh, what in the world?

Not only are these stereotypes often completely unfounded, but they’re also damaging not only to our personal lives, but to our professional ones. The study noted that overweight women were more likely to be overlooked for jobs, even if they were more qualified for them than a thinner person. That sucks not only for the overweight person who’s out of work, but also for everyone cleaning up after the underqualified thin person who got the position–and for the thin person who may be in over her head at work. Not good for any of us!

Additionally, while it’s awesome that there are movements now for body acceptance of all shapes and sizes, Glamour brought up a point that irked us, too: By insisting that “real women have curves”–and they do!–it’s also sort of enforcing the idea that thinner women aren’t, well, real, and reinforcing the stereotype that thin women are mean.

Miley Cyrus went through similar issues recently when she lost weight. First she was too chunky for Hollywood (or is it Hollyweird)’s standards. When she lost weight from Pilates and cutting out gluten and lactose for her allergies, she was blasted for being anorexic. What the heck?

your weight are you fat are you skinny

Which is mean? Which is a slob? You don't know, so stop acting like you do! | Source: Shutterstock

No matter what size you are, you’re being judged for your weight–and admit it: you may be judging others on theirs, too. The best way to stop this phenomenon is with yourself. If you see an overweight person and automatically assume they’re lazy and sloppy, think of it this way: You don’t know her life. She may be working three jobs and have a thyroid problem. You don’t know. If you roll your eyes at a thin person and by default think she’s cruel and stand offish, why don’t you try smiling at her and starting a conversation?

Are you fat? Are you skinny? It shouldn’t matter. And it won’t if you change your attitudes and habits not just about your weight, but about everyone else’s.

Have you ever been openly judged on your weight? Do you judge others on their weight? How do you think we can change weight stereotyping? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ally

    Ugh…the article is soooo one dimensional! YES, we are all being judged on our weight! But it’s not only that! It’s also our clothing, hair, teeth, habits….ect. Maybe you are a bitch because you’re wearing a bodycon with sky high heels smoking and swearing like a trucker (skinny or fat). Or maybe people think you are lazy and slow because you couldn’t be bothered to comb your hair or get out of your yoga pants before heading out for the day. It’s ridiculous to think that strangers judge us on one thing, we don’t live in a bubble. It is the whole package that counts and we all must remember to present ourselves in the manner we want to be perceived as. Sometimes every one of us out there just needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and see what the world sees and then make the appropriate adjustments. Hey…if everyone thinks you are a bitch, well, um, maybe you are! And that’s totally cool if that’s who you want to be otherwise, don’t blame others for their response to you….fix your image to be more in line with what you want to put out into the universe.

  • Jahya

    I’m naturally skinny and people tell me I’m too skinny.
    I weighed 60 pounds when I was 12.

  • Ann

    My whole life before I got pregnant I was very skinny, after I gave birth my eating habits changed and i started gaining weight by eating alot of food and I cant stop. I been called fat and overweight by my family, guys and coworkers…and it really hurts……

  • Annie

    I started gaining weight when I was 9 and I have always had issues with myself since. I started noticing when I entered Junior High that people judged me excessively just because of how I weighed. I even once had a girl tell me that she didn’t want to be a friend with me and I asked her why and she said it was because she felt that I would make her fat because I myself am fat. I have always been distressed with that and have attempted multiple times to lose some weight but I also am continuing to grow so I continue to eat and gain more weight because I feel that I need it but I know that I don’t. Well anyway moral of the story. People are mean and women especially can be mean. I realize that I need to lose weight as do some other girls like me but women that judge us make it worse and we eat more beecause that is our comfort. So I totally agree that we as women needed to become a united people and begin to not judge each other.

  • Alexis

    Honestly, yes because some people call me “bones” or “twig” and many other things just because I’m naturally skinny. It’s not like I asked to be this way. Most people will judge you because the thing that you have is they thing they wish they had and some people just don’t have nothing better to do with themselves. People judge me to especially when I choose to speak my mind. Like I not going to sit around and just let you say what you want. Then when somebody else says something, they don’t say nothing to others. Also the media is a big problem. Nothing against curves but why is the media praising women with curves saying they are “Real Women”? For real? Now, boys our age won’t even look at skinny girls because they are “anorexic” and they feel that if you don’t have a butt or a rack, you ain’t nothing. I honestly believe the media is bullying thin girls. What have out society come to?

  • Flower4536

    well one time i was just walking around and all of the sudden she oints at me and says hahahaha (irritating laugh) look at her stomach its like boing boing biong shes always hated me for some reason but i have no prob with that cause i hate her too