What Is A Douche Bag . . . Really?

What is a douche bag The Situation is a douche bag

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So, we all know WHO is a douche bag–dudes who don’t respect girls and women, who lie, cheat, and act like all-around asses.

But as for WHAT is a douche bag, do you really know? Here’s the scoop:

A douche is a type of vaginal wash that girls and women sometimes use to “clean” their vaginal canal. The liquid used in a douche is a combination of vinegar and water, but obviously it’s not easy to just wipe off that area and be done. The douche itself, which is a squeezable bottle or bag filled with fluid attached to a nozzle, is used to get up in there. So, when people say someone is like a douche bag, they’re referring to the bulb part of the bottle or the bag part of the douche.

The thing about douches–both the dude kind and the vaginal wash kind–is that they’re not good for you. Your vaginal canal washes itself naturally (that’s what your discharge does!) and needs good bacteria going to keep you healthy. Using a douche actually washes away all the good stuff and can leave you vulnerable to infection.

What is a douche bag? It doesn’t really matter, because our motto is: No douche bags allowed! Either kind!

Have you ever wondered what is a douche bag? Do you know about douches? Would you ever use one? Tell us in the comments!

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