Science Proves Jerk Guys Want To Have Sex With Drunk Girls

jerk guys want to have sex

She's doesn't look sleepy enough for this jerk guy to want to have sex with her--too much work! | Source: Shutterstock

You’re probably skeeved out by a lot of jerk guys that you meet–they leer, they sneer, and they’re often pretty creepy because they make it pretty obvious that they just want to have sex, right? On the flip side, you may see a cute guy who only seems interested in ditzy chicks. Either way, it’s really aggravating, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, biology may be behind it. A new study shows that jerk guys may be predisposed to “vulnerable” looking girls for one-night stands. A bunch of said jerk guys participated in an experiment in which they pretty much had to choose what traits girls showed that would make them either want to have sex or that make the women look “easy” to score with. Ugh!

So what did these obviously classy gentlemen (we’re being really sarcastic here, ladies) think made a girl look easy? If a female appeared drunk or sleepy, or if she did things that normal people do pretty often–lick their lips (hey, lip balm comes in all sorts of rad flavors), look over their shoulders (uh, you’re gonna do that if a jerk guy is following you around a party), or generally appear silly (because, you know, goofing around with your friends clearly means you’re DTF). Not only are those traits ridic, but doesn’t it sound like there’s almost an undertone of date rape to the jerk guys’ qualifications for a mate? So so so creeptastic.

What’s a little more disturbing? The guys surveyed said that girls showing those behaviors were easier to “exploit.” Could they be any sketchier? The same jerk guys surveyed said they’d be a lot less likely to view the same gals as long-term relationship or marriage material… But they would probably still want to have sex with them. So gross, right? The study also suggests that dudes are a lot less likely to think about the consequences of casual sex with their allegedly “easy” partners. (Maybe they should sit down with their dads!)

On the bright side, researchers in the study noted that the jerk guys who thought things like a women looking sleepy would make them easier to lay are more likely to look for one-night stands and to want to have sex with near strangers in general. Normal dudes responded a lot differently! This means guys looking for meaningful and healthy relationships do exist. The study also showed that the jerk guys actually displayed less empathy and warmth than the guys in pursuit of more serious and lasting commitments–essentially that they pretty much just viewed girls as sex objects. So gross!

jerk guys want to have sex

She might be a jerk guy's dream girl. | Source: Shutterstock

While it’s not breaking too much new ground, the study says once and for all that yes, jerk guys are attracted to drunk, ditzy girls because they’re more likely to want to have sex with them. And that makes perfect sense, because if a guy is stupid and pervy enough to think that just because a girl looks sleepy that she’d want to have sex, that makes him a genuinely jerk guy. And no smart, sober girl would want to have sex with one of those!

Do you think the study is true? Has a jerk guy ever approached you? How do you avoid jerk guys who just want to have sex with you? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Guter Rat Brat

    OMG, duh this was figured out before they found out how to get on the moon. Even tampon of guy uses this tactic, it’s like leaving cheese on a freakn mouse trap. That’s why you never leave you drink unattended and keep close to your gal pals. Basic rules of partying 101. I mean gotta be smart if gonna get wasted/faded. You defintly don’t wanna wake up in some but-wipes’ bed.

  • Joan Hart

    Do you think the study is true?
    Has a jerk guy ever approached you?
    haha ya
    How do you avoid jerk guys who just want to have sex with you?
    lol i dont. guys r HAWT and sexxx feels soooo good. Always ware a condom tho ; ) <3
    Only thing taht makes him a jerk is if im not dtf and he is… haha so rly its just me bein a prude