New Songs From Justin Timberlake?! Hell YES!

I am seriously flipping out here, because I just heard that Justin Timberlake is writing new songs for the movie The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. That’s right–the soundtrack will be chock full of new songs from Justin Timberlake (aka your boyfriend).

Now that you’re hyperventilating with me, let’s get to the details: the movie stars (and is produced by) his fiance Jessica Biel, and another one of our favorite girls, Chloë Grace Moretz, from Kick-Ass and Dark Shadows will be in it, too. No wonder JT agreed to be music supervisor and composer for the flick.

Even if the music is kind of slow and moody (the movie is about a guy dealing with the death of his wife–not exactly an up-beat four-on-the-floor topic!), I’m psyched to see what Justin will come up with. It’ll be his first time working on new songs since Justified came out–and BOY do we remember how he brought Sexy Back.

The movie’s just in pre-production now, but I’m already dying to see it–if just to hear a little Justin Timberlake groove.

Are you excited to hear new songs from Justin Timberlake? What’s your favorite Justin Timberlake song? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Katey

    I LOVE JT! I’ve been waiting for him to drop some new tunes for AGES!! I’m so happy!! : D