Got Dumped? There’s An App For That

So . . . this is gonna suck for a while. It’s best to give yourself a few days to dwell on the fact that even though he is kind of a jerk, you sort of want him back. What better way to sob into your pillow than with the bittersweet sounds of some depressing love songs.You probably won’t feel like sitting down and making a playlist (though that’s a great distraction) when you’re bummed, luckily Songza will do it for you. Songza creates playlists with the tap of a screen based on mood (even happy ones).

The Romance Story Series
You’re slightly less sad. You’ve realized whatshisface is totally replaceable, but meeting someone new sounds . . . hard. My Virtual Boyfriend/Girlfriend is not only a totally fun game, but you can design your dream BF. This might help you figure out the qualities you really want in a partner from what’s in his hair to what’s in his heart–just remember he’s not real and no ones perfect.

Revive Yourself With . . .

Sweet Spot
Now that you’re going outside again and hanging with your besties, a little pick me up after a chocolate binge is much needed. Lookz has a ton of a beauty tips, style guides and video tutorials to give yourself a fabulous makeover. A little flashy eye makeup never hurt anybody and it’s a great way to pull yourself out of that rut. Sometimes feeling good on the outside is just what you need to feel good within.

Daily Yoga
For those 18 and over, online dating is a great way to meet the locals you wouldn’t normally bump into. Sometimes friends-of-friends aren’t so friendly. Try everything, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Charm Him
Now you’re dating, you’re feeling good. You’ve even been on a few dates some were great, some were duds. Well, getting out of a bad date is hard and though honesty is usually the best policy, if you need to think quick because your date is being a major creeper, Date Escape to the rescue. You can set this awesome app to text or call in the middle of a date, urging you to go back home. Totally a great idea, but for emergencies only, ladies.

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