Is This How You Look On Your Period?


Do you think periods are gross? Are you on your period and mad about it? Let us know in the comments.

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  • joshiline

    I also love when i have sex on my period.

  • Taylor

    You don’t get pregnant when you have sex on your period because menstration is the end of your Ovulation period. The ovulation period is usually about a week before your period starts. When your body notices that your not pregnant within that week of ovulation your uterus sheds it’s lining creating your period. then your body starts to build up your uterus’ lining again for your next ovulation period. it’s basic Sex Ed people. The menstrual cycle? Am i the only who payed attention in health class?

    • Maranda

      I got taught that when you have sex on your period you still have a chance of getting pregnant since sperm/discharge/cum takes about a week to die in the uterus. I’M GUESSING I GOT TAUGHT WRONG

    • Jessie

      Sperm can live for about three days inside the vagina, so yes, you can get pregnant during menstruation. Maybe you’re the one who should have payed more attention in sex ed, hun.

  • Hannah

    You all have horrible grammar. What is wrong with you guys?….

  • brittney

    When im on my period i love it!! Me and my boyfriend love sex around that time especially fingering myself is the best unless you smell like fish you prouble dont want to have sex to cure this fish smell drink lots of water. Xoxo

  • akisha

    I like to have sex with lesbian…

    • Wendi

      I will do it lol

  • kayla1369

    Look me up on secondlife guys!

  • Hendti

    It feels good but little bit pain also. ..

  • gloria

    I like to have sex during my period. I am very well lubricated and it feels good!

  • the girl

    Hey i have been trying to get pregnant to but i just dont get pregnant

  • Prathna

    I have period and i have done sex but i havent pregnant

    • Rahul

      if u done sex in ur period tym bt u didn’t pregnent then u have u consult to ur doctor abt ur problm

  • Leesa

    if we are doing sex in periods time ,what can problem …
    How can get pregnant …?

  • Angelica

    U mght jus do a blowjob or have anal sex